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Killing prize for all levels

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  • Killing prize for all levels

    I think its time to update the killing prize tier. As everyone knows, as of right now there are only 2 tiers. Free killers (for level 1) and supporter killers (level 2 or higher). Anyone who is level 2 can't compete with level 3's and 4's. There's just no way. Maybe if I can get enough people to agree, they'll listen.

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    everyone is a lv4 anyways so who cares.

    but yeah why not more prizes for everyone. soon they will be more prizes than players and then we got a game.

    if you take out the bots you had way more lv4 players than the other 3 lvs combined last round and i'm sure this round will be more of the same. So i say make it pay to play and get rid of these other levels.