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How to build a family on TMB from scratch!

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  • How to build a family on TMB from scratch!

    **Step 1**

    Before you even start the family, you need to have a plan of action.

    What kind of family do you want to build? ... Looting? Collecting? Killing?
    How big do you want the family to be? ... just the 10 needed to qualify to rank, or are you going for a full family?
    Are you aiming to get to a top 3 family rank? ... or do you just want to help your members gain individual medals (levels 1/2/3/4)?

    **Step 2**

    Once you have an idea of how you want to run the family, you will need to find a consig to help you build the thing.

    Ideally, you'll want to pick someone for this role that you trust absolutely. You don't want there to be any doubt that whoever you pick will screw you over at some point, or try to take over once the family gets going.

    Based on my experience (and I've played for many years), players that start families by themselves, without anyone there to help them, usually - and almost always - fail.

    No one is going to join a family of just one player, if they don't know who you are ... the more people you have who will join you right at the start, the easier it will be to gain other members.

    **Step 3**

    Picking a family name ... The game has been around for over a decade, so a lot of names have already been used. It's probably best to pick a name that's never been used ... ask some players with 10+ year badges if you're not sure if a family name has been used before.

    If you're planning to bring back an old family name, then be prepared to meet some haters who might not want you to bring back the family. If you're bringing back an old family, it will work best if you already have 4-5 people from that old family, ready to join you as soon as you invite them.

    **Step 4**

    Getting a family icon & media picture ... Unless you're a graphic artists, you'll probably need to pay someone to make an icon for you. I'd recommend asking any friends you have in game, and seeing if you know anyone who can make icons.

    If you don't know anyone who can make you an icon, then you can hire someone from for $10-$20 and they'll make you one if you give them guidance and examples of other family's icons.

    **Step 5**

    Deciding on family roles ... So you've already got a consig at this point, but there are 4 other family rankings that can be held ... Soldier, Captain, Underboss, and Brug.

    If you decide to give your family members "roles" then you'll want to play out what each role is going to mean for your family, and the responsibilites required for each role.

    Note: If you make someone a Brug-rank, then they will be able to invite people to your family (but they can't kick anyone). All other roles are purely cosmetic/organizational.

    **Step 6**

    Setting up a family banker ... Every family needs a banker, or else you're going to have a very hard time getting all your cash banked.

    There are two types of bankers:

    DU Bankers -- these bankers build over 1M DU's and don't require folks to max them at each TOH.
    Lvl 1 Bankers -- these bankers have no DU's, and require family members to max them at each TOH.

    Part of what makes a great banker is being able to set bulk safeties [transfers than don't get accepted right away, and can be used to pull cash from the banker when they're offline].

    For each trusted member in your family, you will want the banker to set them safeties. As a starting point, here are the amounts that I recommend setting each player:

    10 billion x 10
    25 billion x 10
    50 billion x 10
    100 billion x 10

    **Step 7**

    RECRUITING PEOPLE TO JOIN YOUR FAMILY ... This is by far the most important step in creating a new family. Most players in the game are already part of a family, so they will most likely not just bail on their friends and teams they've been playing with for potentially years, just to join you ...

    So how do you get people to join your family then? Here are some tips:

    - Send invites to members without family icons next to their name on the "Who's online" page.
    - Message each person you send an invite to, and try to get to know them. First impressions are a real thing in TMB, so be sure not to be an asshole/idiot.
    - If you have buddies that you play other games with, invite them to come play TMB in your family.
    - Ask your in-game friends that you've played with before (in other families) if they would like to come join yours ... always give these guys a few days before the round starts to consider your offer (if possible).
    - If you've only got half a family worth of players, you can try reaching out to bosses of other families of similar size, to see if they would like to merge families with you.
    - Worst case scenario, you can always bribe members to come join you by offering them free subs, credits, and/or position(s) within the family.

    **Step 8**

    COMMUNICATION ... All the top families have great communication and activity from their members. If you want to succeed, you'll need to find a way to organize your family's communication.

    Often, just posting on the family boards isn't enough. Most successful families use Skype or Discord to organize live chat rooms or voice chats. Figure out what works best for your guys, and establish common playing times.

