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    Hello hello,

    I am aware you are most probably sick of hearing my name however, I would like to talk about game-play more so to shed light on tactics for free players to progress, at least have some form of idea on how to play properly without kissing someone else`s ass for a sub or rank.

    Some may not want to hear about how i loot or in-fact show any consideration for the skills i have obtained to do what I do (leave them be, they just apart of many hater gatherings which you will encounter throughout the game, especially if your good at the game), i am sure you will see these haters in response to the post below :-) enjoy them and laugh.

    You may of seen me in various created teams or in some cases joining well established teams, some may view this has no loyalty some may say i simply cannot sit still for 1 round, in reality of matters I have been with all these family's in the past for one main reason to pick up lessons on how the operate from IU IC to UC and many others, I am sure many can appreciate it takes a lot of time, skill, patience, organisation and teamwork, something I have enjoyed watching and learning from many leaders and within decent teams.

    The biggest secret on games like this is sharing methods of looting and how to perform like some of the best perform right now, you are prevented from learning from other players like this purely down to competition, they go and teach you how they loot which means you steal their loot... hope you understand what i mean by that, i like to have a completely different view on this to be honest (the odd one out).

    I do classify myself as one of the best looters on this game currently, i have spent countless rounds of being terrible at this game and I used to watch the likes of HH (Hollywood in UC), DMX, Volkov, J-Money, Fixer, Reck and many many more, i am sure there are plenty of looters out there that simply just do not loot anymore and sit collecting on a sub... any way getting to the point, I used to wait for the bots to reset and within under 1 minute bots in a whole city was maxed, if not maxed I could only achieve maybe 2 hits per bot since they have been hit well before i reached them.

    Many players will put this down to speed and tell you to stop crying about it, even if you ask for help in every corner of the game, they will only show you the billy basics which would not make that much of a difference anyway.

    Although many only see my arrogance (game face) on this game I have spent a lot of time helping free players in most cases newbies, you are all out there and you know who you are, like me or hate me I like sharing information to help others against this stigma of old players who have sat on this game for over 10 years collecting with subs and preaching they are the best.

    Lets get started.....

    Basics: (START OF NEW ROUND)

    1. download google chrome (dont question this just do it)
    2. make sure your playing the game through google
    3. make sure your net-worth is between 1.5 and 2 billion.
    4. store the cash in planes and achieve the above net-worth with no cash on hand, this will allow you freedom of travel
    5. before you run off attacking study the bots within that city click on attack and you will see all bots, this can only be done on day 8 of round when all bots are loaded to game.
    6. click attack on your first bot at the top of the list (bots have no defence units have high net and in no family, very easy to identify)
    7. before clicking attack headquarters I now want you to save the the link for that particular bot into your bookmarks.
    8. if you do not know how to operate your bookmarks google it and find out i do not fancy going into detail on something you can figure out for yourself.
    9. save that particular bot link within your bookmarks, best to take note what city you are in this way you can save the rest of the bots within the city your in into that particular bookmark file (for example New-york, just simply name the bookmark new-york)
    10. click on attack on your next bot (repeat the above save the link within your city bookmark.
    11. now you should have a whole city of bots saved in your bookmark file of the city you are in.
    12. move on to the next city and repeat the above under new city name within your bookmarks.
    13. it can be very time consuming saving all the bots but things become easier once you've done it let me explain.

    Even if you do not want to move on to every city and bookmark all the bots, try test on on maybe 1 or two cities if you lack patience, now that we have saved the bot links within the city files, i want you to open a new window, separate to the one you are on (not another tab another window).

    Whatever team you are in they will have a family banker, this is the person you send all the loot too with the aim of banking it all up for you within the team bank to increase the team rank. on you new separate window upload the game and click on bank screen, type in the bankers name and simply transfer 2 billion, or simply type in 2kkk, i want you then to press transfer do not worry if you do not have the cash to follow the action and press transfer.

    bots reset every 3 hours on the game which means they all jump up in cash which means you can steal more, message on your family boards when the bot reset times are and they will happily tell.

    Now that you have the bots lined up and saved, your banking screen also lined up with your banker, you are maxed and you have defence units to attack the bots you are ready to go. once you have practised this set up it will take you seconds to set up so start practising.

    soon as the bots reset choose a city, click on who is online if you see a lot of players in new-york for example go to another city you have covered for example Tampa or many others, keeping your banking window separate i wan you to click on your bookmarks and open all links within the city you are in, so if you saved tampa bots for example open your tampa file (do not forget to travel to the city you want to loot in and open.

    every bot in that city will be right in front of you opened up into all separate tabs, again all on the attack page, start with your first tab and attack it 7 times not 9 times 7 times, delete that tab after doing so which will auto place you onto the second tab again attack another 7 times...

    attacking 9 times will max your attack out limit so stick with 7 to have a steady flow of loot, after you have hit 2 or 3 bots quickly click on your banking screen and refresh the page, this will auto send your banker the 2 billion you originally sent... you can simply click back on to your bots window and resume attacking, attack attack bank repeat repeat until your finished....

    click on another city and upload it again do not mess around checking who is online just crack on and upload a new city of bots...

