Hello fellow Teembeers. The round 746 recap is here!

War is still going on between Super_Mega_Powers on one side and Inner_circle and IOU on other side, but in this round it was not as bloody as in round 744 at least it didn't seem that much bloody. Rules in this main round were a turbo round kind of rules, with 10 to 1 ratio of added turns and no cap on added bought nor won turns.

Such rules as expected, did make the Teembee community reconsider the ways how to play the round. A number of groups did not react well to these rules either. After a while, we saw a number of players build up and were able to hold their du’s. This is especially true for SMP members.

A number of players opted for an early collect which does not usually happen in regular round. I personally found the rules interesting and had enjoyed this kind of round.

Within the start of round we saw ShayneG_TryMe built up high and collected early, banking himself in his personal safe. From there he left UC_avengers and SMP union, and in next 2 days jumped into a number of different families and unions. SMP killed him and took all of his ops, and by holding cash in personal safe he could not save or protect his ops in any way.

But the best thing was EOR. We saw TAMMYGUNZ of Brotherhood taking the JP with a power move. Whole round, the other main unions, were focused on hitting each other and brotherhood as usual chose best way to play in such circumstances, by not getting involved and building up in peace. The payout was excellent with gold union and JP win for the Brotherhood. Are winds of change coming to teembee lands?

These were the rankings

- LEVEL 4 –
1. TAMMYGUNZ $2,178,807,811,660,415
2. Ruby $600,023,646,601,965
3. RageMonster $500,993,675,920,485

Level 4 interesting to watch with different changes in last 60 seconds of the round.

TAMMYGUNZ of brotherhood got an uncontested win, Followed by Ruby of IOU and RageMonster of Super_Mega_Powers.

Will this open another war field between SMP and BH now?

not today tho..gimme a day or so..ty
After a while of tik-tok-tik-tok I got zilch, nada…

- LEVEL 3 –
1. russ $315,053,788,638,588
2. OneManArmy $100,004,347,271,000
3. hades $85,001,635,585,000

Level 3 saw Russ granting the gold with a wide margin, followed by OneManArmy and hades. Quite ordinary outcome in level 3 I would say.

from hades
Well let's see. The round as a whole was fun. We have a great fam and work together. My first individual medal was a honor and thanks to Dom and the rest of the gals and guys thathelped out. Eor is always exciting and fun to see how it will turn out. Thanks again.

- LEVEL 2–
1. 1ShotWonder $29,178,972,675,504
2. MaXx $20,139,416,144,370
3. joedog $20,016,643,844,813

In level 2 1ShotWonder had the gold followed by MaXx & joedog. Silver and bronze place were quite similar value with MaXx holding 22.8 billion more than joedog.

from 1ShotWonder
as expected there were a lots of fireworks in a ratio'ed round
.. started the round on a wrong foot with our newbies built early and looters became loose cannons. after turbo we were all 0'ed and did some zero banking from then on. by eor i had a feeling dom will go for it and rank his fam in w/c they did ( great job!) all in all we managed to sneak in......
lvl3 - 4th
lvl2 - gold
lvl1 - bronze
family - bronze

never wanted another gold but id take it anytime. so ya'll looting freaks if you want a shiny medal just come over here and strut your stuff =)

from joedog
I will be happy too if you tell me who you are and why you would like my input?
After I explained joedog what my job is got a reply finally

from joedog
Have you always gone by Blogger? Well I recently retired and since I had time the extra turns made it fun for me again. I had fun last round, I was able to help my family and union out in collecting and killing. I got a medal but I was not expecting it or asking for it, my family and union gave it to me. I have always said rank my family members before you think of me so I appreciate it when I get some recognition.

Crown Royal for all!!!

