Dear Teembeers here we go with the review of 764. We saw yet another new rule. 100% banking in personal family safe. This change made it unnecessary to have players spend time with banking duties. It was able to show how much a looter can do, as you could easily see who was bringing what cash in each of the families by looking at their bank.

I would point out a future addition/change to the game will be hits allowed on family banks. I believe it will be interesting to see how it will work and how it will change game play.

Pretty much expected JP win for RageMonster, who was built up and was looking like a JP contender from early on in the round. His win was not challenged.

In game, it seems there is some kind of hitting between Brotherhood and IU but frankly it looks way more interesting in GRD than game. Family ranks shown a strong run between few families but strangely ICS and PINOY who usually are the most complete looters teams was staying behind the top runners.

Killer ranks was pretty much boring till half the round where ECK was going strong for supporter killer gold medal from beginning and it was looking like Eck was the safe winner for gold medalist. In free killer ranks Zappa was on top for most of the round.

Ranks were as follows:

-Level 4-
1. RageMonster $38,921,037,583,228
2. Brofessor_X $10,004,366,035,645
3. kauf $6,045,386,148,743

RageMonster was granted an easy jp to him self. There was no competition even for second place. All in all most exciting EOR in level 4.

from Pretty-Butterfly
The round was pretty boring. Let's face it, the highlights were the forum trolls, idle threats from ShayneG, and listening to eck bitch about getting stuck with a bot killing medal. Our family found great amusement in eck, one of the most outspoken opponents of bot killing medals winning his most epic killer medal yet, Gold Bot Killer Supreme. The round would have been more fun if BH actually had the courage to fight a war. Sure, they zeroed us in the first sortie, but Bono had zeroed the lot of them before I even woke up. After laughing at that, I decided to build a bit. Then BH started with the idle threats. You had ShayneG post on the forum that he'd kill my ops latter that night. Well, night fell, the sun rose, and this repeated 5 more times, but he never could build the courage to play, However, to be fair, he was not the only one to make idle threats. Grobar claimed that he was going to zero me, too. The rest of the round was a snooze fest. EOR came, ShayneG made another idle threat, I collected and won. One last thing, I know BH are all under the impression that I used more turns than I won, but they would be wrong. The account is healthier than last round without spending a dollar. On another note I would like to congratulate a fellow player of mine, Eck, in his accomplishments towards getting killer gold! Congratulations on your very first bot killing gold medal! On another note... that damn k!!!!!!
Thank you RageMonster for your reply, this is how quotes should be!

-Level 3-
1. HTC $9,378,420,944,929
2. RocknRolla $5,004,404,178,677
3. tommypichero $3,001,830,323,300

Level 3 seen the gold given for 9 trillion won by HTC. Quite expensive considering the usual values. Second and third place were at 5 and 3 trillion respectively with RocknRolla and tommypichero even adding up their net worth values wouldn't have enough for the gold medal place.

from RocknRolla
Kazu da je alkohol zdraviji od trave
kazu ako nemas stav odma' ti ga
Based on Google translate RocknRolla said this:

They say that alcohol is healthier than grass
they say if you do not have attitude immediately called him

Ok, thank you RocknRolla

-Level 2-
1. thawra $2,014,110,414,982
2. Johny_Fats $1,612,931,638,568
3. D $1,472,695,837,402

Gold medal for 2 trillion approximately. Silver and bronze 1,6 and 1,4 trillion. 4th, 5th and 6th place paid around 1 trillion each. Level 2 is usually cheapest to rank, this round we had people paying trillions for middle tier ranks. Strange.

-Level 1-
1. Sgt_At_Arms $842,841,745,913
2. Knoxie $615,865,492,271
3. NewGen $538,845,816,096

In level 1 gold was under the trillion. In fact 842 millions were enough. Silver 615 million I believe first individual medal for Knox ever. Level 1 was quite easy to get good rank for moderate values.

from Sgt_At_Arms
Thank you I wasn't expecting a medal. I think my EOR outcome was pretty good for being my first round ever and only played the last 5 days. Luckily I found a good family just before the deadline to join that was willing to help teach me some

from MickyKnox
Ill, get back to you on the subject of my disgraceful act later today.

I didn't expect much but… I got this bellow lil’ latter

from MickyKnox
In a last minute error of judgment I took the cash I looted, as well as the money MrMyst sent me, and took a run at it in the final minutes. The cost was great as I lost a bet with Mooky, which will have me watching 5 episodes of Frasier, after he out looted me by 4 to one. I was doing well until I received some sad news which stopped me in my tracks. I would like to thank Dom as well as each and every member of the NaMeLeSs family for making me welcome and allowing me to steal what was rightful theirs, we may have ranked in the coveted 14 position had it not been for my selfish act of treachery. I would like to dedicate my only personal medal, in 11 years of not trying, to the late great KittyKali.

