The Lord of the TMB Rings: The Two IOU Towers
-Battle of The TMB Looters-

When searching for looters in TMB in today’s current rules, there are many to be seen. Due to the recent Bot invasion looting is the key to the game, or so they say. Who has the stamina to go up against big time collectors? Who can sit for hours continuously on a mission to loot and compete with other looters? Is it feasible these looters compete with collectors? Who are the real TMB Lords who rule the underworld?

As these thoughts cross my mind I began to shift into the world of the unknown, a world of fantasy

Leith: [in Elvish] You're late.

(takes a good look at Frank_Cali_Aragorn)

Leith: [in English] You look terrible.

Leith: A red sun rises, blood has been spilled this night.

Soulja: What business does an Elf, Man, and a Dwarf have in the Riddermark? Speak quickly.

Diesel_Doctor : Give me your name, horse-master, and I shall give you mine.

Soulja: (dismounts) I would cut off your head, Dwarf, if it stood but a little higher from the ground.

Leith: [draws his bow and aims at arrow at Souljas throat] You would die before your stroke fell.

Frank_Cali_Aragorn: Not idly do the leaves of Lorien fall.

Leith: [of ILoveBites and Blackswan] They may yet be alive.

Frank_Cali_Aragorn: [looking at defenders of Helm's Deep] Farmers, ferriers, stable boys. These are no soldiers.

Diesel_Doctor: Most have seen too many winters.
Leith: Or too few.

Diesel_Doctor: Whatever luck you live by... let's hope it lasts the night.

Leith: Your friends are with you, Frank_Cali_Aragorn.

Diesel_Doctor: Let's hope they last the night...

Leith: [of the Uruk-hai] They run as if the very whips of their masters were behind them.

[Gandalf_Lopov the White whistles and a white horse appears]

Leith: That is one of the Mearas, unless my eyes are cheated by some spell.

Gandalf_Lopov: Shadowfax. He is the lord of all horses and has been my friend through many dangers.

Diesel_Doctor: [failing to see over the wall] What's happening out there?

Leith: Shall I describe it to you?

Diesel_Doctor: [turns] Hmm?

Leith: Or would you like me to find you a box?

(Diesel_Doctor laughs)

(during the Battle of Helm's Deep, Diesel_Doctor has killed an Uruk-Hai warrior)

Diesel_Doctor: Leith! Two already!

Leith: I'm on seventeen!

Diesel_Doctor: Huh? I'll have no pointy-ear outscoring me!

(kills another one)

Leith: (shoots two more arrows) Nineteen!

-From Royal and Noble Family Omerta to Returning Fighting Union IOU he is as Loyal as they come and as cute as Legolas from Lord oF the Rings as he shoots his Looting arrows while sliding down a TMB Elephants Trunk Today ladies and Gentlemen Ravenkc sits with the very shy yet competent looter from the IOU Ranks… Leith2!-

Ravenkc: Ok in the TMB Studio today I have with me a very quiet fello from the IOU union and Drama Family Ladies and Gentleman of the TMB Underworld Plz welcome Leith2

Ravenkc: HI Leith how you??

Leith2: Good and yourself?

Ravenkc: Oh I could have had better days but like your family name there is always 'Drama'! you sure that family is not named after me??

Ravenkc: lmfao

Leith2: LOL

Leith2: There is always something going on.

Ravenkc: Ok so I have been visiting your little family of late and I noticed you in there actually and you appear to be a very good looter I gather you enjoy the new looting rules?

Leith2: Yeah I always like a challenge.

Ravenkc: hmm I think I am going to have to tie you up and punish you for information, haha let me re phrase! do you enjoy the TMB Bots as appose to how looting use to be?

Ravenkc: (All these IOU boys are so quiet I do feel awkward)

Leith2: I liked the old way things used to be back in the day but this new way of looting is pretty fun keeps me out making money.

An IOUs Looter History- Reflecting Back on SEvEn Years and Seven Deadly Sins with Omerta 13

Ravenkc: yes indeed you do! so let me backtrack and get some information on your TMB History, so How long have you actually played The Mafia Boss?

Ravenkc: I mean I see your name Leith and I assumed you must be a noob!!

Leith2: I started aprox 7 years ago. The family that I remember most was Omerta 13 if I remember correctly.

Ravenkc: Oh WOW an Omerta original and do you remember the main players of this family??

Leith2: Just an added fact Leith is not just a game name that is my actual name.

Ravenkc: hahaah

Ravenkc: well your name reminds me of some cute kinda elf or something actually

Leith2: Not really the only players that really stuck in my head at that time was Pops and Islander.

Leith2: awww thx lol

Ravenkc: Ok so for the noobs and vets like myself who tend to forget some details over the years, could you describe your time in Omerta and were they running TMB back then?

Leith2: Been so long ago cant remember and I have taken breaks thru the years from the game.

Ravenkc: hmm as I understand Pops was a big thing in the day

Leith2: Well having unions is diff. Didnt have them back then. Banking was all about maxing every hour having holder.

Leith2: I like that made it little more interesting.

Leith2: Yeah he was havnt seen much of him anymore.

Ravenkc: yes and we would all have competitions on who could max the banker the fastest

Ravenkc: haha

Leith2: yep agreed

Ravenkc: we had unions but there were no unions ranks ...

Ravenkc: as I was in NYCU

Leith2: right thats a positive I think more incentive for players.

