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I will not be oppressed by the Brotherhood!

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  • I will not be oppressed by the Brotherhood!

    But she is just plain drama.
    [10:38:27 PM] Gary: Here's the thing. . . . I wouldn't bring her into my union if I had one
    [10:38:29 PM] Gary: BUT
    [10:38:36 PM] Gary: I wouldn't need them either.
    [10:38:51 PM] Gary: The ones she's bitching at are somewhat useless though.
    [10:39:07 PM] Elizabeth Brooke: I wouldn't say I'm useless...
    [10:39:20 PM] Gary: I'm talking about ronin LOL

    For almost a year now Brotherhood has banded together to fight against the giant supporting
    tyrant IU. Through it all there's been a handful of turbo jackpots, a main jackpot, and too
    many high tiers and Gold and Silver Union wins to count. Families have come and gone and plenty
    have left after whoring for ranks only took them so far.

    The core group that is still here today has been here for some time, doing whatever is needed
    to help fight for the cause. We all have lives outside of this GAME and some of us are more
    active than others due to those issues (including our founding fathers Gas and Nick). Those
    true loyals, however, will always be here to help WHEN and AS they can and understand the idea
    of fair rotation and rank spots rewarded accordingly.

    We play a GAME to have fun with our friends....that is what Brotherhood has always meant to

    Now, however, its a new day. Forget about having fun and playing a game....we are all about
    that jackpot. All Business here - and damn anyone trying to enjoy themselves because they are
    "useless peons". In fact, we don't even bother to stand up for a hardworker who has shown
    nothing but loyatly when a loudmouth ignorant bitch gets to running her mouth publicly. No,
    instead the "management" will kiss her ass and make sure they do what they can to keep her
    cash coming in - cuz after all that's what its all about right? "Winning"? You in yourself
    "MANAGEMENT", insulted AKA by allowing the shit to go on with no consequence and censoring
    the few who DID speak in her defense.

    It is more than clear that no "freeloaders" are welcome one who doesn't have the
    cash to hop in a jp rotation among the top 5 people in this union matter - everyone is
    replacable.....not exactly what I thought of when I read the name "Brotherhood" for the first

    You've shown us what the new leadership looks like and thinks of us - so don't worry, we'll
    gladly slide on out of this new IU and you can keep all the drama jp rankwhoring just the way
    it is.

    Loyalty is understood and respected, don't blame anyone for sticking with their word and
    following through with the committments they've made. One step further, wish all of you who
    are actually worthy of Respect succeed in your efforts and hope its worth every insult you've
    sent our way.

    To anyone else who has seen these issues in the same light please know that the door is always
    welcome outside of the new regime here. I know I'll never turn away any of my "freeloading"
    brothers that are worth more than they've been shown.

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    Sounds like drama, I have left many unions for many reasons. I never felt the need to post in the forum about it. That is complete shit


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      I posted because they keep deleting it on the union board. Don't read if you don't like it.


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        Free loaders are welcome in Drop Squad

        Apply within


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          And no one is truly a free loader, unless they don't login for 10 days and complain about not ranking


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            Why don't you message the people that do want to read it. Did they block you. I know loyalty and respect have left the building for the most part but can we at least fucking pretend


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              Here's another useless

              Ranked 64 in Level 4, and 408 national.

              Currently in London

              This mafioso got 243,988 operatives
              and 354 defensives

              This mafioso has 91,546 kill points

              Bruglione of RONIN_LOCO family.
              Level 4Level 4Level 4Level 4

              last seen 13 minutes, and 30 seconds ago.

              networth $246,184,000

              last attacked by Klix
              9 hours, 14 minutes, and 0 seconds ago.

              Report Profile

              Why can't everybody be as G as my homie Brooklyn?

              HAHAHAHA Gonna Get Storm to freeze me too instead of owning up?

              Awesome new direction Brotherhood....Awesome.

              ~Ronin Strong~


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                Brotherhood claiming to be against IU Tyranny yet too many members of Brotherhood are focused on wasting credits attacking members of UN and bashing UN on their profile. if they were truly dead set against beating IU they would eliminate the Multis and the level one who are allowed to freely build and then still free killer rank spots and farm in main round and turbo. the fact of the matter is there are too many Union in this game as it is.when it comes down to winning there's only 3 spots that technically matter and award trophy and higher amount of credit.if enough people in the game banded together again IU, and just formed a super Union to completely rid you of the game then we as a whole community could split up again and it would be for the better of the whole game


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                  Because they can't kill IU, wasting there turns feeling big bad cyber bully's on UN


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                      Originally posted by StickyCat View Post
                      Because they can't kill IU, wasting there turns feeling big bad cyber bully's on UN
                      UN raped Brotherhood. It was not even challenge.


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                        Wooooo power to the people


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                          i am pretty sure BH beat UN...i was in BH for a long time and they are a bunch of good buddies. i love them all
                          Dont know whats going on there now but here is what i think....

                          I am not in BH because new boss joined UN lol, and i dont have any problems with anybody in the game so its ok being here or being in other union... its not that important to me.

                          but calling Ronin useless is just poor notion of what is going on there
                          i was playing active some months ago there and i can tell you that ronin guys since day one were the more active members in the union,
                          everything is not about cash...their activity made us have solid bankers maxed for more hours....specially Gallio and Damien played for many hours(i dont care about reasons why they played that long lol)...kept the boards alive and all that

                          i remember BH before and after them.. Hitsquad started with BH since round one and Ronin came later.
                          if there is someone in BH that think that get rid of Ronin is a good strategy, well that dude is simply an idiot.
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                            id pack my shit n just leave... juss sayin


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                              I always recommend to talk nice about buddies in public. But here is some pure facts: