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The Dixie Mafia (Part 2)

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  • The Dixie Mafia (Part 2)

    In those early years minute amounts of the white powder would flow into the country and the price was sky high. Only the rich and famous could afford to snort that crap. In the U.S. things had been put in place to change that. At their 1980 convention, the American Medical Association endorsed cocaine as the drug of choice to kick the cannabis habit.

    The good doctors of America decided that cocaine was not addictive, was less harmful than that evil cannabis weed, and they thought that everyone trying to kick the habit should switch.

    In Colombia, Pablo Escobar, another independent criminal, was also looking for ways to expand and with Cliff’s network already in place all they needed to do was get some new airplanes and fresh pilots.

    Now comes U.S. Intelligence operative Barry Seal, who along with Carlos Lehder Rivas, flies up to Enterprise shopping for new airplanes and pilots.

    At Ozark, Alabama, less than 20 miles from Enterprise, CIA asset Carol Williams at Southern Aero supplies the boys with all the aircraft they need. Williams taunted U.S. Customs agents and liked for everyone to know he was an agency guy who sold everything from helicopters to fixed wing aircraft to drug traffickers.

    It’s not against the law to sell and export aircraft, Barry and his brother bought a flat iron Huey from Carol one time and paid with two lawn trash bags full of $100 bills.

    Seal and Lehder Rivas recruited pilots from retired army aviators living locally at Enterprise, Ozark and Dothan. In late 1982 time frame, cocaine began to fly into the area by the ton and it came to pass, "The Enterprise" began.

    Debbie Seal, Barry’s widow, confirmed most of this when she and former NBC producer Daniel Hospsicker author of "Barry and The Boys" visited with me and narcotics agent Johnny ____of the Alabama Bureau of Investigation at my mother’s house at Enterprise during February 1999.

    Debbie also confirmed that Barry had been deeply involved with New Orleans Mafia Boss, Carols Marcello and piloted many of Marcello’s aircraft. J. Edgar Hoover, former FBI Director personally tried to deport Marcello from the United States on 19 separate occasions. Marcello who spent time in prison at Texarkana, Texas, has always been a key figure in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

    During the visit, Debbie Seal provided me with the assassination team photo taken in Mexico City during the February 1963 time frame, this was after we shared information and I was able to establish credibility with her.

    Being the only source alive to hear Barry’s taped conversations with his handler from the DEA, Debbie was anxious to verify facts in those lost tapes.

    Barry Seal always carried a big bag of quarters in his car and an Olympus Pearl Recorder and a box full of fresh tapes. He never used anything except a payphone and he recorded everything!

    When he was on our side and undercover in another country he was given a little black box to activate once a week in the woods to enable U.S. space communications satellites to pick the signal up at certain times. This is the only way our government knew he was still breathing somewhere else on the planet.

    Barry would complain that he was a clay pigeon and sitting duck when he was told that he would have to testify about the Bush Administration’s involvement in cocaine smuggling to a Baton Rouge federal grand jury.

    On the tapes Seal raised hell "You really expect me to tell those people the truth, that the United States government is in the drug business? In Baton Rouge everything that is said to a federal grand jury is on the street in 10 minutes!"

    Shortly before his murder by a hit team affiliated with Col. Oliver North’s Black Ops guys, Barry had a subpoena to testify at the federal courthouse in Panama City, Florida, in the federal cocaine smuggling trial of James Charles Elmore from Ozark, Alabama.

    For many years everyone speculated that the Cartel had it done because Fabio Ochoa’s shooters were sitting in the courtroom when the federal judge announced the address of a halfway house where Barry would be spending his nights.

    Criminal charges related to Barry Seal’s murder were dropped when Ochoa’s defense attorneys informed the court on July 29, 2003, they were going to introduce evidence that Oliver North’s Black Ops guys were responsible for doing Barry with 19 bullet holes.

    When North's people put Barry's headlights out, he had George Bush's private telephone number in the trunk of his caddy.

    Debbie had a $14 million dollar insurance policy on his life and the IRS tried to confiscate it until she started making a few waves of her own and then received a speakerphone call from some people in Washington.

