Greetings Mafiosos, we kick off December season with an awesome chat around the fireside with Trap_House family members and leaders, TpK and Hype. So join us for a peek inside the minds of these 2 partners in crime as they share with us their stories, views and current game situations. So - moving forward......

Hello folks today is a big one! The almighty TPK! How are you doing?

TPK: Doing Great! Finally coming out of my Turkey hangover.

TMB STAFF:HA! Had a nice thanksgiving?

TPK: It was good day! In the words of Ice Cube, "I didn't even have to use my A.K."

TMB STAFF:Excellent, glad to hear!

TPK: But for real, it's always good to see the family and watch my Saints win and the Cowboys lose

TMB STAFF:Family time is always good! I want to make sure I cover everything with yourself, I'd like to start at the beginning if that's ok? Tell me about how and when you found TMB and those first few rounds.

TPK: Oh Damn! You know a real life close friend hit me up one day and told me I had to check this site out. I honestly think it was still in Beta back then. I believe it was like round 20 or so. I remember the game resetting a few times. He and I got in with a family called Borgata. I can't even remember who ran it. Obviously it wasn't anything special.

TMB STAFF: Oooh guess who has decided to drop in…. Ladies and gentlemen – HYPE!

TPK: This just went downhill fast! Hype! Serve up a cocktail

TMB STAFF: I think he is busy getting the drinks in!

Hype: Wish I could drink at work. What’s up guys?

TMB STAFF: Hey Hype, glad you could make it!

TPK: Work and TMB... that's a good combination

TMB STAFF: Perfect match. So, TPK, you joined back around round 20, how about yourself Hype? Where did your tmb journey begin?

Hype: I started round 49. This is my second account. I was 13 years old and going into 8th grade. I was actually on my way to the airport when I found this game. I got bored in Florida... so, like a typical teenager, opted for technology and learning a new game I found... opposed to sulking in the Florida sunshine.

TMB STAFF: Ha - tmb and florida, again a good match..

TPK: Millennials! (headbang)
Hype: First family I joined was Infamous based out of Detroit.
I joined that family because I am a Michigan boy. Infamous home turf = Detroit... duh! PeteNasty and The Executioner were the boss/ consig if I remember correctly.

TMB STAFF: Blasts from the past there, think they are still knocking about..So, what hooked you both to the game?

Back then, you looted regular players... no robots. I got back into looting recently, but I have always been one at heart. Looting aspect got me involved the most.
TPK: For me, I think it was the fascination with meeting people from all over the world and realizing that even though we may be different in certain aspects, we all want to be a little gangster in some fashion. LOL! I never was a big looter. I was always a contract killer back in the day
Hype: Wanna be gangsta... I knew all that shit people have been talking about you was true

TMB STAFF: You are known as a very strong looter in the game Hype. Ha, fighting talk from Hype!So, you both started quite early on in the game, what family did you both settle down with and start to gain mentors? Everyone has one or two players who took them under their wing and really taught them the game - who were yours?

Hype: FullMetal, who didn’t really play tmb- and honestly, PeteNasty. Both taught me a ton about these games.
Pete and I have always caught up and talked and still try to talk at least once a month even when not playing...
We’'ve had ups and downs, but I can’t doubt the fact he showed me a lot.

TPK: I started alongside of my right hands Derek (HPL, rest in piece brother) and SatansLittleHelper formed Pimps and then that morphed into VegasLegends. I honestly didn't have any one person that moulded me. I was getting my ass handed to me by Dynasty and a few others. Then Gate reached out, after I dropped like $100 for a pack thinking it was going to do something. But If I had to choose, I'd say Pops, Gate, Pete, and Tony helped me through the growing pains.

TMB STAFF: Nice, some big names from both of you there. What families and players were running the game back then?

Hype: Wolfpack was running the game when i started. Ran by Cypriot. He eventually formed PissheadS.It was cool... I was in Cypriots fam when realtbone aka RealT blew up!
He didn’t take any shit and stood up to cyp in his 2nd or 3rd round in.
TPK: Del and Tony had some good battles!
Hype: Brad, you’re here but not texting back
Wtf! ;(
TPK: Work, Interview and now I have to text you too?

TMB STAFF: Lovers quarrel..

Hype: Making sure the money went through. You know, to buy my next pack!
TPK: I could share but I might get busted for insider trading!

TMB STAFF: So, when did you guys stumble across one another?

TPK: It wasn't even TMB, We were dropping $500 packs killing one another for about two or three rounds.

TMB STAFF: Ha, I can feel the love!

Hype: It’s funny. Like 80% of our family didn’t even meet on tmb..

TMB STAFF: What brought you all together on tmb then? Why did you decide to conquer this mountain?

Hype: Brad and I became cool and respected each other after our battles on MS. We eventually ran a family together on another game similar to the one we were fighting on.

TMB STAFF: Mutual respect. I get it

TPK: I had stopped playing all together, been over a year or so since I had played and Mike and Jon, aka Chucky hit me up and asked me to join… and I quote "dude, just sign in. You don't have to spend; we are just getting some guys together to have some fun!"
Hype: LMAO
TPK: Next thing I know... here we are!
Hype: Here we are today....Built a motherfucking power house.
TPK: It has been eventful! We kicked the doors down, got slapped around a little too. But we bounce back up harder than we fall


Ok, so, without going into details, Traphouse has gone from strength to strength lately, what’s been the secret in your secret sauce?

