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Training day. - Suicides

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  • Training day. - Suicides

    "Message me for maxing, ranging (find out what type and how many
    weapons an intended target has), and game guides on looting, killing
    unarmed , poorly armed, well armed, collecting and the ins and outs."

    This was the message on the person that attacked me.

    Wasnt any mention of a suicide training

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    promises promises. Last time you made this speech I zeroed your union with only my name.

    Can you teach me how to kill myself. ??

    You seem to be a pro at it.

    Someone copied your name ? Was it cuz you so badass, or cuz we laugh at your dumbass?

    You say you ride on me but I am sitting here with dus all round and you crawled into a hole like a lil jewsy squirmin skinny worm .

    Wrath of the skinny lil jewsy worm. haha

    You a hustler. ?? You hustle union turns .

    You work for a living. Nah .. thats more BS.

    Collecting a welfare check isnt working or hustling fly.


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      Show me a paystub with your name on it and ill show you Bigfoot lol I would have you curled up in a ball if we ever met. You are pussy. Something that bleeds once a month.


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        Super Fly you're being far to nice to Mr. Harry don't you think?


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          lol the auschwitz body is making verbal threats of curling me up in a ball.


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            Originally posted by Super_Fly
            You know what ill go buy a level four sub just for you and your family / union. Hope this PayPal thing works. Have fun. You earned the wrath of someone who actually works for a living and hustles and doesn't rankwhore freeload off the biggest supporters. Better go dig up your multis it's bout to get real.
            Sub up!



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              facebook . Now I am on facebook talking about mafiaboss. lol

              The trouble with you fly is what you believe and reality are so far apart that you get fucked up .

              Feelin sorry for your kid .

              You don't like the truth of how much you suck with your suicides huh. WHy?? because it is a reality.


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                Lmfao tmb beef somehow transcended to the real world


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                  HELL Id love to see what harry looks like..We live in the same freaking town of only 16,000 people and I havent been able to catch a glimps of him..LOL How the hell does everyone else? Geezuz


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                    Ski season scheduled to open November 27th . Not too hard to find.


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                      *avalanche avalanche avalanche*
                      It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled. - Mark Twain.


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                        Oh,right. Because there is only about 50,000 males who will be up skiing.....smh...You must REALLY stand out in a crowd Harry lol


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                          I WILL be sure to pop up and have a look for ya Harry, you dont mind if I bring Leroy I hope?


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                            If it gets super cold that will narrow the field .

                            I was one of a few hundred last year and got a good case of freeze burn.


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                              lol you can't afford a passport. Keep your fantasies going. Tell your wife and kid about them. They must be so proud of their realest mafia daddy. So you search out people in the game to go after with your unsilenced guns. Realest mafia award winner . Did you know there is no such thing?