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  • Last 24H Hit RULE

    So Bimbo and Hype from Trap House want to get rid of one of the oldest and most fun TMB Rule:
    the last 24 hours free for all Rule. they find this rule very unfair to their people and would like get killer ranks by just sitting on du the whole round. They already reached out to all the tops fams with their concern and are also asking for help to kill random players who build up du like WOLFENSTEIN, Bud, Tusone and others.

    What do you think?

    Do you love the last 24 hour Rules like many others or dont?


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    There asking families to zero folks ffs...bunch of queers


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      [email protected]

      Yes there is a big group convo floating around, just a matter of time it will get leaked!
      To go after Solo players and small families and asking others to help is embarassing. even more embarrassing than losing 5k to tmk? yes lol



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        Ffs lame!!!

        last round all I heard in my inbox was how much the are gonna out spend. oh wait that was just to zero warhounds lol


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          Gonna chime in and say it’s an 80• day today.. ok as you were


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            I mean I will say it's pretty weak to not even contribute to a game and build DUs at such a low NW that you can't even be hit. I wouldn't go so far as to call that a "strategy" but more of a hiding out attempt. Often times it doesn't work out because the KP system is flawed just handing out free KPs all day to the top builds and bankers who can easy make a pass at a killer medal in the end anyways.


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              The only one with a shred pride in that whole pansy ass discussion was,
              Tusone, and I quote
              "I personally pray for the day when I can kill your dus and ops for 3-4 turns like it used to be.

              That said, I like a lot of you, but you’re sounding like weak ass cunts right now."

              Marching to a different beat since 2005.

              Fuck your NAPs.

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              Almost a victimless crime.
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