    Subs are not needed on this game, if you are a good looter and follow the above method i promise you will loot trillions just on free turns looting on bot resets... if you want to loot for a supporter team so be it just be prepared to loot for someone else rank or in-fact contribute to a particular supporters JP.

    We currently have many teams who are based mainly around a gathering of other free players who will need your help, these consist of GMK, Valhalla union, or in fact you will see myself floating around helping were i can.

    Their are many many different methods out there but just from learning the above you will start to gather your own ways of doing things quicker I just know the above will show you the gate to becoming a very successful free player, you will win turns and you can simply loot more from spending your winning turns which should mean you are rewarded with an higher rank.

    Many players will give you shit talk never take it personal after all it is a game and you must be on your way to fame lol, if they are in your inbox then i purely see it as fan mail oppose to negative... there will be many comments on spelling punctuation but i do not give a fuck clearly :-)

    hope you enjoy your time looting and if you ever need an hand with guidance or simply fancy coming along with me on my journey on the game, I will always go by the name KS, KillSmith or just K so drop me a message, do not fall into the trap of being subbed from a supporter so in return you loot for them, all seems great at first but you will dry yourself out and eventually be bored shitless, this is when you become and turn into a collector.

    I have trained and come across some great free players, RD, BP, Lorenzo, Jason, Zlatan, Leonst, Slissbeats, Abraham, Aussieboss, Phat-tony, Meh and im sure many many more.

    Enjoy the ride.




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    Thanks for sharing some tips, KS.

    Maybe other looters would like to share some of their secrets too? I'll cross my fingers.

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    I am always watching.
    Be kind to each other.


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      I think this is some pretty good stuff.
      I use the bank tip that you suggest. That works pretty good.
      As far as the tabs, I don't go that route. That is a lot of work, but I can see how it can come in handy. I'm sure it would take some practice to get it all situated and done quickly.
      I'll try this one round when I have time to actually loot.
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        I am sure we would all like to hear from you and see how you get on... once your set up you will become quicker and quicker at looting, you will also come up with quicker ways yourself... but this will give you the runway to take off i cant fly it for you.

        Let us all know...

        thanks KS


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          I like this beginners. For those that want to be more advnced and a bit qucker heres a few things.

          With the tabs thing - if u do that then every time u load the tabs they will come up in the order u saved them not the order they are on the attack screen as u look at it which is ordered by value. So if u load bookmarks you could be looting some shitty bots without even knowing while someone else is looting the best ones.

          Also the quickest looters prob want to move city when they get long captchas. Fuck sitting around waiting for the to expire while someone is looting the best bots in that city.. While it expires, find the best city, travel and load bots as per clutchs thread. You prob dont need more than 10-15 bots befrore u hit the captcha anyway which is another reason not to save and load 40 bookmarks

          Also try zooming youre screen out in a way which minimises the amount u need to move your mouse. Maybe it is just my setup but at standard zoom i need to scroll down to find the attack HQ button which is takes time. Now when i loot my mouse doesnt move. i'm switching and closing tabs and windows with my keyboard and just using the mouse for spamming attack

          O and ctrl W is a game changer for looters if u dont already know the shortcut for closing tabs
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            Thank you for your view on looting, if you are watching porn or youtube or even watching netflix whilst your attempting to load up 40 bots then do not attempt, i appreciate your comments on slow load time but that is purely down to the platform you are using or connection speed, I very rarely use wireless another slow way of looting, I can be most violent if i choose to be and I can be the best looter within a round if i choose to be and that is by following the methods above.

            Captcha can be a nightmare, travelling, banking will not remove the captcha, caused me so much head ache I thought of hitting 5 bots in one city onto another city another 5 bots reapeat, the captcha is on a timer whether you like it or not, so nothing you can do or say that will change the captcha waiting time....

            This is why i advise only hitting 7 times in your case since clearly you have problems with being to fast hit only 4 or 5 times and move onto next bot.

            looting efficiently is a numbers game. so play the numbers game, from my estimations we are limited to 100 hits per minute so use that 100 hits in the most loot collective manner.

            my lengthy post above will give you the platform to be as quick as possible....


