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  • Storm WTF is on your profile?

    That's a sick profile image Storm. Maybe you could tell us a bit bout yourself.
    And if anyone here has a fun story about Storm, Please post it here. ( NOTHING HURTFULL PLEASE - JUST FUN STUFF! )

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    he hates CCs


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      Originally posted by KillSmith View Post
      he hates CCs
      HAHAHAHAHAHAA! Good Touche' hombre'
      Game Admin


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        Ok so the story of that profile:

        A while back IU was dominating and we had a staff member who hated them because they couldn't be beaten. He was also unfortunately in charge of the blogsite, and kept trying to push blogs that were anti-IU. Despite several warnings, he would not quit this, and this lead to the infamous freezing of several IU accounts at round end by said staff member.....

        Needless to say he got was funny but also sad....Splooge was a well liked/loved community member.

        So anyway i during this time we had a lot of drama around this understandably, because it's definitely not cool for staff to push any agenda of gameplay into the work we do. You cannot deliver good service with this type of thinking dominating your narrative reason to play or work here.

        So I had to ban a lot of players from forums because emotions ran high everywhere on all sides.

        NosZ made this media, and it's a satirical depiction reflecting that time in TMB history.
        Game Admin


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          We need more medias like this! Where are NosZ and Flaco when you need them? Nobody does it like Kitty did, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't try!


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            i remember that “staff” cunt fun times n sheeeeeit


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              That's actually kinda funny.