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Flame War: Harryverderchki vs K-9 (Round 2)

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  • Flame War: Harryverderchki vs K-9 (Round 2)

    1.) The name that appears first in the title is considered Challenger 1 and the second name is Challenger 2

    2.) There will exactly 5 posts exchanged between the challengers in this round; these posts can be as long or as short as deemed fit by the particular challenger and can contain any content felt necessary to properly flame your opponent.

    3.) Challenger 1 will make the initial post and from there, challenger 2 must respond before challenger 1 is allowed to post again, continuing in that fashion until both have made exactly 5 posts. Challengers will have 24 hours to respond to their opponents post, else they will be automatically disqualified.

    4.) Other players are welcome to post in this thread, however, no tips or "should haves" are allowed to be posted until the battle is over. Furthermore, outside posters are not allowed to troll or flame the challengers (until the round is over) aside from small comments such as "Damn, you got schooled", "Wow, he owned you there", etc etc (this will be enforced and posts will be edited/removed as seen fit.)

    5.) The winner will be determined by a general vote of who delivered the best insults, however, Host will have the final say in each battle, so bringing in your friends to "vote" for you will not help in the least bit, no sense trying to rig this thing, just compete fairly and have fun with it.

    Hope to see a good fight here fellas!

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    Harry, please make your first post, else you will be disqualified.


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      Harry is disqualified, K-9 advances to the next round by default.

      I think K-9 might make it to the finals without actually flaming anyone at this rate!


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        Well come on guys.. we are waiting. Let the flames begin!