- LEVEL 1 –
1. psycho $130,000,102,898,181
2. Mr_Crashed $80,000,020,760,097
3. hazmoore $50,002,437,149,200

Level 1 was paid quite expensive this round. If all three ranks in level 1 were in level 2 they would have all got medal place rank in level 2. It’s interesting how much level 1 is worth in game.

from hazmoore
the rules isnt good for us we have a hard time in the
round but still we can make some tiers

Free killer ranks and killer ranks in a whole are much more interesting when bot accounts are not leaking killer points. Now we see real fight in killer ranks and its interesting how the usual circle of killer ranking players changed once the rules in regarding how to get kp changed too.

Unfortunately all free killers top rank players used names which I were not able to track down for their comment.

- Best Free Killers –
1. Ml 7,028,416
2. WMW 4,488,671
3. grizzle 2,783,120

Supporter killers started quite strong with LoStMeMaRbLeS from WC going up quite early on 12 million kills. Very soon he was jumped by Lucius Vorenus from blacksails going to 17 millions kills. But that was just the beginning, with so much turns in game killing was quite interesting to watch and the two were constantly keeping the gold and silver position.

In the final day we saw RageMonster coming up as well, but at end MonkeyKilla pushed up and jumped back in ranks, granting the silver.

Well done everyone.

-Best Supporter Killers –
1. Lucius_Vorenus 27,947,366
2. MonkeyKilla 20,083,843
3. LoStMeMaRbLeS 19,640,301

from MonkeyKilla
Kill Kill Kill

Yes, MonkeyKilla this summarized it well!

In union field, Inner_circle unionized with themselves this round.

Super_mega_ Powers had a fast start up but were soon surpassed by inner_circle. Brotherhood and IOU were exchanging in third place most of the first few days of round. Op hitting happened all round but it didn't look as bad as past round. Somewhere half round both Brotherhood and IOU went up with collects and jumped quite high in net-worth.

Super_Mega_Powers continued their usual pace focusing on op hits, especially IOU ops. However few IOU members were able to hold some ops and put some dough in their union safe. Super_Mega_Powers this round had a few players build up with ops and dus, especially RageMonter and bono. If someone asked me 1 hour to eor who will take the win I would bet a lot on one of the two mentioned.

Boy, how wrong I was. TAMMYGUNZ shown muscles built up properly and took the JP with ease. Brotherhood played an excellent round. At moments notice they were definitely the best organized group in the game waiting patiently their chance and when the chance came, they took it by force.

In family ranks we saw Pinoy_N_Co doing the usual strong run. At the beginning of the round GanKsTaS_Inc had held the top position for few days but soon Pinoy caught up as the direct competitors.

However it did not finish with any of the two families taking the gold.

NaMeLeSs after a long time returned to top and granted family gold.

It is always interesting watching the veterans just jumping out there and showing the crowd what they can do when they want.

In many aspects this was one of the most interesting rounds to play and watch!

Congratulation to all!

- Collecting Family –
1. NaMeLeSs Domenico $262,257,360,680,916
2. GanKstaS_InC CraZzy_RajJ $192,473,131,757,467
3. PINOY_N_CO THEALLM1GHTY $145,011,995,491,528
4. Cool_Cats B $113,504,488,106,317
5. OverC_EverythingO_Br Picky $80,579,055,377,319

from St_Domenico
I made sure that everyone had their favorite spot in the circle jerk this round...and it worked wonders for morale. Seriously tho, thanks to everyone in the family who stays through the thick and the thin, felt great to grab a gold in the face of people saying we fell off or forgot how to play.

Congrats to hades on his level three as well.

I’ve seen the move in last seconds NaMeLeSs people, great play!

from CraZzy_RajJ
Not a gud round for us
had a lot of cash for that gold family
all was gud,
result till last 2 secs left was gud also
we were celebrating
and when the results were out..
we saw nameless fucked us

Sorry to all my
we really did lost here,
Nameless showed us that they r old in fam ranks
But we'll try to make it again..
We learned a new lesson..
although its
back to looting again,
So there will be no competition in fam ranks again except

we'll shine again guys

Congrats to nameless for a well played
We got another fam silver,
6th L4
2nd L3
4th L1
6th supporter
9th free killer
thank you CraZzy_RajJ its nice to see boss, being realistic in quote.

