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  • The Real Question...

    Mask or no mask?

    And why? Try and keep it polite & steer clear of
    political answers, because this is legitimately about your reasoning.

    definitely a mask for me because it’s about protecting others and cutting down the spread. It’s been seen all over the globe that masks work to stop the spread. So, why on earth would we not wear one to protect others?

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    It's pretty much becoming mandatory out here to wear a mask. No mask, no service.
    Even if it weren't, I'd still wear it.
    The media is doing too much tho, this could be an unpopular opinion (idgaf), they're making it seem way worse than what it is. I feel like that plays on ppls mental. So when some ppl come out, and see you w no mask they freak out, conflict occurs, I've seen it twice already. Ppl seeing ppl wearing a mask is calming, if that makes sense.