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Entertainment Section Introduction and Rules

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  • Entertainment Section Introduction and Rules

    Welcome to the new Entertainment section for the forums!

    We have broken down this section into two sub categories

    1.) Fun and Games: This category is intended for player submitted games and other time wasting activities, such as the count to 10,000 thread, Chess Tournaments, Rap battles, etc., anyone is allowed to start their own thread here, however, the games played are purely for fun.

    2.) Contests: This category is for staff sanctioned games and contests. By participating in these activities, players will earn “Forum Reward Points” which can be redeemed for various forum and game based prizes. The type of games found in this section are not limited to any particular type, however, only staff approved threads and prizes can be posted here, so if you wish to get your game sanctioned, please contact one of the following staff members in game:
    Zero, Tiki or Pandemonium.


    The entertainment section has a few rules that do not necessarily apply to the other sections within the forums in addition to the normal rules. These rules will be strictly monitored and enforced; players will receive two general warnings before any punishment is handed out, however, each infraction after the first two will be met with increasing removal of posting privileges.

    1. Spamming & Double Posting: Do not spam the entertainment section with posts or threads; also, if you must make another comment after posting, please simply go back and edit your last post instead of creating a brand new one.

    2. Inappropriate Language: The use of inappropriate language is forbidden, this includes vulgar terms, racist comments and overly sexual references. Exceptions to this rule may happen in instances such as “Flame War” and similar threads; however, this will be noted within that particular thread.

    3. Trolling: The repeated action of taunting and generally bullying another player will not be tolerated. This is intended to be a fun section where players can come to enjoy themselves without fear of being put down by other members of the community.

    4. “Train” Quoting: The use of quotes is generally encouraged when responding to another members post; however, excessive “train” quoting should be avoided. There is no need to quote the quote of a quote, simply quote the section you are referencing and leave out the rest.

    5. Pictures and Videos: The use of pictures and videos in your post is only allowed if they complement the topic at hand. Randomly posted youtube videos, inappropriate images and unrelated pictures will be removed.

    Feel free to post any questions or comments you may have about this section here!


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