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  • Unplayable?

    ok here is one for the game police.

    starting a few rounds ago. I wasted my time in turbo.
    Trying to hit targets was a pain cuz some of the targets took over 45 seconds to register the hit.

    This seems to have continued on.

    Then in main being part of the action in the last hours is always fun. Except when you can't move around or protect without knowing whether you are just going to be hangin your meat out there to get hit due to the lag and inability at parts of the game to even do a simple move within 60 seconds.

    You can't take a chance with unbanking and looting because you might get hit.

    So you basically ended up building all round and using turns for nothing due to the game site inability to fix the problems.

    To this date some players including some of the bots take forever to register the hit.

    Now I took out turns to loot and 8 minutes into the top of hour everyone is still maxed from the prior hour.

    I went to attack a bot last night .. it lagged and lagged and then hit a duck. thats right it didnt even hit the bot .

    last eor I didnt even bother because I got a text saying it was fucked .

    I log in this round to everyone apologizing due to two transfers instead of one going out and after people sweated their asses off for a great performance only to find out the game affected 9 days of sweat.

    if the strategy was to make it unplayable. Good Job.

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    ya and right now its even worst cant even max or write messages or do anything grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


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      Well said.


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        Worst lag I've ever seen

        3 mins to move from one page to another and getting booted out every so often to a white screen ??

        Imposable to play


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          Details will help

          Hi everybody,

          We are aware of the lag and are working on it. We also know it got much worse this morning.

          If you wish to help by posting details of what you're experiencing, that will help us feed the coders information to track it down. That would be most helpful.

          Please don't fill this thread up with just bitching and moaning though, that does nobody any good and will just get the thread closed.



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            How about the fact that nobody is getting turns?


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              can move from city to who is online

              took 5 mins to get here... after white screen and messages on pc..waiting for the mafia boss.. then another query message and white screen
              cant max.. cant message, cant bank.. cant hit... my experiences as asked for.
              basically.. you need new IT people to fix things.. or new servers


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                I hit attack type(hq,drugs, doesn't matter) it lags and lags. Same with transfers and bank


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                  I can say that all of my mobile devices do NOT experience the lag. 2 galaxy s5's and one tablet. Works like a charm.

                  Soon as i use my computer, unbearable lag


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                    I keep getting this

                    query fail
                    update r692_mafioso set hide_tutorial='1' where mafioso='Gallio'


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                      either that or a white screen


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                        Hi Guys

                        We did some new coding last week and its causing issues. the coder will be on in a few hours to look at it, and until then I am doing server rests and checking memory and processor loads to see if we can lighten things...

                        please bear with us, this round has been shitty for lag and i do hope we can sort out the problem shortly. I will keep you all posted.
                        Game Admin


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                          Thanks for reporting the issues to me....i will pass on all the4 messages to the coder to look at

                          Game Admin


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                            heh, its hiding you gallio.. then cant find you hehe


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                              It lags on my galaxy s4 but ill see if it makes a difference with my s5