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    Suspect sought in the murder of CeCe Luppino

    February 14, 2019 By TheBoss 25 Comments

    The investigation by Hamilton police into the murder of CeCe Luppinohas now produced photos of a suspect.

    According to reports, the photos of the man authorities believe killed Luppino were taken from multiple security videos. In one of the images, the suspect can be seen walking near the Luppino family home reaching into his coat for what may be a gun. The 43-year-old Luppino was gunned down on Jan. 30th in Hamilton at a home owned by his father Rocco Luppino as previously reported here on About The Mafia. Luppino was found dead in a doorway of the home by a family member according to authorities.

    “Luppino murder suspect”

    Security cameras on the Luppino home as well as the house next door captured images of the suspect on the day of the shooting. According to investigators, CeCe returned home and soon afterward the suspect appeared on a sidewalk near the home before making his way through the neighbor’s property. They believe he then entered the Luppino home through an open garage and then murdered the victim. He then exited the home fleeing in the same direction as he came and was last seen running southbound.

    Investigators have been unable to identify the suspect internally so they have released the photos asking the public for help. It is still unclear as to whether or not the hitman was working alone or had an accomplice. Police have labeled the murder a targeted hit and there is plenty of speculation as to who did it and why. Many believe this may have been a contracted hit which many believe could have been retaliation by the Musitano crime family for the 2017 murder of Angelo Musitano.

    CeCe had no criminal record but the Luppino family has ties to the mafiain both Hamilton and the surrounding areas stretching all the way to Buffalo. Underworld tensions have been on the rise in multiple regions of the country after the death of longtime Montreal Mafia godfather Vito Rizzuto and the weakening of the Rizzuto crime family from the bloody Montreal mafia war. It’s hard to say for sure if the recent violence in Hamilton is directly related to the problems in Montreal but it certainly seems possible. While there is no evidence so far linking the Musitano and Luppino murders it’s left many wondering if this could be the beginning of a mafia war in Hamilton.

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    I wonder how many KPs he got for that hit.
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    I am always watching.
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      In the words of the great sonny from the Bronx tale ; no body cares . It’s a shame , they don’t do it the right way anymore . Condolences


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        Originally posted by Fornax View Post
        I wonder how many KPs he got for that hit.
        Bahahahaha!!! Thats a good one Fornax!!!


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          You sure he wasn't there stealing Amazon packages?


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            Interesting story Warrior. The mafia doesn't seem as badass as they once were.... or they've just gone underground now.
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              Originally posted by Stinger View Post
              You sure he wasn't there stealing Amazon packages?
              LOL!! you never can tell these days to be quiet honest


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                Thank you Ink-Slinger!! I think they have moreless died down or they just keep all that talk off the air so we dont know anything about whats goin on


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                  testing again
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