Dear Teembeers here we go with the review of the round 778. We saw return to normality and our first recap in 2017. Monkeykilla got the Jackpot and there was no competition, an easy win based on his net-worth.

Lands of teembee were full of dead bodies in this round with main factions involved in hit each other as much as you can. Family ranks pretty much same as usual Pinoy first fight for second and laid back 4th and 5th ranked families. In union field The_New_Russia got the gold followed by NATO in second and UC in third. Yet again Mercenaries were forth union.

Killer ranks this round very interesting to watch especially in supporters ranks. Fight was between BigAnT23 Blackswan and Xiken. Free Kills saw die_die_die leading and win the ranks most of round. Killer values were low but interesting.

Ranks were as follows........


-Level 4-
1. MonkeyKilla $37,220,362,353,243
2. THEALLM1GHTY $2,002,283,164,599
3. Poper54 $1,006,557,611,195

Monkeykilla got the jackpot with 37.2 trillion. The Almighty in silver was at 2 trillion. Gold place was paid 35.2 trillion above first follower. Isn’t that an expensive win? Bronze in level 4 went for 1 trillion. I can't remember so low amounts in level 4 for medal places.

from MonkeyKilla
Great round!!!!
Great round!!!!
Great round!!!!
Great round!!!!
Hmm ok MonkeyKilla, thanks for round quote.

from Poper54
well we started off kinda short handed ... were missing a huge member of our family Will.. great family member and great guy . we mainly looted and built the whole round nothing special but we saw FoundHell looting a lot... they passed us up by a lot we tried to get our second place spot back as we had it for the last 4 rounds and they took it from us ... at eor I was banked with 2 tril I sent Max 1tril to pass out to other family members for their rank everyone who got their rank deserved it ...I was able to pull out 800bil from family bank and I put 20k turns in collected 200bil and last 5 seconds got net to 1tril and secured my first ever level 4 medal...I feel really great . and I couldn't have done it with out MaXx Will and the rest of SS....SS4LYFFFEEEE
-Level 3-
1.Winter $4,037,188,119,224
2.Jumbo $3,158,228,849,441
3.Grobar $3,002,166,046,935

Level 3 was more or less, cheaper than usual. In this round level 3 medals values were all above level 4 silver value. Interesting. In this round I got ignored from level 3 players I contacted.

-Level 2-
1.Jackie_D-Amico $3,005,127,144,651
2.Leith2 $2,004,972,899,975
3.Paolo-Martini $1,513,818,573,909

Gold medal in level 2 was at 3 trillion considering that level 2 is the cheapest rank in teembee lands I’d say level 2 was quite expensive. Again level 2 gold and silver values were higher than level 4 silver. Interesting again.

from Jackie_D-Amico
IU is old news. Us in InNeR Circle and Brotherhood and SS and Foundhell and Pinoy are opening the ranks back up. Sooner or later we are gunna have the JP....And when we do, we are not going to hog it for ourselves. We are going to put it in rotation and give everyone who is willing to spend some cash an opportunity to win it. That's why Eck and Lopov are hated, not because they win, but because they don't let anyone have a chance. Those days are over, I said this a couple rounds ago. Times are changing.
Hmm Ok Jackie.

from Leith2
Well didnt make eor but looking at results we did very well. Personally I wasn't as active as I usually am last round RL things going on but did what I could when I could. Family ranks were as expected and very good turn out of individual ranks. One thing that is rather funny is this lil fam of I think it was 16 people last round loot as much as the unions last round almost as
much as First place union. Just saying.
And Leith added this too:

from Leith2
Oh wanted thx family for indy ranks thanks guys.
-Level 1-
1.ThroatCutter $660,686,124,301
2.Ken $510,210,446,810
3.xdot $503,978,927,315

In level 1 we saw an opposite situation…everything was paid less than past few rounds. If you wanted a gold medal in level 1 You would need 660 billion. Silver and bronze went for just above half trillion. Level 1 was not expensive.

from ThroatCutter

Hi!! My boss told me to put my transfers on so I did. And I think that he sent me money and that’s how I got first place. This game is all still very new to me so I’m still learning. I didn't even know I won until he told me.
Ok ThroatCutter this reply sounds so round 358...

