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    I posted this previously but I thought it deserved its own thread...

    I know this is a little long but its factual and its good that all TMB knows how Eli and TMK decide to operate, I think most do already. As I said this is factual which means I have documentation to prove my statements.

    The entire episode of events started approximately three hours after the end of round 935 which saw TED & TMK battle it out. I messaged Eli on skype and indicated we should take a run at the JP as it was evident both sides used a lot of both bought and won turns. Having a number of players sub’d due to a deal that was made by UC with IU in that round, I advised it would be a good idea to have them build using their subs and use their won turns to collect at EOR. Eli agreed and said he already told them all to collect. I then stated, “Im going to build decent and start collecting every 16hrs” followed by “likely going to try for JP if you will support me”. Eli replied, “yes I will can you add won turns yet?”. That plan moved forward and the UC looters did a great job and our collects kept the momentum going, I believe most of the round we were nearly double our competition after day three.

    On Thursday, as the turbo round was underway, Eli stated “okay going to tier you” followed by post turbo comments of “main round, you want it right”. I answered, “Thanks sir” and “yes I want it” followed by “I trust I can trust you when telling you that”. He then replied “I know you have put some cash in already, yes I will get the union cash to you and back you up. I have a million credits but I don’t think there will be a challenge”. I thanked him and the conversation ended.

    That night, things started to get a bit interesting, remember this is post turbo round so we are well into our plan. Eli messages me and said “I’m going to tell you something that you probably don’t want to hear but it will make things go easier and you will still win in the end”. I replied, “does it have to do with IU?. Eli replied, “yes, to prevent any aggressive challenge by IU, TMK wants half of your profit in the win whatever that is. I know it’s a loser for IU to challenge but they might just to provide a point this way its easy and no sweat”.

    This is where I started to feel a bit betrayed, if Eli only kept his mouth shut and we stuck to the plan we would have been able to take the round – no problem. I asked Eli, “why wouldn’t he just say that to me?”. He stated, “his idea was for me to take it”. Clearly we were well positioned and TMK noticed that, Eli was dumb enough to show our cards and say “Yes Daddy”. This conversation was followed by back and forth banter about how dumb I thought this was with Eli assuring me it was the only way. I eventually told Eli he needed to tell TMK to chat with me directly if he wanted a deal, I told him he talked to me all last round and I didn’t understand why all of a sudden he couldn’t talk to me. Eli went on and said “yes I agree, if you work something out with TMK that will be great, the money is going on you”.

    TMK and I connected and after much back and forth and a skype phone call I realized I was basically screwed now and left to deal with things in a capped round. TMK wanted $500 to start out and I didn’t; agree that was fair considering he had no money in the round. Knowing the position I was put in by Eli, I sent a message to TMK on Saturday morning and said “I’ll send you the $300”. I followed that up by “understand why I am so fucking pissed off by this”. TMK replied, “K round is yours, I get it, but I’m trying to be fair too. Anyone else, I would’ve said a big fuck you and let’s go”.

    The final hour of the round is where things got really interesting, I messaged Eli and asked him what the plan was with under an hour left. He replied to me it was up to me and that it will be an easy win as we should be over 100TR. I said, yes, let me know what you want to put on me. He confirmed “no one is challenging”. I replied, “yes, we will see what happens”. Eli stated he wanted to get 1st tier and 1st union rank and thought 50TR/50TR would do the job. I said, I doubt 50TR will be enough is someone challenges me. He replied, “yes I see a challenge and I will send everything”.

    With around 20 minutes left in the round, Eli messaged me the following “key I need insurance you are going to hold to your word about sending cash to TMK. He wants to cap two because he doesn’t think you will send, he doesn’t trust you”. Once again, the ballless TMK says nothing to me. I replied, “you need insurance, I just messaged him, he will get his money when I get mine. Eli then went on saying “I will give the round to Reck and he will send the money you spent.

    With 18 minutes remaining the round, I replied “your fucking kidding me”. Eli then went on a huge rant about how I was shifty and he didn’t trust me. He said, this was an easy deal to take and you made it difficult. I replied, “there is 18 minutes left in this round and your playing me like this? If I was going to fuck him don’t you think I would tell you that?”. I went on, “I have no other choice but to accept the deal, it was forced down my throat”. I told Eli to do whatever he needed to do, I went along with my business and did the rest of my collects with 3 minutes left sending them all the Eli, the guy who just fucked me. At EOR, Eli backed down and gave TMK the round tiering his players and ranking the union leaving me out in the cold.

    After the end of the round, I sent him a message, “so what now”. Eli replied, “I don’t know, I told you that was going to happen, it was an easy win win but your shady nature made me not trust you”. Note he tried to pass it off like TMK capped these players and added all this money on, when in fact he didn’t and Eli let him have it. To boot, there was no telling me this was going to happen, other than him dropping a fucking bomb on me right before the EOR.

    I asked what I did to deserve that and that I have been nothing but honest and truthful with Eli being a sub’d player every round and adding in to support union efforts. He blasted me calling me a liar and accusing me of try to start a war between UC and IU and make money for myself. He advised me he “had to go with my guy maybe I was wrong but I doubt it”. I asked him what happened to his plan to have Reck do it or him, he said neither of them wanted to? Like WTF, think about that for a second. There was a shady deal cut here between Eli and TMK, that is very clear as if trust was the factor Eli would have just done the job himself.

