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HOW TM K fucked over Teds his former Friend

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  • HOW TM K fucked over Teds his former Friend

    promised him the Win. Teds an Freinds built, TMK took the Pot.

    Well played, as expected!
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    This is cute
    1) I did not promise anyone a win that round, yet alone teds (didnt speak to me the whole round just built with his girl.. with turns I bought them btw)
    2) All he had to do was text me and ask for the round
    3) If you have any proof of what you said, ill buy you a full pack right now lmfao, please post it.
    4) Heres that 2 minute attention you ordered, sad fuck.


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      Everybody but ted is talking. y'all chatting shit or his too pussy to speak up. Either way who cares let them 2 sort it out. and i spoke to teds ages ago he told me his mates with tmk outside of tmb. guessin it's 2 bros havin fun n shit.