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  • Jackpot 101

    Can someone explain me how it exactly work ... like ;
    How its increase is affected (by turns bought or subs? ect
    do those who win actually get any real profit from it ... like lets supose someone spent 100$ nd gets what % of that sum he invested on , or its just regulated among suprts. nd he gets none or less the sum he already spent ?

    basically do you get a profit out of it ?? and around which % at lowest stake lets suppose

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    good point i always wanted to know this


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      Subs don't go toward jackpot its only bought turns

      Cash is paid out if it reaches 600 I think


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        Like, you have to ask permission from IU first like Ding Dong like.


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          Originally posted by TiggoBitties View Post
          Like, you have to ask permission from IU first like Ding Dong like.

          yes, i think that is rule 4 or something


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            ding dong explained it all in his interview: exploit opportunity after opportunity and don't make friends along the way since you will screw them over later again, then spend enough so iu will notice you and they'll recruit you away from where you are now and help you screw over your present family, then you can help them win a few jackpots before they allow you to win one....or a few

            there's also the nino approach but that means you have to loose one first before they recruit and "help" you...

            personally i'd say screw them and the horse they came in on and challenge them for jackpots and become the new master of this game....there are enough people around who can help you with that
            It's easier to fool people than to convince them they have been fooled. - Mark Twain.


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              But you'd rather complain constantly instead? 0


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                1/3 of the money you put in, goes to the jackpot
                It is only increased by turns, not subs.

                Turbos usually payout at $600, and mains always pay out.

                Like The Black Cat says, you can always challenge, I'm sure you can find good people to put a team together.
                That has always worked out for people in the past


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                    Originally posted by MichaelJ View Post
                    1/3 of the money you put in, goes to the jackpot
                    It is only increased by turns, not subs.
                    That is incorrect. Someone buying a pack ($1000) and adding it to the round will increases the JP by $280 or 28% of cash value.


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                      But the JP is not based on cash spent.. but rather on credits added.. I believe the cash value of 1 credit is something like $1.25. The more credits added to the round by the same person.. the higher the % contribution to the JP.


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                        My mistakes then

                        1/4 amount of turns I guess increases jp?


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                          it's a sliding scale of sorts, dependent on how many credits are added.. The more credits added, the higher % to the JP with the max being 35% I believe. Guess we need storm to simplify this for us.


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                            thank you guys
                            OK .so far what ive learned by the 1st few posts is
                            ; - IU knows the "how to" handbook and the majority of the game like 90%doesnt even a have a clue how the JP mechanisms work (which seems pretty unfair and uncompetitive gameplay)
                            ;That its increase its affected by turns (bought) added in-game
                            ;Those said turns affect the increase *refered to earlier posts* by around 28~35% of that sum of turns transalated to cash
                            That means by so far *as drudge mentioned in an earlier post with a pack of (1000$)* there is already a total sum of ~1000$ spent in-game by the JP being 778$ from its starting point of 500$ we have a 278$ plus -

                            _please give your thought " How JP works ? 101


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                              The jackpot is calculated as follows:

                              0.00035 of every bought credits that is added into the round, adds towards the jackpot/.

                              So if you add 100,000 credits, it is *.00035 and the JP will go up by $35.

                              Game Admin