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How Storm treats me..... Very bad .. I'm sad;(

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  • How Storm treats me..... Very bad .. I'm sad;(

    I'm sad that storm treats me as a serial killer and I am not sure if there's any reason why I am a serial killer but its not a good thing to say. The magicians were also in the middle of their own life and they had a great time to play with their children and the people of all the people were in the same place as the magicians. I am very sorry to say that storm is a serial killer.

    I am a surviving victim here.

    My friend diego has been accused and blackmailed, bootyhole touched by storm's thugs.

    I subscribed to tmk on twitch and youtube. And I knew I was going to get that sub tmk promised but when he found out that I killed him in the apex game and tried to t-bag him, he blocked me in game and told storm to shut me up

    I may or may not will/am is will be using multi accounts to hide from these monsters ;'(

    Please donate me a sub to fight them serial killers.
    you can help me by subscribing to Pewdiepie.

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    all i read was you salty yo bitch ass ain't get/win the subs from tmk.


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      Don't do drugs.
      TMB Forum Administrator

      I am always watching.
      Be kind to each other.


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        I apologise for attacking you
        Game Admin


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          Apology not accepted. U always make me cri . My crippled mother wishes u ban yourself 4ever...


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            Ooo sheeeeit


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              Originally posted by Fornax View Post
              Don't do drugs.
              maybe he should...