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Flame War: Man_Tits vs Besttriggerman (Round 1)

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  • Flame War: Man_Tits vs Besttriggerman (Round 1)

    1.) The name that appears first in the title is considered Challenger 1 and the second name is Challenger 2

    2.) There will exactly 5 posts exchanged between the challengers in this round; these posts can be as long or as short as deemed fit by the particular challenger and can contain any content felt necessary to properly flame your opponent.

    3.) Challenger 1 will make the initial post and from there, challenger 2 must respond before challenger 1 is allowed to post again, continuing in that fashion until both have made exactly 5 posts. Challengers will have 24 hours to respond to their opponents post, else they will be automatically disqualified.

    4.) Other players are welcome to post in this thread, however, no tips or "should haves" are allowed to be posted until the battle is over. Furthermore, outside posters are not allowed to troll or flame the challengers (until the round is over) aside from small comments such as "Damn, you got schooled", "Wow, he owned you there", etc etc (this will be enforced and posts will be edited/removed as seen fit.)

    5.) The winner will be determined by a general vote of who delivered the best insults, however, Host will have the final say in each battle, so bringing in your friends to "vote" for you will not help in the least bit, no sense trying to rig this thing, just compete fairly and have fun with it.

    Good luck to both challengers, you may begin flaming now (granted man tits is a flamer all the time anyways, but that's besides the point!)

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    Fat baby tits


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      Not quite sure why you chose that name, I have never really seen you kill anyone in the game. I actually wanted to ask other players if they concur?

      Amazing how our online games personas that we wish to portray to people are actually the opposite of who and what we really are. At least my tits are fucking real.....Anyway I just popped in to burn your ass on my way to the finals again, I won't say too much in my first post, as usual, and give you some sort of fighting chance.

      Free swing bud - Take it. You need it.



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        What do ya know miracles do happen! Having seen your poor excuse of a flame battle in the finals I felt it was only fitting to face off against you in this lovely tourny. I didnt think id be as lucky as I am to get you first round.

        So lets start off with your so called free swing I get. Your theory is great and it makes sense that you let your opponent go first so that they can slip up and you can find flaws in what they say Lets be honest you have the intelligence of a small pile of fly shit. So it only makes sense that you hope and pray that your opponent sounds like a complete idiot while trying to bash you. Having said that Im going to do the opposite of that.

        Id be more pressed to see what you can do when I already bash myself. I mean really Tits what do you have to say to me that people dont already know. I jump from fam to fam more than your dad jumps form dick to dick. I have had massive sized unions all which have failed and never made it to the top. I have never won a jackpot and am a poor excuse of a supporter if one can even call me that. I play TMB on a daily basis that is my escape from life and I have just about jack shit to show for the amount of years I have played. I had a so called love realtionship on TMB with a player named krystal that was all a hoax and ohh how could I forget i ran a bank that failed and was looted more times then a homeless guy.

        So please do tell what else I have done or have not done that most people dont already know. You can say all day long the same shit you always do which is silly little insults and rhymes that are ment to impress others but really only further enforce why you couldint make it in the tmb world. Thus why you went to staff... and well I wont even touch that one its to easy.

        You do have tits and for a very good reason. You thrive on the attention and need it much like a women who wears a low cut shirt to impress the guys to buy her a drink. You felt it was fitting to choose a name that matches what you truly look like. I applaued you for that. God knows I cant say im proud I way a little more then I should but if you are proud that you enjoy sitting on your butt for 14 hours a day eating twinkies and staffing TMB go ahead rock those man tits out. I Encourage all who have low self esteem to learn how to boost it through Man tits life in TMB he has shown many young boys the light and im not just reffering to the flashlight he has them follow into his asshole but more of the light at the end of the tunnel.

        Now I could go on in this post and continue writting stuff. but lets be real here. You aready knew what you wanted to say before you finished reading this sentence. SO go ahead. Take out that TMB pen you got for free from the TMB store. Write down some notes and flaws in my words. But at the end of the day I can log off and still be succesful.. Unlike you who has to log off and well continue to be unfrotunatly you.

        Your not gonna beable to just walk over me that easy to the finals my little friend

        ohh and to answer your question Besttriggerman is another name used for snipers in the military and I do believe I have you in my sights sir!


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          That was an impressive post by Besttriggerman


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            Did you just flame yourself? Either way. That was pretty good


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              Okay so you admit you are a cock hopper and that you sat on anyone's dick.... and the fence.... that could rank you and your family, for as long as you could, your life is sad so you play this game as an escape. Amazing that you can see all these issues but still perpetuate the same pattern to this day.

              The rest of what you said is like...."Blah-Blah-Blah"

              So I don't need much to point out how pathetic the "Blah" is that you wrote.

              However, I must note you try to deflect one major issue which to me is just a fucking joke - that as a player, you are a fence sitter. You try nicely to downplay this..... but that is my bottom line. I am easy pickings in Flame Wars because you/anyone.... can always revert to the fact that I am now game staff, but the point is that I am posting here as the PLAYER I used to be.

              And that PLAYER saw what you did when the chips were down and you were called on by your friends to help - you ran for the fence.

              Time you learned how to take a stance, eh soldier? Thats all I got to say about that.
              Last edited by Hater_Bob; 07-27-2012, 01:29 PM.


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                That's all the "great" man tits has to say?

                Trigg 1
                Titties 0


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                  Oh trust me... I am not worried much about being great, lol, after reading his first post....all I know is how to spot bullshit when I see it. Trigger knows whats potting with that post I made.


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                    [QUOTE=Lets be honest you have the intelligence of a small pile of fly shit.[/QUOTE]

                    OMFG you could have alteast given him the courtesy of being a large pile.

                    Please dont ban me rofl


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                      Dear Tits im glad you are saying the same shit I just said you would. Can you be a little more orginal? I mean please thats it. You being a past flame finalist I would expect some better quality work. Guess I should be more like every women you have ever been with and just be Sad and disappointed in your yet again "short comings". But I had higher expactations for you.

                      I came into this competition to face off against the greatest and yet I get this type of a flame from you? Come one Dantegotti and his 52 hitters put up a better fight then you right now.

                      And whats this nonsense about being a fence sitter? I have always been there for the people that have asked me and have always made an attempt at trying to get things done for them. SO I have never been undecided on certain factors. Have I been unsure on what side to choose in certain eras of TMB. Yep thats what happens wen you have alot of friends on each side of the fence. You dont want to play favorites. This is something you would know nothing about since you were always viewed as the TMB "Specially challanged player" So everyone went easy on you and let you run around the game naked hitting like a noob. Thus why evryone praised you as the best... You realize it wasint really because you were the best right? WE were just sparing your feelings. But since you seem to feel we all revert back to you being staff I felt it was neccessary to flame your GAME NAME. Ohh and a side note. People go straight to the fact you switched to staff because well its the most noticeable change. I mean if your as great as you claim to be why did you hop further onto Larbis dick? couldint handle it on your own??? DOnt give me this crap about bettering the game because we know thats not true.

                      please put a litle more creativity in the next post as I am deeply getting bored of what you have to say.

                      Ohh and by the way my soldier stands just fine at attention... Feel like you should no that better then anyone since you blew me the other day. God you remember nothing.. I cherish my 3 inches I have hahah


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                        I do believe I win by default lol


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                          Congrats BTM, you curb-stomped him. Good luck in the tourny


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                            Tits out in first round :-o


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                              Originally posted by Besttriggerman View Post
                              I do believe I win by default lol
                              I'll throw him a message and if he doesn't reply some time in the near future, you will win by default (although I'd really like to see this play out personally, as I've enjoyed your posts.)