In Tokyo, all was well at the Galerie Shiki Shima. I was hovering over a coffee table counting my money stacks after a day of collecting. My whores had done well this week, and the supplemental raids on the local businesses meant I was well on my way to squaring up an old debt. The room of this hideout was dimly lit and a plume of cigar smoke hovered over my head.


Warm thoughts of who the next target would be in this defenseless city. Suddenly, my burner phone buzzed and a text from Meh lit up on the screen with the words:

'“Get back to Chicago now. The club has been hit. It’s West Coast.”'

I sighed a deep breath. I grabbed my coat, tucked a Glock in my waist belt at my back and headed out the door.

ROUND 1001 – West_Coasta_Nostra vs Chicago’s Southside

What started as a small beef between two people - Domiola and Meh, quickly escalated into an all-out war when a surprise attack came out from West Coast in the middle of round 1001. Out of nowhere a hail of West Coast bullets fired by Dub paved the streets of South Side Chicago creating heavy casualties. Nobody was safe not even operatives and it resulted in almost the entirety of SS being double zeroed for the rest of the round.

It was discovered during my research into this story that there was a mole inside of SS - HAMMOND aka Domiola had infiltrated SS’ private headquarters for the first three days on a fact finding mission.

While SS did their best to rally from the attack they were just not prepared for the sudden onslaught and with a little help from their brothers and sisters at Inner Circle, West_Coasta_Nostra AKA West_Coast came out on top for round 1001 placing 4th in family ranks with South Side a distant 6th.

ROUND 1003

Round 1003 told a different story. Both sides were built for war but West Coast’s tactics were a little bit more Guerilla war fare this round.

Some members went under cover temporarily while they built up. While 818, Thor-3 and a few others faced the Southside’'s retaliation.

Both families held the spot light but only for a few hours as they took turns slogging it out and zeroing every member in the rival’s family.

We saw a few online builds 1v1, 2v1, 2v2 and suicides. Some builds climbed over 1million DUs only to be wiped and rebuilt again on both sides. Butcher, Davey and Max plowed through the West_Coast ranks early in the round while Enigma, Meh, Shrimp, Sebastian, Roku & The-Wolf lead the mid-game attacks. West Coast just kept rebuilding and dishing out the same. Most notably 818, KarloVG, Thor-3, Joarr and Domiola.

It’s hard to say who was the real winner of this round. West Coast did not make the family ranks in round 1003 as they were solely focused on war and SS only finished 8th but there were several credit depletion on both sides.

The two-round war between SS & WC has ended abruptly. In the end, some probably questioned why they were fighting each other so fiercely and were keen on the truce brought about by Max and Beta.

As a wise Godfather once said, “These things gotta happen every five years or so, ten years. Helps to get rid of the bad blood”.

While there may still be tension between the two families, some members have gained a new respect for each other; be it the brothers and sisters they fought along side with…. or even those they sought to drive into the dirt.

Time will tell how long this truce will last.

- The Mafia Boss


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