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WhO wOuld YoU LikE To See Interviewed!!??

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  • WhO wOuld YoU LikE To See Interviewed!!??

    Hi Guys!!!

    Who does the TMB Community want to see interviewed!!!?

    OuR Blog staff are out and about searching for interesting players to tell their TMB stories and game achivements!!!

    Ravenkc @ The TMB studios is waiting to hear from you all.
    She asked the notorious Vs union for their candidate to be interviewed as V is always hard on her choices..yet received no reply!! So we are ASKING all TMb to step up and nominate either yourselves or a friend...

    However Raven does not just interview any ToM Dick and Harry!! She stresses that players must have an interesting history to tell and a productive current game play and game personality that would make for an interesting read:-)

    So tell us in 25 words or less why you or your choice of player should receive a TMB interview!!! Also leave your Skype name for easy contact.

    Thank you.
    TMB Staff.

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    shade on how no one gives a fuck about him


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      One of my longest tenured members


      Looter, killer, collector, has a history in the game in myltiple families some of which he ran himself, been loyal as fuck to me since he came here

      And ill do another oneif there is interest and we can get on skype at the same time

      My family isnt a skype family, sorry to you and wesker both, i know you both have tried to interview some of us.


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        hey i can't help she only interviews or writes about her masters and co....the one time she didn't i kind of complimented her
        It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled. - Mark Twain.


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          Id like to see a family interview as domenico mentioned or a union interview of like 7 or 8 people from it. Be kind of interesting

          Far as individual listed either Brooklyn G or V


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            And none of the diplomatic shit , brutal honesty and harsh words are a good read


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              I say there should be a combined interview of a representative of each union in the same chat.


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                That be a awesome one too very good idea


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                  Be a lot of good interviews to do especially the union one


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                    And some old from ICS, I never had the chance to interview one of them as they always refuse
                    like MrEight or maybe a part II with V


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                      Cash the majority of the old ics is in iou and brotherhood


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                        i nominate ID hes great friend and a well rounded player i would also like to nominate Bennie and vito lopov fighting irish flaco and tormented if he was still around these ppl have had a impact on tmb its self some ppl will say that some of them made the game worse but these are my picks pops homicide missmack coca and many more but this is good enough for now i think if you can group them all up in one interview then better and im sorry for the 25 or less but i have to explain why ty tmb and me lol


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                          lopov already made one and I can be wrong but I think Vito too Max.


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                            Weve tried Wesker lol. But i have wayyyyy too many stories. Would need parts 1-5

                            Plus its just hard for me to get free


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                              Originally posted by Flaco View Post
                              Weve tried Wesker lol. But i have wayyyyy too many stories. Would need parts 1-5

                              Plus its just hard for me to get free
                              i would read all 5 parts bud