What is Zero? What does it mean? Is it a number or maybe a thing? Is it a song? Possibly a movie or brand? Does it have value? Or just a member of the TMB Staff? Well, I'm off to google with hopes to resolve, but turns out once you go down the rabbit hole my question would evolve.


Let's start with the definition. I mean where else would we start? **Insert generic plug about leaving comments below here** Clears throat

So Websters states "Zero" is the following...

1) The arithmetical symbol 0 or denoting the absence of all magnitude or quantity - So the number of blogs people have read on the site the past few months? Great job there guys, quality content.

2) The absence of a measurable quantity -So the number of people who even try for a jackpot when TMK is involved? On a side note stop being bitches and challenge the man please, WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT

3) The point of departure in reckoning - So round 203? Quick history lesson - Back in these days there weremillionsa lot more players, They used to all send money to a revolutionary concept at the time know as a BANK. Yes, those fabled days where players worked together in harmony and for a cool 100 billion, you would get 1 member of your family an invite to another family this time determined by a Spreadsheet. History lesson within a history lesson, looting in those days were different. There were no bots, players were good at their jobs, so good in fact that some of them took nice cushy jobs hiding within the admin panel.

WE SEE YOU!.....So yeah... back then there was just the wasting remains of dead players carcass long before the days where it was cool to use the attack button. Remember Chatzy? Anybody? Is this thing on? Hello??? Damn IU if you didn't kill the game by using a mechanic that was in the game from the start (sorry my inner V showed) Where was I? Oh Round 203, right.

After spreading all their cash around so that random player who signed in once every 16 hours to hire 26 over and over could enjoy that wonderful 10th place family rank. Some asshole decided it only takes 1 minute to build and collect and these rankwhores aren't giving up their 10th place for somebody else to win a jackpot, they earned that 10th place rank! I mean, thinking back on the flaws of that system, it really was just free money for the right person to walk away with right? Wonder why it took 200 rounds for that to happen to begin with? That day something inside many people died, If you were in that bankers chat you remember but one thing.

'Cypriot has left the conversation'!!!

4) An insignificant person or thing - Originally there was supposed to be a picture of a certain boss of a certain family but, see #5

5) A state of total absence or neutrality - KA CHIME IN, I KNOW YOU WANT TOO!


Let's play a game, In the comments below, beside each staff members name put the 1 word that describes them most. Extra credit if you can guess the person for the reason of the lack of content for #4.

Don't worry guys, It's for science! Opens mod panel.


Staff Manager & Customer Service

Storm -
Tiki -

Game Support
Fornax -
Opie -
Allure -
Saisei -


Warrior -
Zero -

So was I any closer to finding the answer? Not really. So if the definition didn't help what else did the Google have to offer? Well there was this link that popped up first so naturally I clicked it, It led me to this other page which downloaded a free antivirus from Microsoft that found 69 pornographic pictures and 7 pieces of malware on my PC (fuck mac users)that was stealing my information and wanted me to call this 800 number.

So I did, some guy with a weird accent named Errol picked up I was having a really tough time understanding a word this man was saying. The need for a translator became evident so I reached out to man "B" as I figured nobody can understand a damn thing he says anyway so involving him just simply made sense. He asked me to download some software that would allow him to see my screen and before long they were so helpful they were moving my mouse for me. So, after roughly 45 minutes of them showing me just how fucked I really was, they offered me a package for $499.99 that included lifetime service for my PC.

I mean I already invested 300 buckson this computer and for lifetime service on it, I was sold! I later found all my files locked and this pop up saying I needed to pay in something called credits(Bitcoin was too hard guys?)within 48 hours or the price would go up. I called the 800 number, and.... well much to my surprise, the number was disconnected. Well, I guess it was time for an upgrade anyway.

Back to Google, Some song from Imagine Dragons? Some Indian movie that came out in 2018? Motorcycles, Wait, Motorcycles?.


In only 1
0 years, Zero has grown from a startup in a Santa Cruz garage into an internationally respected brand that is revolutionizing the motorcycle industry.

Yes, this is it...
"Shred Silently"

Zero-powertrain delivers more torque than the most powerful 1000cc sport bike in production today. Seamless. Silent. Asphalt-shredding torque.

YES! THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR...*continues to scroll down*

"Fluidity. Without Fluids."

Our philosophy, add nothing to the machine unless it enhances the experience. The Z-ForceĀ® motor features a single moving part, no messy fluids, no clutch, and no transmission. Charge. Start every day at 1


Clicks back button,

So not ready to give up on my quest I continue on my search. I ended up on this Youtube video of some foreign animation of school girls pointing at each other screaming "AYAYA" at first I was completely lost, What is AYAYA and why are they shutting it over and over? Was this some sick joke played on people? Before long it was stuck in my head, I couldn't get it out? I STARTED TO SAY IT OUT LOUD, AYAYA! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING WHY IS THE WORLD SO CRUEL, AYAYA! WHY IS, oh next video.

After what some would consider 10 hours of "content" I was really starting to get hungry. So I grabbed myself some eggs (Google says they have almost zero calories, and are among the most nutritious food on the planet, thank you Google) and a Coke Zero I started to wonder where this all started, What is zero?

After understanding what the word actually meant and how to apply it to the world we live in, having to buy a new computer and having a catchy new ringtone, where else was there for me to look? Reddit!

Top search result for "Zero"

"Zero,Fuck Friday"

"As soon as you read this, you're naked. How much trouble are you in?"

"Zeroproves that Treyarch wants to take CoD in a completely new direction"

Remember When Call of Duty was good? Oh, I'm not allowed to talk about other games, zero tolerance I forgot. Well, I spent countless hours going over so many things I think I ended up just making a list in no particular order.


⦁ A Number
⦁ Nothing
⦁ A Temperature
⦁ The number of rings Demarcus Cousins has (Too soon?)
⦁ Awesome TMB Staff Member
⦁ Threat a certain family who'S name has been redacted provideS
⦁ Rings the Lakers will win going forward per Lavar Ball
⦁ Channers
⦁ 9
0% of TMB
⦁ Whats left in my bank account. See my gofundme.
⦁ Falcons Super Bowl Wins (28-3)
⦁ Mexico National Team World Cups
⦁ The character used in various Games/Animes
⦁ Wins without TMK's approval
⦁ Invites to new players
⦁ Fucks
⦁ Calories/Sugar
⦁ Complete sentences without a spelling or grammatical error by Beva
⦁ Credits I get from this blog post
⦁ Reason to keep writing

To be Continued? Zero (get it??) chance for that but it sounded cool to say. Did I miss anything?..... let me know in the comments below... and click the like button to subscribe (wrong platform)