    Debbie says, that the people would not identify themselves but they all agreed that if she would keep her mouth shut she could keep the money.

    Back to September 1980, at the Ramada Inn at Dothan I'm standing there with Congressman Bill Dickinson Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee and my early 70's newspaper boss Terry Everett, and I’m introduced to CIA Director and Vice Presidential candidate George Bush.

    Ramada Inn owner, Bob Miller, formerly from Houston who took up with one of my ex girlfriends makes, the introduction. He then turns around, grabs me by the arm and says, "This is the man who is really going to be President, not that stupid son of a bitch Ronnie Ray Gun, you watch what I say, he’s going to make everyone rich."

    After the November election Bush and Oliver North began to show up quite a bit. Terry Everett was persuaded to run for congress and he is now Rep. Terry Everett, (R) Alabama. As far as I know Terry has always been on the straight and narrow, unlike his longtime pal Bill Dickinson who used to show up at Terry's office on Friday afternoons with a bottle of whiskey under each arm.

    Bill Dickinson was not an honorable man. My father's first cousin, John Hugh (Pat) Caylor, did federal time for perjury trying to cover Dickinson's rotten ass at Fort Rucker. Pat was always the Romeo of the family, a dark haired handsome looking guy, but he would lose it over a bottle of whiskey and once side-swiped 9 parked cars in Daleville, Alabama.

    Pat was rewarded with $500,000 for keeping his mouth shut about international arms theft and trafficking by Dickinson and his associates at the Pentagon. In March 1981, after a surgical procedure, I was forced to recover at my father's house in Enterprise where Pat would often come and chat with me for hours about powerful men from Washington with suitcases full of money.

    Doris his pretty wife and mother of his children left him while he was in the federal pen and he was confessing to me almost daily over a two-week period. The secret stories Pat told were confirmed almost 9 years later by refuted Dixie Mafia member and Barry Seal associate, Billy Grice.

    Billy Grice is a former Fort Rucker, Alabama, supply supervisor who took a bad rap to the Atlanta federal pen for Dickinson after exporting billions of dollars in stolen arms during the Arab-Israeli 6 day war. Billy was my father's favorite when he was chief of police, Daddy would often give him confiscated handguns from his office desk drawer.

    But, Billy was bitter as hell over the fact that Dickinson and other Washington politicians he went down for didn't take care of his family while he was in prison. It didn't help much that two of my father's favorite detectives Jake Heath and Larry Baxter robbed Billy's house of a freezer full of cash and emptied his closets of $500 suits.

    Billy is smart as hell and has a photographic memory he can rattle off names and telephone numbers of everyone of importance in the murky world of smuggling. He was the legal whiz of the Atlanta federal pen, law library buddy to Walter Moody, later convicted in sham proceedings of murdering federal Judge Robert Vance and Savannah attorney Wayne Robinson, in the 1989-90 (VANPAC) mail bomb attacks on the federal judiciary.

    At Atlanta, Billy formed solid friendships with Aryan Brotherhood member Doyle Ray Henderson and others who robbed armored cars and smuggled cocaine into the United States. Doyle Ray Henderson was also a key suspect in the VANPAC case, although in 1989-90 when the bombings occurred he was incarcerated at Leavenworth federal penitentiary.

    The Aryan Brotherhood:
    The Aryan Brotherhood got its start on the West Coast in the 1960s.

    Many Brotherhood members sport an identifying tattoo consisting of a swastika and the Nazi SS lightening bolt.

    In the 1980s, Brotherhood members challenged a Missouri prison's ban on inmates receiving literature from Aryan Nations and similar groups. Nevertheless, the courts upheld the ban.

    The Turner Diaries
    The Turner Diaries was written in 1978 by William Pierce, head of the National Alliance, one of the largest and most organized neo-Nazi groups in the United States.

    The novel has become a "Bible" for right-wing extremists. It calls for the violent overthrow of the Federal government, and the systematic killing of Jews and nonwhites.

    Pierce's book has reportedly inspired a number of people connected to vicious crimes including Timothy McVeigh, who was convicted of bombing the Murrah building in Oklahoma City.

