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TMB Carnival Cruise: Would you survive?

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  • TMB Carnival Cruise: Would you survive?

    Your cruise has been uninterrupted by Pirates..and/or shit blows up. you have 3 days to get back to port.

    Nothing works. Little water...need blood..oh yeah..and zombies...

    1. Who do we eat first?
    2. Who do we make 'walk the plank'
    3. Who is the leader and why?
    4. Who is gonna stab that dude in the back?
    5. Fav Wench?

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    Well, Obviously Storm takes charge, and we eat dantegotti. We make Captain_West walk the plank because obviously, he tipped the pirates off we were here. Rain decides he's had enough of the whole no food thing, so he stabs Storm in the back and Tiki becomes everyon'es favorite. (No need to say wench... that's just rude.)