Ravenkc: So who actually trained you and have you always been a looter?

Leith2: I had a player that I cant remember the name of explain some things to me but for most part I taught myself. Sharing what I have learned with my father and he has shared somethings with me. Yes for most part I have been looter. I can make more cash that way. I dont like to build to collect not as fun to me. I like getting out there checking all the bots looting what other missed. Racing to see who can get the top bots first.

Ravenkc: So another TMB player who plays with their actual family members haah- do you enjoy playing TMB with your Dad?

Leith2: Yeah he lives about 70 miles south of me. We get on together loot chat and have fun. WE use skype to talk back and forth try get the most cash that we can

Ravenkc: So for you this is a great advantage for you in TMB??

Leith2: Yes it is.

Ravenkc: I agree, I do have many family members play TMB, mostly an advantage except when I am fighting with them over the game haha that's not always fun

Ravenkc: full on arguments and roaring over a game LOL

Leith2: lol havnt had that prob yet doubt ever will I get along with my father very well.

Leith2: lol

Ravenkc: and what is your fathers TMB name?


Ravenkc: YOu never argue!! wow I need to take yoga lessons with you I think

Leith2: right

Ravenkc: Oh Diesel_Doctor now that is a veteran name that stands out in my mind

Ravenkc: So did you both return on the return of IOU was it last year?

Leith2: yeah id say that pretty close.

Ravenkc: ok yes I think IOU made their return appearance in early 2015, so how did they go about contacting everyone

Leith2: Actually i contacted them. Told them I was a good player needed no training other then new rules and new ways they do things. But over all game training didnt need any training. Proved myself very quickly I think.

Ravenkc: so who are the main people you play with and get on with in the IOU union?

Leith2: My dad obv lol smiles_r_free, ilovebites

Leith2: most all the looters

Ravenkc: and how long have you played with TMB Queen iLoveBites??

Leith2: the undead is another pretty much from about year ago. She great love playing game with her very very nice as well.
Ravenkc: ok, well I know Frank, BlackSwan, IloveBites, but they have been key characters and vets in tmb for a long long time too

Leith2: yes they have

Leith2: i play with them as well Swan and ilovebites i play with alot

Ravenkc: Sometimes I like to rumble in the jungle with Frank LOOL

Ravenkc: these guys like to be roughed up I think LOL or maybe that's just in my head hahah

Leith2: LOL maybe they like it that way

Ravenkc: i like to think so hahah

Ravenkc: Ok so you have always been Omerta and now playing with IOU you seem to be very loyal to your core members

Ravenkc: and it is nice to play with the same players you have for so long, have you ever been with any other families or unions?

Leith2: yeah Always they treat me well so

Leith2: nope

Ravenkc: well Ok then I think that has to be a first to be honest!

Ravenkc: Do you have any key memories in Looting or Wars that stand out in your mind over your 7 years of playing TMB?

Leith2: not really there always some lil war going on between unions but not anything major that stands out just get on here to loot hit sometime help bank just fly under the radar lol I guess that why Im a damn good looter. Might in family with the name Drama in it but I rarley get in on it lol. Just sit there and lol at it.

Leith2: prob one the most boring interviews you have done lol. Alot of the fams and players I played with was just to long ago for me to remember.

Ravenkc: OK! well my new project in TMB is to make you have has much Drama as possible!!

Leith2: actually 13_Omerta_friends was one the fams i remember 13_friends

Ravenkc: yes id say there were some known iconic players in that family

Leith2: ave was another name of boss of one the fams now that i think about this some of the details are coming back. My memory sucks and this was long time ago so lol bare with me.

Ravenkc: hhaha well I will leave you hear to think about that and I want you to note all your comrades, friends and fellow looters over the years and even your enemies !!! hahaha

Leith2: okay

Leith2: if i have anything to add ill let you know

Ravenkc: you have to do ur shout outs lol

Ravenkc: and were u looting during the interview

Ravenkc: lol i just wanna slap u now!!

Leith2: meatwad was another player i played with OMERTA-ICS-UML-SS

Leith2: lol guilty

Ravenkc: omg!!!!

Ravenkc: slap slap

Leith2: hey cant say im not loyal

Ravenkc: list your shout outs Leith!!

Leith2: Da_secrets

Ravenkc: you maybe loyal lol but I am interviewing you so you need to focus on MEEE

Ravenkc: *slap

Leith2: typical guy right

Ravenkc: umm no I have not had this happen LOL

Leith2: id say my first game was in the 200 the round range maybe lil before or after

Ravenkc: you better have a hot accent elf boy you are starting to get on my nerves

Leith2: well there you go something to add in to interview you ought to get a lot of lol at that

Ravenkc: hahahah !!! you think you been smoking too much green lol l:) ok sweety pieeee

Ravenkc: plz make your shout outs now before I flip out and kill you

Leith2: DIESEL_DOCTOR, Ilovebites Blackswan, theundead thanks for all you guys and gals do for me. Rock on. Not good at shout outs Raven did my best lol. As for the smoking green naw stopped that years ago.

Ravenkc: haahh thank you Leith and thanks for your time and contribution to TMB over the years great vet looters like yourself are an asset to The Mafia Boss xxxx

This is Ravenkc reporting to you from the TMB Studios and up next is our weather boy Soulja who will be coming to you from the Brotherhood Headquarters with the current weather in the land of The Mafia Boss.

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