TPK: Ying and Yang. We realized we needed a solid core of looters to compete in this game now.
We don't run TH like other families. We have a Council. We bounce ideas and then we implement. It isn't a dictatorship.
Hype: It helps having the best looter in the game (miru)

TMB STAFF: Very diplomatic

TPK: Miru is killing it! Dude is a beast!Remember that statement about dictatorship and diplomacy... Not saying names, but Hype isn't very diplomatic. We may not agree all the time, but we got each other’s backs!
Hype: Fucking with my family is worse than fucking with me... you get it x2 as bad when you involve my family.
I’m comin!

TMB STAFF: So, what’s happening in the game right now? Appears some shit is popping off?

Hype: West_Coast / Inner_Circle getting their ass handed to them.
TPK: It seems like Trap has been a target for every free player/family in the game since we started! Then we got some unwarranted hits form IC.
Hype: We are getting hit hard too, but we are keeping them down far more than they are us. I will give them credit, they’re putting up a little more of a fight than Valhalla union did.
TPK: Before I could talk Hype down, he hit IC banks and was working through their ranks.

TMB STAFF:I had heard a war had kicked off, I have heard four/five families involved? One of the bigger wars for a while..?

TPK: Well, after Hype was hit, I had to green light a hit on West_Coast... You know they ride deep with IC. So I wasn't going to get caught off guard. And TH isn’tgoing anywhere. So pack a fucking lunch to those reading
It has been fun! IC/WC is a viable opponent.

TMB STAFF:Great to see the game alive and kicking!So, when you guys are not on tmb, how do you pass your time?

Hype: Work and family. That’s all.
TPK: Is there a spy in this chat? Like there is in ICs family chat? How else did we find all the hiding players? Intuition or a mole?

TMB STAFF: There’s been a cell of moles this round? I noticed some big names weren't around..

Hype: It’s ok... we have been given them lol. No worries on it.

TMB STAFF: Sounds like an interesting war...Moles, murder and mayhem!

TPK: It’s gorilla war tactics. We knew they would disperse and change names. Kind of like they did before when I was involved with another battle against IC
Hype: I like it.

TMB STAFF: Makes it interesting for sure

TPK: It has been fun!

TMB STAFF: So, looking at the present game, excluding your own players who you will obviously love.. What players impress you both currently?

Hype: Don Corleone. He spends every round not giving a shit about the outcome. He’s learning and he doesn’t care that it cost him real $.
I’ve helped him learn a few things and he continues to learn. I would watch out for this guy once he gets it down.
TPK: I'd have to say Elmo. He's a thorn you just can't get rid of. Wipe him 5/6 times a round and he seems to always come back for more. DC is another one. He kind of reminds me of some old school cats.

TMB STAFF: And what families have impressed you?

TPK: NameLess really has shown me something. They are a family of free players but seem to always just be there! Always got something going and a NFG attitude!
Hype: Avengers making a strong come back.
TPK: I mean of course the IU/IC/WC/UCs are always there, but I look at the little guys that still put up a fight
Hype: Nameless- I have gained a lot of respect for them the last few rounds.

They are very persistent, it's great to see

Hype: West coast is ok... I would like to see a few of the older guys back in there too though to take them more serious. I’m not noticing a lot of the names from the old days besides a few.
TPK: I would like to have a round where we could just be Switzerland at least for 10 days! LOL..That will never happen though... we have too many enemies

TMB STAFF: I don't think there has ever been a war free round...Awesome, who doesn't impress you, what players and families don't you think are up to much?

TPK: Simple... Any family that allows Klown and Wolfstein in them! Those two are just snakes!

TMB STAFF: ooo, Big words there

Hype: Anybody who HIDES because they are COWARDS suck. @ic @wolfenstein @klown
TPK: Honestly, I don't pay attention too much to others. I try to keep tract of the 20 guys/girls/hims/hers/thems or whatever you want to call it these days.

TMB STAFF: I've heard that Klown and Valhalla have joined the IC/WC/LOCO/TH war recently?

Hype: Yeah, I heard IC/WC begged them to...

TMB STAFF: Not sure of the details

Hype: It’s ok though we’ve been throttling a few of their players for a couple rounds since we’ve been back.

TMB STAFF: I have a feeling there is no love lost

Hype: Nope
TPK: Bloodhounds have been hit by TH since I think the first round I started. I wouldn't really call them assistance in the BattleShots fired! Shots Fired!

TMB STAFF: DUCK for cover!

Hype: Yep. If you ain’t first you last.
1. TH
2. IC

TMB STAFF: More shots fired!

TPK: Ricky Bobby! I would like to say thank you to all of the TrapHouse! That goes to the TrapHouse family that's not in the current 20 also! Loco, Drifters, and a few others! You all know who you are.

TMB STAFF: That's a wrap then folks, thank you both very much!


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