Greetings Mafiosos. The new rules are upon us and most seem to have mixed feelings toward the whole thing. How will it affect TMB life as we all know it? Are the rounds going to really be impacted by it all? How will turbos change? So many questions, so little answers!


Turbo round 1038 started off just like most, rules pegged as a non-ratio also known as a '‘family’s-matter-very-much'’ turbo. With the ability removed of a sole supporter dumping in credits and carrying the team, turbos like these have a way of weeding out the weak families from the strong.

Generally as a rule of thumb, one would always come up with a new name for turbo. But, in this turbo we look around and we see a crap-load of
'DIRTY’s prefixes everywhere!

This seems to be Omerta proudly and loudly shouting: ‘Hey we're right here’. We see SaintBread, not even bothering to hide his medals. As it turned out, the “Dirty” names everyone had were in fact to celebrate the birthday of Omerta’s second in command, DirtyNick. Happy Birthday Dirty!

In these kinds of turbos we don’t see very many big builds early. That norm would hold true in this one as well……. so let us fast forward to the part we all know and love, the final hour!

The final hour ticks over, and we see all the prospective end of round handlers maxed. All the single fams start to consolidate, as the final families are formed, as everyone starts to push out last minute collections and banks are sent up.

SWAT and DirtySaint continue trading spots back and forth for first until finally the jackpot jumps incrementally and DirtySaint starts to collect but immediately sends all of his cash to DirtylittleSecret. This leaves all of us wondering who would reach out and take the win? Finally the jackpot jumps again.

We see
'Fewal', better known as The_Wolf, start to collect, going all out in the final seconds, taking the Family 1st place gold for his team and ending with a personal net of $133 Trillion, Wolf finally takes home his very first Level 4 gold!!!!
[Being that winning your first level 4 gold is always a most memorable one, we reached out to Wolf for a comment, and he was nice enough to oblige]
Blogger:Hey Wolf, Congrats on your win, I’ve seen the profile msgs from your family members congratulating you and noting your cherry being popped so if you’d be so kind as to share with us all, How did it feel to finally win your first gold?

Wolf: First JP took over a decade! It was a capped round, meaning it took teamwork to grab that win. could not have done it without the support of my TMB friends and family. Thank you all!!


1st went to TrapHouse and their In_Your_Face family led by SWAT.
2nd Place silver: went to
A-DirtyBirthday-Party led by DirtySaint
3rd Place was won by the
AAA Family. I wonder who these guys were?
4th went to
13-DirtyBday in 4th led by DirtyNonce.


Free Gold: This went to money
Supporter Gold: Was won by Dirty_Talk

The Killer ranks were also well attended by Omertà with 2 spots in support and 2 in free. Dirty_Talk - aka Click_Clack, took the gold supporter killer, with a narrow margin win above Lord_Becket, in second.

Congrats again Wolf! Job well done and congrats to all the winners! Great job to all of you that were successful working together as a family and helping your whole team prosper.

Stay tuned until next time! ....The main round is almost done and we'll be back to fill you in on all the events of the previous 10 days!

Thank you!!

- The Mafia Boss