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    On second thought, storm let’s fly you out to me in nyc. The only thing not safe here is your wallet...


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      My rehabilitation center will cover all aspects of drug abusers. From pot to heroin. Nyc has a lot of those so no point in opening one there. More like palm beach or somewhere more secluded


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        War on drugs is a lost cause. Even in places where u get long sentences and death penalties for using drugs people will do drugs.
        Plus its your body u may choose what u get in it, be that drugs, cigarettes, greasy food, sugar packed snacks or big black dicks.
        Why make drug dealers rich and foment other crimes when u can make it legal and have sellers paying taxes..its just dumb and there are plenty other legal shit that will do same or more damage to your health, family, society...
        Educate people and make them aware of the consequences and risks of drug abuse and leave it for them to choose what they wanna do.