The streets of TMB have been a little bit quiet in turbo. Not so much in main. Definitely in turbo. One has to wonder when the main round destruction will carry over but so far, not even a bit. Challenges are few.

Killing is the norm. And besides Gallio, there's not much to write about. Special thanks to Gallio in turbo for hitting some ops and being a little bit interesting.

The rest of you should be ashamed of yourselves. Because of you, I have to write up a turbo review that is assuredly going to be boring and you only have yourselves to blame. So yes, while you may laugh at me for having to write it, I laugh more at you because it's your dumb ass that's going to read it. Ha-Ha-Ha.

Level 4 was incredibly interesting. Ok, it wasn't. The most ops was 15 million. Followed by 8 million. They helped some other people rank. No large builds but somebody did win the round so we'll call that interesting. Second and third places weren't separated by much but if you were a level 4 with some ops and a few turns, you could've ranked yourself in fourth at least, given a little effort. Also, Gallio just missed out on ranking fifth. Too bad too. Would've liked them to have some turns to use for next round.

From Reddington

I'm rich now. I don't need the people of the TMB community.

This comment may or may not have been fudged. If you choose not to reply, your comments may get the same treatment. The perk is I'm the one writing this so I'm the only one that knows for sure.

Journalism at its finest.

-Level 4-

1. Reddington $205,006,399,098,362
2. Purge $26,288,493,443,386
3. Johnny_Cash $25,648,801,864,500
4. Pushybastard $16,503,975,174,284
5. roy-woods $12,919,465,103,436

In level 3 Mercury really walked away with it. I'm sure they'll be putting the turns to good use to help make the next turbo review thrilling. Or at least they better. Fourth and fifth were rather close and "WhoFarted" just missed out on fifth.

-Level 3-

1. Mercury $98,748,632,409,988
2. MtN $34,913,103,875,380
3. Wile_E_Coyote $22,947,191,368,653
4. Chillie_McFreeze $7,001,623,482,001
5. Huggies $6,495,375,282,502

Level 2 was rather cheap, compared to everywhere else. I'm pretty sure somebody is going to use the name "WhyUnderPay4Lvl2" and it'll likely be the same person who used to be "WhyOverpay4Lvl1". You're welcome to whomever I just gave your next turbo name to. Fifth place ended up with a whopping 388 billion which I bet could've been easily looted considering the round had no range to attack.

-Level 2-

1. starburst $9,865,765,013,004
2. RED_DOG $9,304,867,319,456
3. Loyalty_fkic $4,775,215,183,198
4. Mass_Destruction $802,153,502,433
5. Matthew_Greenbladt $388,292,886,250

For all of you that were worried, don't be. Level 1 was still overpriced. The top two in level one could have gotten first and second in level 2. Sometimes you just need a certain medal though or panic on where to put cash. Maybe people just want to carry on the tradition of overpriced level ones. I'm not sure what the thinking is on it but it carries on still. Personally, I love traditions.

-Level 1-

1. GANKER_GANK $17,638,092,617,570
2. Naevia $13,220,666,248,489
3. CriminaL $6,000,466,886,001
4. Ralphie $2,687,589,666,959
5. STEEL $2,140,300,884,002

For supporter killers, we had Gallio in first who I think deserves a round of applause for being the interesting person. Poiball had a nice build early and was working on the killing but ended up being nowhere near the champ.

From iTasteLikeCandy

Ha. You said it. If it weren't for him, this review could've been only two sentences.

-Best Supporter Killers-

1. Gallio 15,506,466
2. Poiball 5,091,705
3. NDT 4,283,548
4. Crossroads 3,232,715
5. Pill_PoP 1,663,890

Free killers had a runaway in first for "bridge" also but the next four spots were contested hotly with less than 58,000 defensive unit kills seperating second through fifth. A very nice job to all of the killers here who worked hard on it.

-Best Free Killers-

1. bridge 550,930
2. Doggy 189,311
3. Im_Dickin_ur_wife 167,274
4. NewGen 153,604
5. sipu.tuki 132,163

As for the families, the first and second place were decently close and "No_added_Sugar" made a late push to get into third with ease.

-Collecting Family-

1. F_the_Police Pokeman_Virgin $187,185,354,068,272
2. Poke_Twat_GO Johnny_Cash $162,021,581,997,014
3. No_added_Sugar screamer $81,283,376,304,606
4. Employee_the_Month Pushybastard $14,851,616,672,706
5. Radical_Redemption BT $7,197,575,165,396

From Scissorhands of "No_added_Sugar":
"I was a bit upset about EOR results.... but I'll get over it."

From Tinkerbell, who I'm guessing was in the same family but doesn't say:

DOGSHIT phone had an epi died on me EOR.

Had to pass cash last 5 minutes, shoved daughter off laptop.

Kicked the wife and shat on the cat

Yeah, we've all been there. Not enough time in the day to kick the wife or shat/shit on the cat. The 'epi died' is the part I'm wondering about. Is that like an epic fail or an allergic reaction and needed an epi pen? Feel free to clarify.

Pushtostart was one of the few to have a somewhat uplifting comment:
"We had a great turbo....won some credit for the family took 4th lvl four.........COB"

I messaged a few in nameless and I'm quite happy SexualChocolate is around. There's few places a reporter knows they can go to in order to get a gem of a comment and we have to be thankful for those few people. Without further ado, SexualChocolate:

I feel we did a good job of promoting awareness and further the acceptance of smelling your toilet paper after you wipe. Nothing shameful about it.

Love is love

Hollywood_Hubert had a comment and if you know Hubert, you know his comment was to promote himself and say how amazing he is in a shameless act of self promotion. . . . so we'll just leave most of it out except the useful bits:

Level 4 Gold

Fyfe won that round

Family Gold: F_the_police

Nexus a much needed medal in level 3

I've saved the best for last. As some of you know, I threatened many things in my endeavor for comment gold. I messaged Finessin in main and spoke plainly to him:

If you don't give me a comment I'm going to put that you were going to comment but you were too busy getting zeroed in main to write a reply.

Then you'll be put on blast.
He had just been hit a few times by someone. He saw my message. He then built and killed the one that had been hitting him and sent me a nice message. From Finessin:

Put that on blast

Touche. There you go Finessin. It was put on blast.

Now to the rest of you, don't let anyone tell you that a reporter has no power. The internet was founded on people shaming each other into doing things.

Reporters and trolls know this which is why they keep the internet going 24/7 so they never have far to go to feel good by making somebody else feel bad.

Just like TMB.

And so ends a review that without Gallio and Finessin would have been much shorter.