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    Frank "Franky Boy" Cali the reputed boss of the Gambino Family was shot and killed last night ( Wednesday night around 9:15 PM )

    This marks a huge day in Mafia News because it is the biggest hit to take place out on the streets of NY since the notorious rubout of Gambino Boss Paul Castallano back in 1986.

    Back in 2008 there was a huge Mafia indictment of over 100 Gambino members called operation "old bridge". The current boss at that time was Jackie D'Amico. So that's when I decided to change my TMB game name. I was Consig of a notorious family within ICS called ICS_Gaurds. My boss and mentor was Gunchester. He was a high ranking ICS member and in the future would end up taking control of the union from Sickjim and Goatboy. Now I learned alot from Gunchester, he taught me alot about loyalty. Real loyalty was a big part of him and he walked the talk. He joined ICS back In round 40s when I believe 420_Vancelli first established ICS ( Or what would later become known as ICS). And he never left. Around round 170 I seen a rookie online and his name was Frank_Cali. I recruited him to ICS and when Gunchester left me in charge or ICS_Gaurds, Frank became my Consig. Frank_Cali would later become a heavy hitter within the ranks of TMB when the game really started changing and the great 3 unions of Omerta/ICS/UML became one under Stinger. ( Capiditutticapi)

    No one knows if this was a hit ( planned by the commission ) or just a random gunman on a rampage. Probably will know more in future days to come.

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    I posted about this earlier as well LOL!!!


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      He wasn't untouchable after all.
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      I am always watching.
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        who cares liverpool smashed bayern yday 3-1 wut wuuut. we winning champions league fuk the fag who died he can suk a cats dik