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              I'm not sure if everything in your last post was in response to me KS so excuse me if i'm responding to something not even for me lol

              but just to reiterate for everyone - when you load tabs the issue is nothing to do with how long it takes to load them but the order that they load in. They will ALWAYS load in the order you save which as the round progresses is the not the order of the value of the bots

              And again on the captcha thing - i'm not saying you can get rid of the captcha (as much as i wish u could), i'm just saying there is an efficient way of using that captcha time by looking for the best city to loot instead of staying in a city u already half looted

              It is a numbers game but it can be about more than that
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                it was in response to your thoughts...

                by the time you set up a new city you would be cracking on with the same bots you uploaded, anyone who reads this post will know they can save bots into the bookmark in whatever order they like, the longest captcha timer i had was around 10 seconds, the beauty of the method i have shared with everyone here if you click attack on a bot and its maxed you have the ability to quickly check the next one, since the bots are ready and waiting, even the quickest of looters cannot loot a whole city within the 10 second captcha timer lol.

                I am not sure why you believe looting not to be a numbers game? its all about numbers, how do not you get that?, if i hit 2 bots with 4 hits each totalling 8 hits, i would've looted more then your 8 hits on one bot, that is just factual so by spreading your hits out like I do you loot more within your 100 hit limit per minute.

                starting to get lost in your believe on that note.

                enjoy guys :-)


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                  You go off topic all the time KS thats why i dunno if youre responding to me

                  I never said its not a numbers game i just said it can be about more than that. You even said u can be most violent or u can be the best (the two arent mutually exclusive though) which is confirming its not just about the numbers right?

                  Save bots bookmarks in whatever order u want but it wont follow the ideal order all round which is the order you see them on the attack screen each time u click on it.

                  Captcha can be 10 secs i guess, i never timed, shit it feels looooong sometimes. But believe me u can travel, load bots and still find yourself with the same captcha but in a better city now. And another benefit to moving city is that you tend to be moving away from other looters

                  I'm not telling people how to loot, i'll leave that to KS, i'm just offering advice. Fornax wanted ppl to share. everyone has there way of doing things. This is mine


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                    I am on topic mate, being most violent again is related to numbers and looting the most again boils down to numbers so its all in relation. you must of edited your post since on first read you said its not just a numbers game when its all within the same topic.

                    Being able to save the bots in various orders gives you more loot in the long run, again let me explain why, most looters click attack and they aim for the highest value bots correct? so why compete over the same bots? the order of bot values always change which means regardless of what order you bookmark your bots it will be random, looting in random methods will benefit you then always aiming for a bot with the highest value since you are competing with 10 other looters looting LOL..

                    One thing to note here - the bots I hit are random you will never see me hitting the very top bots sometimes ill land on them sometimes i do not just all depends the reset values are never to far apart anyway, so in response to the 40 bot upload being slow as you mention that is down to your platform and connection this wont happen for all looters, i get captcha all the time but never change city until i am finished i do not see the point in the head ache of uploading a new city on every captcha but that is down to you and the way you must play down to your speed and connection...

                    Random looting will benifit you more than the normal trend of what your doing right now, that is just my advise to you direct, if you want to upload all 40 bots go for it if you cant in your case upload 15 or 20 whatever you want but the method is here for everyone to have fun with...

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                      Originally posted by KillSmith View Post
                      so in response to the 40 bot upload being slow as you mention
                      who mentioned ??

                      no one is doubting u have a technique. i'm just doubting the efficiency of random looting vs targeted

                      What i found is when u pre load and go loot an entire city of bots in random order u will come across loads of bots that got maxed after u loaded thinking they werent because another looter got there first. You might not know they are maxed until u click attack HQ 5 times to find u got nothing. And if you're saying KS that the normal trend is for everyone to take the best bots first well what are u leaving yourself with by looting random.

                      You think competing with other looters for the best bots is an issue and it is but losing out on them all together is worse. To avoid competition i move city when i get a captcha. Come back to the shit bots later i would suggest. Why hit 6 bil bots when there are 8 bils available

                      Actually tho my way will work for some and your way will work for others. its prob down to the player as much as anything

                      If u dont get long captchas my way is prob not worth it
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                        can this work on my windows xp , 2 gb ram ???


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                          Originally posted by Loki- View Post
                          can this work on my windows xp , 2 gb ram ???
                          What graphics card u got?


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                            Graphics Card: Intel® 82865G Graphics Controller


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                              Originally posted by Loki- View Post
                              Graphics Card: Intel® 82865G Graphics Controller
                              Sounds good. I'd recommend an Oculus Rift for the ultimate looting experience