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sorry would be enough....

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  • sorry would be enough....

    Dear Storm and other admins,

    you should do your business and apologize to us players that are ABUSED by your lack of game guiding....

    Also, you should return players that are removed from game just coze they have dare to speak loud about your problems (example; LOPOV)

    Also 20+ days without forum or game reviews or any other topic is really so lame... (are we in NORTH KOREA or China?)

    We expect that you do your job and rule this game in order it was meant to!



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    And give us free subs



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      Storm has apologized many times but spiteful people like you have to keep going on about it

      The lag should be contained and if it isn't the admin and others will continue to keep working to fix it

      Thread is closed


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        Boba, when we remove other player accounts, we don't discuss it with you, and we don't discuss it in public. The game has rules and everyone has to stick to it. And you can cry as much as you want but players get removed for breaking the rules, not because we don't like what they say. you can say anything you want to us, in a nice way , like adults, without breaking the rules and without being rude to us.

        We have already explained and apologized many many times about the forum disconnects and for the lag. These things happen and it takes time to fix properly. players must please be patient with it, we dont do it on purpose.

        As for the forums that we disconnected, , I already explained 2 rounds ago on main page post that we disconnected it because it was related to some problems about fixing the lag. So I expect you also to stick to the rules and don't cause drama where none is needed.
        Game Admin