In supporter killer ranks we saw BigAnT23 going strong from early in round. However, towards end of round Blackswan and Xiken started to gain kills. Checking their dus situation I was ready to bet at end Xiken would win it. War involving BigAnT23 and Blackswans unions was putting them in a situation where holding dus was almost impossible. Totals were under 3 million kills and I was almost surprised they were able to get these numbers consider everyone was zeroed. Tammygunz built above 2 milions dus and went on spree last day but couldn't get better than 4th. Probably too many already zeroed people to be able to make difference at end.


-Best Supporter Killers-
1.Xiken 2,700,366
2.BlackSwan 2,340,196
3.BigAnT23 2,214,452

from Xiken_

What can I say, we dominate in every aspect of the game and our media proves this We all ranked in the top 300 of our levels. Need I say more?
from BlackSwan

It was a fun challenge, but boring too. It was the first time under the newer rules (kill points) that I tried for a killer medal and found that to do it without using a shitload of turns hitting the big targets, you have to be online a lot and just keep traveling every city and hitting the low guys every TOTH. So it’s no wonder the majority of the game has no DU.

For those of you that I hit, it was business, and nothing personal. Most were cool with that, but a few weren’t. Like Levi who whined in my mailbox about losing 2k du and JohnRoony who just whined in general. I finally had to block them both after getting messages like this:

from lebanon_levi whining? you cunt after all i did to help you? Blow me
Free Killers were pretty interesting this round too. However, Die_Die_Die was looking as the boss of free killer ranks whole round and at end won it. Numbers in free killers were quite low gold went for under 500 thousand kills. Bronze was even above 300k kills. With game situation and almost everyone zeroed most of the round killers have a hard time to put the numbers up. After a while I liked how the killers were fighting.

-Best Free Killers-
1.Die_Die_Die 499,224
2.foghorn 351,782
3.1ShotWonder 293,721


In family ranks PINOY_N_CO had a win with 4 trillion above FoundHell in second position. Pinoy_N_Co are the absolute leaders of family ranks lately and for a while no family is able to contest their top family rank. In this round they got good outcome in tiers ranks too. Southside were third and NaMeLeSs 4th, these two families had some hit each other party during the round.

Skidmark_United were 5th family. Strange to see the mansion on a road from an indy family to always ranking family.

-Collecting Family-
1.PINOY_N_CO THEALLM1GHTY $10,445,708,101,175
2.FoundHell Bishop_ $6,657,255,095,963
3.SouthSide_Elite MaXx $4,550,579,514,171
4.NaMeLeSs Domenico $2,600,968,103,117
5.Skidmark_United Matty $2,589,472,631,880

from Damien
We partied pretty hard in the Warehouse last round...I spent
most of the time blacked out...luckily when EOR came Votan had a pot of coffee brewed and Da_Secret found an only slightly used IV to get that shit flowin straight through Dom's veins. Before he had even downed the first drip bag Dom jumped into action snagging 5th Lvl 4 for me, 8th Lvl 3 for Daddy, 9th Lvl 2 for HitmanGray and 5th Lvl 1 for schlock, and kept a narrow lead for 4th family to top it off. Hell of a way to spread 3.6tril if you ask me!
from Buck_Nasty
This last round was interesting. I learned that it's our responsibility to leave unmaxed bankers untouched. I also came to realize that the idea behind the mafia based game is to have NAP's with everyone. I think there must be a commission to approve actually hitting someone. At EOR, several of us were online. Spaniard was trying to educate us about something (I wasn't listening). Snake was talking betting odds about some horse race. Sexualchocolate, Blink and, Knox were working on a new flavor of Skidwater. It's 80% Ketamine, 10% Water and, the rest is secret. They're working on a name for it. Also at EOR I glimpsed Matty manscaping. Being captivated I'm now 6 hours into an erection. It hurts and, nothing I'm trying seems to be taming my better half. Seeing Matty manscape is like staring at the sun with your unit. It's going to hurt but, you can't look away.
from Spaniard
I learned that no one ever attacks me unless I give them permission. I also learned that when someone asks if you're maxed, and you say yes (even if they're not) they thank you. I'm currently working on the name for the new skidwater. I'm thinking "Mansión." Give it that classy euro sound. But I'm also thinking "Rebel Piss." With all that ketamine, this is going to give the unions a kick in the ass. That's it, I made my choice!!! I'm off to the ideas committee!! Oh, and blink really blonked this round with his name.
from blink
What? Huh? I've been taking a nap since EOR. I can see why they're so popular with the union sheeple.


