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Trash talk- Agree or Disagree?

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  • Trash talk- Agree or Disagree?

    I am a big fan of the talk that happens between opponents before, during or after any match like boxing; but it feels good, only as long as it’s healthy and with-in limits. In my opinion, anything that goes personal offending an individual or his family is disgusting. Again, this is just my opinion and I am not judging anyone here. I understand everyone is different. Please let me know what you think?

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    Please vote, thank you.


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      Who determines what the limits are?

      some are offended by comments such as:
      “you should have been a blowjob”...or “you’ve been a fighter from the day you dodged the end of the coat hanger”....

      But others laugh and return volley.

      Nobody should be offended in this game. Ever.


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        If you can't take trash talk, don't trash talk. If you think it's 'disgusting' to talk about personal lives on a game then maybe think for a second ...Why would you, the victim, be talking about your personal life on an online mafia game?? If you cross that line then you'll just be obliterated
        You are judging based on your disgusting remark lol. It's completely condescending. If you're offended or feeling bullied, just close your eyes - it's the internet lmao


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          If a nucaaa wants to tell me about how his wife left him for another nucaaaa cause he couldn’t get it up propppaaaa and then how he spend a year in the gym getting hench trying to win her back but failed WHEN ahhh start firing shots saves the bitch right for disclosing all that sheeeeit nah mean.

          If yah nah want a nuccaaa going personal don’t go spouting your personal sheeeeeit everywhere nah mean


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            Can someone translate Beva’s comment into an acceptable form of the English language please?


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              This might also help define stuff:

              GAME CONDUCT RULES:


              6. Posting

              Please do not spam, this includes sending mass messages to a player in order to flood their inbox or transfers. Do not put down the game, or the staff. Do not give out the names or contact information of other players on the boards, this includes any personal information. Do not make racial comments in your posts. If you are creating drama towards the game, we will remove you.

              8. Threatening Messages/Racial Comments

              This is a Mafia based game and insults and threats are a part of that. However, sending messages that personally threaten another player or their livelihood will result in you being removed from the game. You are welcome to tell someone you are going to take out them and their whole family (gamewise). You are not allowed, for example, to tell someone you know where they live and are coming to get them or to wish any diseases on them or their family. This is a game and it's meant to be fun. Keep your threats to within the game. Abusive messages also will not be tolerated. Insulting someone's race, religion, mental/physical handicaps or sexual orientation may result in your removal.

              9. Game Names/Family Names

              Excessive profanity, racial slurs, religious slurs, strong sexual content or derogatory names against players or any of the groups named in Rule 8 are not allowed for game names or family names. If we come to believe your name implies any of the above, your name will be changed by admin. If your family name is one of these, then admin will rename your family. If your player name has any type of swearing or variation of swearing in it then admin will change your name.
              Game Admin


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                i'm not racist i hate equally….

                i don't threaten i just act....

                f*ck you all equally!!!
                Shine Bright!


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                  scared bunch of sheople….
                  Shine Bright!