Greetings Mafiosos and happy day to everyone. So turbo Round 1024 was a real cracker of a round, and had everyone sitting on the edge of their seats. The final Jackpot value was close to $2k, with frantic strategies and wheeling and dealings seemingly happening behind the scenes.

The Calm Before the Storm....

As the day 5 mark finally hit the game clock, Turbo 1024 had begun. The rules have been posted for a little bit now, so most families had seen it was going to be a credit ratio of 10 to 1. So it seemed everyone was preparing for possible carnage.

As with most Turbo’s you never know if they’re going to be one of the most boring or absolutely most insane 2 day periods in the game. I mean…. seriously folks, have you ever come out of turbo and said “Oh man, that was finally a happy median round.” ?.......Exactly, and the high ratio rounds seem to always become an arena of chaos.

Only those gathering a team that is good with coordination, communication and skilled collectors, and that can speed through high quantities of turns, stand a better chance than most to succeed in Turbo Rounds.

It is super essential to plan and put full trust in your team.

This 10:1 turbo would prove to make everyone stand in awe…. since when it ended…. conversations of the astronomical total jackpot seemed to have broken a record or two.

The first day of 1024 played out like a typical first day of turbo. You tried to catch glimpses of medals before they were hidden. Trying to spot the enemy.

Early builds included Gladiator, who seemed like a possible contender for the jackpot, being the first to build with 19 million operatives. And then we had another early builder, Agenim, shooting to 20 millions operatives and a massive collect of 340 trillion. Have we found our jackpot winner?

Finally we reached the last hour – round end
. This is where everything is made or broken. The builds are starting to show, little by little, and piece by piece.

The last hour also means the hiding and subterfuge is over.

We watch a lot of families, as they start to become filled and the ranks become more crowded. Agenim is still sitting at the top. With 20 minutes left another jackpot jump and Bliss is building, is it a challenge to Agenim? 10 minutes left and Bliss’s whole family seems to be building, Jackpot jumps to almost $2,000.

Wait! Bernie and his whole family have built as well. Two whole families showing credit cap, this is unheard of!

Bliss holds the lead with Bernie right on his tail for the final 5 minutes, and at 30 seconds left bernie's family finish their transfers and Bernie takes the win!

What an amazing turn of events! This was one of the most exciting turbos in a while, like I said before, with turbo – it’s very difficult to predict how much excitement it will generate.

Here is a short synopsis of the prize winners, and who they are in the MAIN ROUND

Inner Circle Took family Gold with Darkstar calling the shots as family Boss

West_Coast took Silver with Roku leading the way[Possibly working in conjunction with Nameless?]

Avengers took family Bronzewith Hollywood_Hubert at the wheel

Level 4 Gold:Benny_Blonco [FoundHell family]

Silver: The_Queen [Trap_House Family]

Bronze: Babbo [Inner_Circle]


Level 3 Winner
GriffoBoi [Nameless family]

Level 2 Winner: Devil [Nameless]

Level 1 Winner: Whisper [Loco]

Supporter Killers: Clutch [Incognito]

Free Killers: Mitsui [Avengers]

Congrats to all and a job well done for making everyone watch in anticipation and glued to their screens. Stay tuned!

-The Mafia Boss