    **Step 9**

    Organizing NAPS (no attack policies) ... This may be quite difficult if you're just starting out, but if you can come to an agreement with other bosses that your families won't attack eachother, it can really help, especially if you have any level 4 collectors.

    If you do come to an agreement with other families, then you have to make sure you're enforcing the NAP. No one will NAP with you if they know you don't enforce the NAP. This means that if someone hits one of your NAP/allied families, then you need to either rip them a new asshole or kick them from your family to preserve the NAP.

    If this all sounds like a headache waiting to happen ... then I recommend not doing NAPs when you're first starting out ... especially if you're recruiting mostly new players.

    **Step 10**

    Ranking your family members ... As I mentioned in step 1, you'll want to decide if you're going to aim for the highest possible family rank, or if you're going for individual tiers.

    Either way, you will need to be successful at ranking at EOR, if you want people to stick around. Not many players want to play in a family that comes last place every round.

    I do not recommend try to do both ... especially at the start. Don't be greedy and try to take a family rank AND individual tiers for your guys ... at least until you have a dozen or so rounds under your belt. Focus on your one goal, and put all of the cash into that goal at EOR (for the best results).

    Word of advice ... try to spread the love around. Don't just rank the same guy (or yourself) over and over and over again ... otherwise, you'll probably end up losing some of your hard-working members, who feel like they aren't appreciated.

    **Step 11**

    Recreating your family each round .... At the start of each new round, you need to get your family made and send invites to your guys to rejoin ASAP ... If you wait a day or two to re-create the family, then you'll definitely be risking your members getting poached by other families ... and then you'll be back in square one.

    If you can't be online for the start of round, then organize (as far in advance as possible) for someone else to re-create the family for you, and then give you the boss spot back when you get online.

    **Step 12**

    Think about organizing sub packs ... After a few rounds, if your family is doing well and growing steadily, think about getting your members to chip in for a sub pack. Sub packs are groups of 8 or more level-4 subs that are purchased at the same time, for a discounted rate (and usually include a few bonus reserve turns for each player).

    You can use PayPal to easily create a payment pool, which will allow you to share a link with your family members, so that they can chip in and you can easily get the money.

    Note: You'll want to be careful with how hard you push people to buy a sub. If you push too hard, some of your members may leave your family if they think you're just trying to milk them for real-life money.

    **Step 13**

    Last, but not least ... Remember to have fun! If you're 100% all-business, and you're constantly harassing people to loot more, buy more, help with bank rolls more, etc ... then it becomes more of a job, and less of a game/hobby. No one is here to work a full time job (except for maybe Storm) ... so remember, we're here to have fun and waste some time. Don't take things too seriously, and remember that the players in your family are real people, with real lives and families ... they're not machines that you own for the soul purpose of winning in an online game.


    Hope you enjoyed the guide, and best of luck to anyone thinking of starting a new family!

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    If any other family bosses (old or current) can think of anything I missed, please feel free to share.


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      So dumb question.....
      does this constitute "dirtyclutching" every medal i get and fucking over my family i created from scratch many times and yet still eventually earned some credibility?


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        Originally posted by IDC View Post
        So dumb question.....
        does this constitute "dirtyclutching" every medal i get and fucking over my family i created from scratch many times and yet still eventually earned some credibility?
        You should probably never be in charge of a family.


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          So you rank yourself instead of the family for medals and then the family washes up and you start over time and time again. I can see how that would work out. Thanks for laying it out in detail for us.


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            Originally posted by IDC View Post
            So dumb question.....
            does this constitute "dirtyclutching" every medal i get and fucking over my family i created from scratch many times and yet still eventually earned some credibility?
            I agree He made his medals from his "dirtyclutching", completed in less than a year. By asking his members to send all the money to him at the end of the round ranking himself than the family. He only stopped his "dirtyclutching" by the time he got all his medals


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              nice post Clutch, thank you for sharing some of your dark secret arts with us!
              Game Admin


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                That's all well and good, what do you do when I guy like The_Freak joins your family and go's off, killing everyone.


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                  Originally posted by Mitch1 View Post
                  That's all well and good, what do you do when I guy like The_Freak joins your family and go's off, killing everyone.
                  what you do is: you bask in the glory of having a big supporter finding your family attractive enough to join. if you cant deal with the mass killings, then you refuse him entry.
                  Game Admin