    Billy Grice became good at winning freedom for Atlanta inmates forcing the justice department to transfer him to the federal prison at Maxwell Air Force Base where he befriended former U.S. Attorney General John Mitchell who was there serving time on corruption charges. Billy typed Mitchell's briefs for him in criminal matters because according to Billy, "Mitchell was schooled only in corporate law."

    When Billy was set free from federal prison in the mid 70's he claimed to have sent out over 300 resumes for employment to the people he went to jail for.

    Not a one of them called or would take his telephone calls. Billy, being a good pilot, decided to launch his own cocaine smuggling career.

    Apparently it was highly successful, so much so that he enlisted refuted Dixie Mafia associate, next-door neighbor Milton McGregor, to launder his money.

    McGregor was a former civilian wage grade employee for Billy at Fort Rucker who used to bum cigarettes from him, began a career in the pari-mutuel racing industry when he opened Victoryland Dog Track in a 1984 partnership with Paul Bear Bryant, Jr.

    The Duo enlisted the aid of my former neighbor, Montgomery Advertiser-Journal reporter Milo Dakin to soften attitudes and lobby Alabama legislators on gambling. Milo, who died in 2003, was a tall well-liked Louisiana chap, who served them well by buying the Alabama legislature.

    As a result of their political clout McGregor and associates have been instrumental in the drive to bring casinos and gambling to the Southeast. Based upon my extensive research and personal knowledge of the matter I believe that Billy always has and continues to be a major player.

    Enterprise has always been the hub where they audit the books and keep it straight between competing groups. It was also the place to put together murky smuggling relationships, Good old Ollie North personally autographed his picture for my dad long before that "kiss my ass speech", to Congress. Barry Seal and Ollie loved to hang out in the Wiregrass area, they were brazen as hell about it, after all, they were above the law.

    One thing I’ve always noted since the 1980 introduction to Bush, Sr., is that cocaine lurks in the shadows of his associates. Strange how things happen, several days after the introduction, some-one goofed and two Colombian nationals were arrested by the DEA at Bob Miller's Ramada Inn with a couple of kilos of coke.

    They just posted large bonds and were promptly taken to the airport for a flight back to Colombia. They apparently never responded to the letters requesting them to come back to the U.S. and be prosecuted for the big bad felony of importing cocaine.

    What about Cliff, daddy's partner? Well, as the story goes, all ends well that goes well. Three years later, I ran into him, after the United States forced Columbia to make him leave. He was arrested shortly after stepping off a flight to meet Brenda and the kids on some Caribbean Island.

    Upon his sentencing for importing a billion dollars worth of dope, Cliff said, "You know Johnny, I told that federal judge that I was a disgrace to my legal profession and my country and very much wanted to make amends to that and that I was ready to face it."

    He said "Mr. Wentworth, for your high crimes against the United States of America, I hereby sentence you to 6 years in a federal correctional institution, with 5 years and 6 months suspended for restitution in the amount of twenty five thousand dollars."

    Cliff dug deep into his pocket, pulled out a quarter and with that All-American grin, he flipped it to me, as he was off to serve his time on golf courses at Elgin Air Force base. I never saw him again, he just vanished from the face of this earth, Brenda, the kids, Eddie and the whole family, gone, no crap – crime must really pay!

    In 1987, Lucy Morgan, an investigative reporter for the St. Petersburg Times, who spent nights with Brenda and the kids when Cliff was on the lam, told me Cliff was in the witness protection program.

    In order to get a grip on the complexity of this story and how it relates to present day politics you must first have an understanding of criminal history.

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    Good read. The federal judge that sentenced Cliff must have been on the payroll. No surprise there I guess.


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      I find this pretty interesting... especially since you don't hear much about the Dixie Mafia, at least not in relationship to the more mainstream organizations. So i'm looking forward to learning more about them.
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        Thank yall!! Its pretty interesting esp for me since alot of this took place not even 30 min from where I live!!


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          Was a pretty good read on this one and first one anticipate 3rd to be just as good


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            Stay tuned for our next episode, same time, same place.
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