Union ranks showing The_New_Russia leading the union ranks and that's another crew alike Pinoy taking the golds for a period. Nato was second like always. These two unions are focused on hitting each other and looting the bots. This round I spot TNR members maxing MonkeyKilla as much they can so it was a signal to me to watch him at eor for JP Run. From other hand I also spotted NATO bank Comba being inactive for more than 1 day as banker in 2 occasions. Wow! Natural_Disasters got third in front of Mercenaries. I'm still admiring unionizing when you know you can’t get anything out of that. Maybe they didn’t rank but they at least replied to me. Well done!

-Collecting Union-
1.The_New_Russia Hollenbough $14,947,773,318,437
2.NATO Chrispy $6,735,013,643,780
3.Natural_Disasters Hollywood_Hubert $3,832,154,480,052

from Dusk
in short.. no
from Ragnar_Lothbrok
looted too much. now i Dine with Odin!!!!
Hmm yes Ok Ragnar_Lothbrok.

from Clutch
6th level 4, 7th level 3, bronze level 2, 4th level 1 (and 4th union).
Vito did the majority of the looting last round, with Luciano collecting before getting killed, and a handful of members helping with bankups and keeping the bank maxed. In typical TMB fashion, everything went to shit during the last 48 hours when it became clear that we weren't going to pull off the bronze. I appreciate the respect and loyalty of those who have been joining the past few rounds, but there just isn't enough of us being active, so we'll be taking a break from the union ranks now and getting back to the drawing board. From our first round as FYUU (Fuck Your Union Union) - yes I stole this - where we snatched the bronze without banking a dime; to Nameless joining just to troll for an entire round... and let's not forget about Avengers jumping union at the last possible second every single round, to bump us out of the rankings, lol. It was a good run, with plenty of highs and lows. Lots of experienced gained and I'm happy to of had the opportunity to lead a pack of veterans, noobs, trolls, and actives alike. Mercenaries will be back, one day ...
from Vito_Menotti
It was our first round as a family, which is tough since it is hard to get people to join. Not enough new faces and everybody is used to winning a prize. After first day we went union. It worked out ok, we finished in last for union ranks, but that is to be expected on 1st round. I handled EOR and was able to get a few tier. spicolli in 4th lvl 1 Ivan in 6th lvl 4 I messed up on math and sent to much cash to icepik so i got 7th lvl 3 and was super excited to get paolo his first ever medal. bronze lvl 2 hopefully bigger and better things to come. Goal is get train new members and get them active in the game. Also to try and reward some guys with their first medals.


Ok we arrived to our BROWN SEA CUCUMBER award section...

Section a) Didnt reply me
Section b) Hit me in game - very, very, very bad people,
Section Ted Evelin Mosby) Ones who send me recruiting messages, invites, non business related messages

& NO, no free turns for that as usual...


Section A)

This list...

Section B)
from octane
octane drove-by shooting at your headquarter. 9035 of your boys got whacked. 3000 of octane's boys were also killed.

from ScaliWag
ScaliWag drove-by shooting at your headquarter. 74 of your boys got whacked. 22 of ScaliWag's boys were also killed.

from ScaliWag
ScaliWag drove-by shooting at your headquarter. 894 of your boys got whacked. 290 of ScaliWag's boys were also killed.

Wait Scaliwag did I just got looted for KP’s here?

Section Ted Evelin Mosby)
from Paolo-Martini
what do u mean

Nothing Paolo, Nothing

from Management
Welcome to The Mafia Boss! We thought that you should start by watching this 2mins video tutorial: Should you have any help related questions, please contact one of the staff members. The staff members are listed on the main menu page. Thanks for playing and enjoy your stay!
Even with 11 years badge I’m still getting start up tutorial...


NOW, we arrived to the awards section! The one with real turns . The reward is called LOOSE CANNON. But, I personally call it Bartholomew Simpson Foundation Award.

This is awarded to a single person each round that does the most courageous or most random and goofy thing of the round and will bring 15,000 turns to the winner.

This round winner is Comba the being unactive banker. A real example how banker should play and be active! Well done!

Please contact Tiki for your reward.

You think you have someone to propose for the Bartholomew Simpson Foundation Award aka Loose Cannon award? Contact me in game!