Turbo Round 779 featured a lot of the same type of rules. Family Size was set at 10 per family, family boss could boot members of the family as well. Deposit was set at 10% this round as well so it was fun to watch to see who would go for family and go for the win. This round was also an uncapped bought with a cap of 90k on won credits using the 1:1 feature. History has proven that uncapped bought with no ratio tends to fend off any challenges unless someone has plenty of won to use. The lack of level 4 subs in turbo seemed to place more of an emphasis on free players production as this was a no range round

Players were mostly allowed to build during the first 24 hours of the round. However, I noticed a couple of the larger builders building only dus going for killer, Godmoney, PatrolCap seemed to be the two going after Best Supporter Killers with Ronda taking over reigns with free killer leading the way seemingly for the whole round.

Towards the end it seemed the family, We_Love_Storm led by Howdy_Homo had enough cash to go for the win and family gold. But in the last 2-3 minutes to EOR it seemed like we_like_tatortots wanted to prove their worth having two people in the family by the name of winner and winning led by dot. Winner took the JP with 46 Trillion while first place family was banking down towards the end and money was placed on winner who eventually took the win for the tator tot family by a 30 trillion margin.

Filling out the family ranks which seemed to be quite low compared to other rounds, Tator tots with 11 Trillion, Trap-House with 5 Trillion and skids finished the order with 4 trillion. Breath of the wild came in fifth using only less than 400 billion to do so.

One thing that stood out the most on EOR was how cheap level 3 tiers were after first place. 2 Trillion for 2nd and 3rd and then 4th and 5th were able to take with pocket change at 14 and 6 billion.

I was unable to get any quotes from the top finishing families but Maxx from SouthSide had this to add.

from maDd_maXx
We got a lvl 3 2nd Lvl 2 1st And 3rd in fams ..
Thank u to all that helped.
Theundead was the only one I could get any answer from and he had this to say.

from theUndead
EOR last turbo I was busy doing things and I looked at the time . I got on quick there was about an hour and a few min left started to hit anyone I see and managed to get a killer rank.. I collected with hand turns and managed to tier myself I wasn't expecting that.. SHOUTOUT TO IC FOR BEING THE BEST FAM IN THE GAME ! #NATO

from RavenKc
I did not play, sorry
That seems to be what everyone has said.

Round results were as follows….

Round Results

-Level 4-

rank mafioso net worth
1.Winner $46,820,219,994,388
2.Micky-thehose-knox 17,144,617,713,200
3.Ivorbiggun $15,004,378,525,943
4.Condo $6,147,971,719,842
5.Epx $6,076,120,365,885

-Level 3-

1.TM23 $8,497,107,885,478
2.Turboman $2,341,005,684,735
3.NeDrk $2,109,230,109,266
4.idontcareanymore $14,947,793,182
5.Sckmynutz $6,738,371,388

-Level 2-

1.WiFi $14,198,812,700,000
2.cracked $8,068,826,078,435
3.VAMP $7,003,183,215,884
4.ASDFG $3,001,502,699,545
5.Buck_Draft $669,196,671,909

-Level 1-

1.Votan $8,319,126,035,393
2.Ladder69 $2,795,147,767,902
3.Howdy_Homo $2,306,075,747,000
4.Duce $691,818,894,996
5.SaiDu $605,573,179,997

-Best Supporter Killers-

1.Godmoney 3,430,877
2.PatrolCap 3,007,960
3.Epx 1,955,505
4.Kankakee1 1,119,657
5.Spandex 793,131

-Best Free Killers-

1.Ronda 893,023
2.NoFear 272,785
3.C.muha.muha 229,499
4.kiss 123,299
5.Polo 68,782

-Best Collecting Family-

1.We_Love_Storm $33,861,869,369,132
2.we_like_tatortots $11,008,074,290,053
3.Trap-House $5,285,708,628,185
4.Skidmark_Firehouse $4,301,468,077,659
5.Breath_of_the_Wild $369,227,408,506

from dusk
No comment.
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Just kidding. I dont play Turbos
I almost got my hopes up there…

Due to the lack of quotes I had to pester our admin for one

from storm
from Storm Yes….Thanks

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A random quote from SS member Poper54 had this to say

I Love You
ummm thanks?

from monkeykilla
Great round!!!! FREE ECK.... FREE ECK.... FREE ECK
Great round!!!! FREE ECK.... FREE ECK.... FREE ECK
Great round!!!! FREE ECK.... FREE ECK.... FREE ECK
Great round!!!! FREE ECK.... FREE ECK.... FREE ECK

And now to the Golden Chuckle…


WINNER was the WINNER of the round which how many times has some won a round with WINNER as his/her name? Thanks for the laugh…

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