    Eli eventually said he would send me the cash I added into the round. I used a total of 550,000 added credits which equates to $515.63USD. Eli then proceeds to transfer me $386.62CDN (exchange rate is like 1.30 right now?). I went to him and said that’s not covering my losses for your fuck up, he told me “see what I mean you are shady as fuck, I could have been like you and not sent anything” – WTF? After this he told me he was done with me and refused to acknowledge his part in the entire events.

    I don’t know what happened or how TMK ever convinced Eli to do what he did to his own union member but those are the facts of how the events unfolded. I’m sure it was just like their deal in round 935, it seems to be Eli and TMK make a lot of deals. I suppose I was just their stepping stone for that round and they seen an opportunity to make quick money off my back. I do appreciate Eli sending me something but not for a second do I think we are even or what he did was right. Based on my math, I’m still out around $226.66USD using a $0.75 conversion rate between CDN and USD.

    It seems there are a lot of scenarios where TMK is involved in screwing people over in this game, I learned my lesson, hopefully mine can teach others not to get involved with this scum bag. With that being said, Eli still had full control over the situation and the numbers don’t lie, he could have done the job himself and kept things fair if trust ever was a factor. Based on what I’ve seen and the results, I think there was another deal that was made between TMK and Eli.



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    This is what TMK does for Years. Asking for payment outside the game or credits so people can get their deserved Level 4 Gold.
    The List is long man and prices from, tmk depend if JP is high or not. and if your friend or not.

    Thats a fact. he should get banned for this!


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      Originally posted by RealLeo View Post
      This is what TMK does for Years. Asking for payment outside the game or credits so people can get their deserved Level 4 Gold.
      The List is long man and prices from, tmk depend if JP is high or not. and if your friend or not.

      Thats a fact. he should get banned for this!
      Without wanting to get involved in any issues between players - I want to point out some things :

      1 - It's a competition game - you have to beat the competition somehow to win something.
      2 - When it comes to certain issues, It's not any players place to point out what a player should or shouldn't get banned for. Obviously the blatant rule violations we understand when you report it, to help/alert us, but issues like this - while it may make some people feel upset, it's actually not a broken rule
      3 - Arrangements players make and behind the scene dealing has got nothing to do with staff and it's not in or against the rules . This is something you/we cannot control and it's been happening since the game started.
      4 - However - When any players create situations where there is frequent accusations of 'bullying' or trying to extort from others, we tend to make rules that counter any behaviour that upsets the greater community.

      Just remember though, guys, no amount of wheeling and dealing replaces skill and teamwork and planning when you play this game, especially where now we are trying to make the rounds smaller capped.

      So it is our plan that the game will feature a very much lowered caps for this year overall. Rounds that have low caps are created specifically with the thought in mind to make the competition more open and you don't have to worry as much about stronger teams as its a bit easier to reach them


      I hope that everyone notices and realizes this. We do hear your concerns, people and it's got less to do with anyone being a dick and more to do with bringing the game competition closer so that the effect of the big supporters is not so big anymore and you need more teamwork to get ahead.
      Game Admin


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        Key trusted Eli when he shouldnt have.

        The game has no responsibility to back room deals made outside the game. Its not the games fault when people try to handshake deals and people dont hold true to their word.

        TMK has the power he has in the game because people are afraid to take him head on. If you dont have the nuts to go toe to toe, you dont really have a right to bitch when he backs out of a deal. Basically if you try to make a deal with him to pacify him and it goes south, you shouldnt have in the first place.

        Dont try and make deals with people you dont trust. And if you do, make sure you can go toe to toe if they decide to fuck you


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          its not called the mafia boss for nothing, money family bribery extortion blackmail, what ever it takes get over it key.


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            if u sent those nudes like you were told it may have been different, lucky HH sent you anything.


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              yo KS can you please announce this thread closed
              Last edited by Ameh; 03-22-2019, 08:28 AM.


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                Holy shit, my eyes hurt so much from this shit. Keystonez about to rewrite the Holy Bible and implement a new, third testament of what he witnessed here. Lay down man


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                  amen.... RIP Keystonez. chump


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                    Dont cry on forum, build and kill all motherfuckers


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                      it was about trust.

                      first, i didn't take the jp away from my union. i took it away from you.
                      next, i never told you to spend any money the fact is we didn't need it we would have had the money without you spending.
                      and who do i trust someone I've known for years that I've made many deals with and has always done what he said he would do every time or you someone that i've known for a month that has wanted the JP for about as many rounds. Someone that has left my union twice and tried to start shit with other families only to come back because we were obviously your best option for your goal, jps.

                      even with that i gave you a sweetheart deal and set you up perfectly for a win/win deal that would have been easy for union and you but your pride wouldn't have it probably because of your history something Dom probably knows about.

                      I fought against the worse case scenario. it wasn't to screw you, if i wanted to do that i wouldn't have sent you money, i wouldn't have ranked you, i wouldn't have tiered you in turbo that round.

                      i do understand why you are bitter about it though but as vince mcmahon said once I didn't screw stone cold, stone cold screwed stone cold.


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                        fuck iu fuck uc and fuck teds crew ,,,,just kill each other alll this deal here deal there shit proves yous alll just suck off each other at every given oppertunity lame as fuck


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                          yo KS shut this thread


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                            Originally posted by Ameh View Post
                            yo KS shut this thread
                            Give him a second mate. His looking through his notes for his ks acc name and password. He can't get caught slippin using his other acc's


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                              I think KS already fucked up and lost 7 accounts. But don’t worry, for the time being, he has already made 14 new accounts just to be sure he doesn’t fuck up again.