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Name changes and booting from family requests

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  • Name changes and booting from family requests

    Hi People

    Main rounds rules is strictly No Leaving Families. We have allowed for players to contact Admin in the case where your name came out wrong or you genuinely joined the wrong family. That was the only reason we allow it - to help with genuine mistakes

    We notice that many players are now asking for several name changes and/or boot requests and its got nothing to do with why we allowed it in the first place. We do realize that no rules are broken by players but admin is being used for game play strategy and we are stopping that.

    So from this point on:

    1) We will only boot you ONCE. And your reason better be good for the request. If you make a single family, we will not boot you, you can stay stuck there, you should know better. If it's a new sign up player, we will see it's a genuine mistake and help those players.

    2) If we have booted you, don't ask for a name change also. We won't allow you to do both.

    3) If you have already attacked someone and you are not a blatant noob, we won't do name change requests anymore.

    4) If you request a name change or remove from family, and we spot anything that suggests you are trying to find ways around the rules to use us for gameplay, we won't do it.

    Thank you
    Game Admin