I will miss you forever Kitten.

Yes MickyKnox a sad day with news about KittyKali.

from NewGen
Camel riders FTW

In supporter killer ranks ECK was running early and was putting dibs on the gold medal from beginning of the round. Somewhere past half round we saw CHEEMA also a IU member from different family coming up close to ECK in KPs. In second part of round Torm went on killing spree and at some point it even looked like Eck's gold was at risk.

Killing bots in supporter rank was somewhat interesting in this round.

-Best Supporter Killers-
1. Eck 25,044,411
2. Torm 23,424,367
3. CHEEMA 19,048,254

Free Killers were boring this round. Zappa had nice head start from early in round and kept his numbers up above the competition. Between silver place won by mansur and bronze won by inel was only 21,5 million of kills a half interesting situation in otherwise slow round for free killers.

-Best Free Killers-
1. Zappa 1,223,365
2. mansour 735,286
3. inel 723,894

No killer felt urge to reply me or I weren't able to track down ones who changed the game name unfortunately.

In family ranks, a very unexpected ending due to a missing k perhaps? With money in round I expected IU_RU_HQ to take easy family win in addition to JP but they finished third. Pinoy ranked only 4th which was quite strange too considering the 100% banking rule. ICS had a slow start but come up towards end of the round and finished 2nd. Gold place went to Brotherhood. Only other close values in whole family ranks were between InnerCircle and Drama in 5th and 6th place were InnerCircle had 250 millions more in safe and granted 5th.

-collecting family-
1. Brotherhood Hypocrisy $35,086,540,315,611
2. ICS LaCosta $31,933,118,224,250
3. IU_RU_HQ LOPOV $29,891,154,784,851
4. Pinoy_N_Co THEALLM1GHTY $26,565,995,025,373
5. Inner_Circle TruMafioso $16,632,735,389,890

from TimHortons
Greetings! We forgot about time changes, and we were all
having drinks, chatting, trying to think what we should do last hour, and who needs to get maxed for EOR, but then we realized round ended.

what that sand ***** said.

Pretty much expected replies from Brotherhood people...

from daniele
boring round with a lot of us having RL commitments so very limited online. Still, when people pull banks at end u can hardly plan much.
Thank you, u know who u are.

from MightyMax
Well Eli was nice nough to allow me to rank. The supreme commander said we were to rank 7th family this round and take a medal in lvl 2. So it was done.
Nexus is a trooper and held down the fort. Allowing our family to rank in tier 4 as well. We talked to storm and asked if we could borrow a bot for a round as many in our family had RL commitments. Being the nice guy that he is he sent us one of the hardest hitting bots out there. No to be deterred with his 10 free killer ranking tiers, Mr Washington secured his first supporter killer rank and also a lvl 4 tier rank. All hail supreme commander Eli!! To our fearless consig nexus respect my friend

from Thedudeabides
100% Bank..That was a little change of pace. Our family had one goal this round, beat Tease and her merry band of retards over in Special needs. You mad, bro-tards?

from Eck
feck off you f*ckin' wanker

Ok we arrived to our BROWN SEA CUCUMBER award section...

Section a) Didnt reply me
Section b) Hit me in game - very, very, very bad people,
Section Ted Evelin Mosby) Ones who send me recruiting messages, invites, non business related messages

& NO, no free turns for that as usual...

BROWN SEA CUCUMBER award for round 764

Section A)

Section B)

from Stalked
Stalked invaded your headquarter. 4133 of your boys were killed. 1154 of Stalked's died as well. Stalked stole $25,000,000 and stole 0 glocks, 0 shotguns, 0 uzis, 4,133 ak47 from the bodies.

from Spicoli
Spicoli invaded your headquarter. 76 of your boys were killed, 508 of Spicoli's died as well. Blogger collected $0 and stole 0 glocks, 0 shotguns, 0 uzis, 508 ak47 from the bodies.

Bad bad bad people those above hitting me.

Section Ted Evelin Mosby)

from MightyMax
You joining fam or what?

No I'm not joining MightyMax

from Mr_iKonn
Hello Blogger

Now we have iKonn and Mr_iKonn in game? Oh boy........

NOW, we arrived to the real awards section! The one with real turns .

The award is called LOOSE CANNON. But, I personally call it Bartholomew Simpson Foundation Award.

This is awarded to a single person each round that does the most courageous or most random and goofy thing of the round and will bring 15,000 turns to the winner.

This round MickeyKnox aka Knoxie got his 1 individual medal ever in 11 years.

Well done! Please contact Storm for your reward.

You think you have someone to propose for the Bartholomew Simpson Foundation Award aka Loose Cannon award?

Contact me in game!