BG added this for GanKstaS_InC

from BG
The round didn't end the way we hoped it would but everyone
in the family put in a great effort.

from PUSH
Yeah I was Picky last round family ranked in top five. Had a great turbo as well. COB over everything.


- Collecting Union –
1. BROTHERHOOD Chrispy $1,092,652,411,826,485
2. Super_Mega_Powers Hollywood_Hubert $929,908,230,504,217
3. IOU iLOveBiTeS $614,804,792,993,028
4. Inner_Circle iD $67,590,647,054,246
5. MobTies TonyGiovanni $8,225,454,592,161

from Soulja
Round quote you ask for usually? I tell you this, TAMMYGUNZ JP funds came from that garage sale he had on a Sunday afternoon for his non-white neighbors. It was all peaceful until Hypocrisy showed up dressed in a dashiki, and Shade with his kippah and yelled ''KILL
WHITEYYY!'' It was a great round, congrats TAMMYGUNZ for the JP, and to all that helped out there

Oh I see, the war sale... well played Brotherhood people!

from Hollywood_Hubert
The round and eor went pretty much as expected pretty sure i could have got another tier or two in there but everything went well. on the war fronts it was pretty fun and funny to watch IOU pulls ic in conflict with us and then just lets IC do all the attacking for the both of them.
Not sure if IC has noticed that or not so i figured i will point it out for
them. on the game front CC messages are really crappy and need to be changed. We won another turbo jp and family and amazingly enough without shayneg, maybe it is more a team thing.

from daniele
Liked the rules, a change is good here and there. No matter a number of our members is on vacation and the war times... we still doing good job. Thanks for all who helped no matter if in IOU or elsewhere . And congratulations Leith!!

from iTasteLikeCandy
comment for last round: TMB please stop these 10 day turbo rounds! KTHNXBI

from iTasteLikeCandy
good for you. and try not to edited it too much. i read you all like doing that

Never editing the quotes I like it crude! Truth is out there too. Wait, iTasteLikeCandy what KTHNXBI means?

from TonyGiovanni
Another productive round. Got fifth in union in default of course but whatever, and got three tiers.

Fair and square Tony.

Ok we arrived to our BROWN SEA CUCUMBER award section... This section is for fellow teembeers who:

Section a) Didn’t reply to me.
Section b) Hit me in game - very, very, very bad people.
Section Ted Evelin Mosby) Ones who sent me recruiting messages, invites, and non business related messages.

Your award? Well honorable mentions here & NO, no any free turns for that..

BROWN SEA CUCUMBER award for round 746

Section A)

I got a lot of replies this round. Thank you!

Section B)
from Tremor
Tremor invaded your headquarter. 1392 of your boys were killed, 3377 of Tremor's died as well. Blogger collected $0 and stole 0 glocks, 0 shotguns, 0 uzis, 3,377 ak47 from the bodies.

Seems I’m not a yummy target when built up!

Section Ted Evelin Mosby)
Noting to post here..

AND finally we arrived to the real awards section! The one with real turns! The reward is called LOOSE CANNON. But, I personally call it Bartholomew Simpson Foundation Award. This is awarded to a single person each round that does the most courageous or most random and goofy thing of the round and will bring 15,000 turns to the winner.

This round ShayneG_TryMe was one and only candidate for the award. A fam/union jumper hoping that 125 trillion will rank him in a round where there is ratio 10 to 1 and no cap. Fully deserved 15 k turns worth of Bartholomew Simpson Foundation Award! Please contact Tiki for your reward! Congratulations!

If you have a suggestion for BSF award, PLEASE don't hesitate to contact me in game!

Dear Teembeers… This is it!