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Flame War: K-9 vs Besttriggerman (Semi Finals)

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  • Flame War: K-9 vs Besttriggerman (Semi Finals)

    1.) The name that appears first in the title is considered Challenger 1 and the second name is Challenger 2

    2.) There will exactly 5 posts exchanged between the challengers in this round; these posts can be as long or as short as deemed fit by the particular challenger and can contain any content felt necessary to properly flame your opponent.

    3.) Challenger 1 will make the initial post and from there, challenger 2 must respond before challenger 1 is allowed to post again, continuing in that fashion until both have made exactly 5 posts. Challengers will have 24 hours to respond to their opponents post, else they will be automatically disqualified.

    4.) Other players are welcome to post in this thread, however, no tips or "should haves" are allowed to be posted until the battle is over. Furthermore, outside posters are not allowed to troll or flame the challengers (until the round is over) aside from small comments such as "Damn, you got schooled", "Wow, he owned you there", etc etc (this will be enforced and posts will be edited/removed as seen fit.)

    5.) The winner will be determined by a general vote of who delivered the best insults, however, Host will have the final say in each battle, so bringing in your friends to "vote" for you will not help in the least bit, no sense trying to rig this thing, just compete fairly and have fun with it.
    Perhaps you will actually get to fight your opponent this time K-9!

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    Its about time. Yo besttriggerman you say thats who you are but you cant hit the something thats right in front of you. This is the first round I will actually flame and you gonna go up in smoke. Dont get to comfortable you won't last long. You may now attempt to flame me. Good luck


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      My dear friend, it is sad that I must face you in this competition but I will treat you as though you are any other. Please dont go crying when I make your ass bleed.

      So lets begin shall we. I mean god knows your first post was far from a flame post. Its clear to see you havent faced anyone in this competition based off that little paragraph you have written. I know this because you would know that your first post sets the tone for the rest of the battle. This has been seen over and over again through every battle that has happened. Having said that I can already predict whats going to happen in this flame war. You are going to take some small short jabs at me much like your idea of sex, small short fast thrusts that forces you to blow your load far to soon. Its ok bro premature ejaculation is a common thing. I mean it is a little odd that your mother knew you were a premature shooter but hey who am I to judge who you fuck on your free time.

      Im hoping that in your next post we can get you to write 2 paragraphs because im really looking forward to see what you have to say. Wait let me write your next post for you ok ready here we go......

      "Besttriggerman ummm your gay and umm dumb! Powww I just flamed you."

      Yep I imagine that is very similar to what you will write. In which case I want you to know im very proud of you! You finally have gotten to the point in your life where you can actually develop full thoughts and put them on paper. Shame you cant do this in game. I mean really man you have bounced around more times in this game then crabs at a gas station. All though I must say you have a very similar resembelance to that shit I saw on the floor of the shell gas station yesterday. Hmmm wonder if you two are related? Anyway back to the point at hand your carreer in tmb.. what can we say about your life style and what you have done in this game.



      Yea I got nothing. Just nothing stands out about you in the game. Ohh wait think I got something... yea nope sorry just had to pass gas. Must have been that taco bell I ate last night.

      Man how do you flame someone that is about useless as a toothpick umbrella.... I digress.... Guess ill leave this post short for you to throw in a few punches


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        That's not what your mom told me last night when I fucked her. She said that I have a dick 10 times the size of yours. The biggest she has ever seen. Don't go acting like you own this thread, because you don't. Its not my fault that people did not want to flame me. So you can go suck a dick along with your sister.
        Yes I have been in a few families but I have found a family to stick with. You may have been in one famoly the game, meaning you haven't explored your options. Oh by the way can you tell your sister to stop getting in bed when I'm gucking


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          * fucking your mom. I'm done


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            eat both of your shits and also come to me in the morning o eat mine is this flame war or pussy war?


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              i am back bitches to fuck your assholes


              • #8
                i challenge any pussy to face a flame tag team of mantits&akarip vs any bitches tagging to get the blood shed


                • #9
                  what bushit is this semifinal or street dog fight? both bitches suck my dick


                  • #10
                    Yawn!! So you have fucked everyone in my family tree. Big whoop everyone has! they are like a merry go round everyone gets a ride. You are about as orginal as that guyakarip begging to flame. Funny how all you people that want to flame cant because your so focused on trying not to look like such a fool.

                    BUt thanks K-9 for admitting that your entire time on tmb has consisted of jack shit. Perhaps one day you can do something even you can remember as notable. And im not talking about notable like that one time when you let me come on your face. Because that was indeed notable. But im talking about leading your own family to a medal or even just ranking yourself without any help. But hey guess some people just never learn to get off moms tit do they?

                    This is so sad. I only need a few paragraphs to flame you. Host can we have a 2nd round vs penis_head here because at least that felt like a semifinals match. This one feels more like a preliminary round match. k-9! please step up your game because my next post will not be as short or nice as this one. I continue to give you a number of oppurtunities to flame me. Much like how supporters have given you a number of times to suck there dick so you can finally rank I will give you one last chance to do some damage... good luck my friend you need it way more then you think

                    peace cum guzzler


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                      bestriggerman bitch suck my dick asshole i was not on game i saw it just now relse i would have made you you drink my piss and eat my shit


                      • #12
                        hey best trigger how is your rotten dick going to cum all time you just have a punani to be fucked around .suck up my dick


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                          Just so you know I have ranked number 1 in collecting family. So get your facts straight bitch. And fucking your fam is a very big deal.. I am done with this stupid shit.


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                            this is a school children poking fight get yours pants tight both bitches


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                              Shut the fuck up you stupid bitch