Scoop Turdgeson: Hello Mobsters, Scoop here again.

This time from Las Vegas. If you have been in the game for the past few rounds there most likely has been a player that you couldn't miss.

Tonight joining me is Keystone15. Seemingly coming out of nowhere, he has had some impressive builds and been involved in some spectacular battles.

Scoop Turdgeson: Hello Keystone may I call you Key?

Keystone15: Of course.

Keystone15: You can call me asshole for all I care

Keystone15: Seems to be popular these days

Scoop Turdgeson: Thank you, So you are recently returned to the game, is that correct?

Keystone15: Yes, that is accurate. I haven't told very many people in this game that but it seems news spreads like wildfire!

Keystone15: Whether its accurate or not that is...

Scoop Turdgeson: Well I am going off of some of the things you have posted in the forums recently. When did you originally begin playing TMB?

Keystone15: I don't know the actual date per say or rounds but it was double digits. To be completely honest, I was a nobody in the game and just learning. I was maybe only around for 15-20 rounds at most. I spent some time in Jokers and West_Coast from what I remember. I got bored one night and decided to see if this game still existed and unfortunately couldn't remember my login information and have changed emails since so I started with a fresh account.

Keystone15: I do remember some names, I remember NWO was a big thing back then and just starting if I recall correctly.

Scoop Turdgeson: That was New World Order wasn't it?

Keystone15: I believe so.

Scoop Turdgeson: Seems to me if I remember it was Devils Gate and some other families as well

Keystone15: I remember a lot of cash we sent was directed to a Mafioso named Marilyn, that's about it.

Scoop Turdgeson: But I may be wrong there.

Keystone15: & a guy named Bugsy

Scoop Turdgeson: Oh the Money Makers with Peter

Keystone15: He was a great guy. I believe his wife played too.

Scoop Turdgeson: Bugsy69 or Bugsy10 I think depends when he was in the game, does that sound correct?

Keystone15: I don't recall to be honest, not something I really cared to remember.
Keystone15: All I can say is this game has changed a lot since then.
Keystone15: You seem to have a great memory for being an interviewer only though!

Scoop Turdgeson: Ha Ha, ok not that it mattered so just trying to get a little background was all. The game has always evolved and has to, in order to keep up with the players.

Keystone15: For sure, I completely understand.

Scoop Turdgeson: So what prompted you to log back in after such a long time being away from the site?

Keystone15: As previously stated, I was bored one night.

Scoop Turdgeson: Ah yes you did my apologies, How long did you play before you settled into a family?

Keystone15: I don't believe in flying solo so I joined a family right away after a few invites and chatting with some folks. I ended up settling down with Nameless.
Keystone15: No successful Mafioso flies solo

Scoop Turdgeson: And you have been there ever since, So you must have made some connections there. That is good to find people you can click with in the game, Don't you agree?

Keystone15: Yes, I have been there ever since... One thing I believe in is integrity and so far to this day the family has treated me very well. Both Damien and Domenico have been great guys to play with as well as the rest of the family. In general, we have a really good group.

Scoop Turdgeson: You have had some Impressive builds since your return. And I want to congratulate you on your win in Round 716.

Keystone15: Thanks, I want to thank the family for supporting me when I dropped it on them last minute...

Scoop Turdgeson: Well that is Great! So those players out there trying to do it solo you should listen to someone who knows what they are talking about. Get involved with an established Family. They can be your best asset in the game.

Keystone15: Is that Scoop's fun fact of the day?! lol

Scoop Turdgeson: Well I think I was conveying your sentiment wasn't I?

Keystone15: For sure.
Keystone15: Mafia means family... I don't understand why someone would try to fly solo.

Scoop Turdgeson: So you have been fairly outspoken about the rotation. Has that always existed in the game?

Keystone15: I'm glad you brought this up, as this definitely is a passion of mine as many know in this game. I honestly don't think it would be fair for me to comment on whether or not it has been a constant in the game as I simply don't have the experience but to the best of my knowledge it did not exist when I use to play but I could have been young, dumb, and innocent.

Scoop Turdgeson: Well in the early days (rounds 20-100+) I believe Troy and his crew were in charge of the rotation?

Keystone15: I honestly have no idea, you clearly have much more experience than I when it comes to rotations.

Scoop Turdgeson: I have only watched from afar. But I do believe that they have been around. Then players like Dark_Syndicate, Dark_Prophet, Cypirot and others came in and mixed it up some with them. Is that how you see yourself?

Keystone15: Do I see myself as mixing it up with them? That I cannot confirm or deny at this time as I don't have set objectives on my mind. I would say my main issue with the rotation is the sense of entitlement that is carried with the mentality that it is their game and if anyone wants to do anything they must first check with the rotation. In my personal opinion, it totally undermines the game and inhibits its growth which was clear the moment I logged back on. Even after winning the JP, it’s not like I had anything against the rotation at all, I would have to say the largest influencer into my mentality these days would be the reactions and messages that occurred after that as if I stole something from them that was rightfully theirs… That’s where I have a huge issue, and to be completely honest, where a lot of people have issues.

Scoop Turdgeson: I saw on your profile this round RIP Keystone15, What did that message mean?

Keystone15: People need to realize there is strength in numbers, just like every other big Mafioso in real life there comes an end where they die. This too shall die.

Scoop Turdgeson: So if you chose to mix it up again, You will do that from inside your family? Or will you ever become part of the rotation?

Keystone15: I honestly can't comment on that right now, I haven't even made that decision myself. As the rotation current sits, I will not participate, that I can give you an answer on. Things change and people change, so to rule out anything would be ignorant on my behalf.

Scoop Turdgeson: Fair enough I am not trying to get you to show your cards per se.

Keystone15: Fair enough, I'm just trying to be honest with the game that is all.

Scoop Turdgeson: So I just wanted to clarify your message RIP Keysone15 did not mean you were through with the game though?

Keystone15: Funny you should ask, I did receive a fair number of messages after that was posted. I don’t want to elaborate on it too much as the people who needed to see it, saw it, and took note. If anything, it just plays to the drama some folks carry in the game. It was more of a fun thing for me I suppose, nothing serious and definitely did not mean I was through with the game.

Scoop Turdgeson: OK yes I have heard people saying that they ran you off, so I wanted to be sure that your intent was clear. Good for you. You think you can break this alone or have others stepped up and given you support other than family members?

Keystone15: Yes, that was sort of what I was teasing about, also just taking a stab at some drama.

Scoop Turdgeson: Bottom line this is a game, Some people take it very seriously. Seems you and TMK have been passing messages back and forth all round on your profiles.

Keystone15: As for if I think I can break this thing a lone or if I have others who will support me outside of the family I currently reside in… I don’t think I am going to answer that one unfortunately Scoop.

Scoop Turdgeson: Ok again that is fair Key.
Scoop Turdgeson: Have to ask though.

Keystone15: I don’t really “pass messages” back and forth on my profile. I think the game is a lot of fun and actually enjoy it for the most part. As for TMK, I have to say he definitely threw his dick on the table and as he has previously alluded to (not publically mentioned until TMK posted it) I did have internet issues and actually experienced some abnormalities with my account settings being changed in the game while I was sleeping which I found to be extremely weird… At the end of the day, he took me out and I respect that. As for the childish trash talk, he can leave that to for his conversations with his dorm buddies as he seems to like to spin yarn on things a fair bit and stretch the truth – that I don’t respect.

Scoop Turdgeson: So tell me about what other things Key does when he is bored.
Other than log on to see if the old MMORPG mafia game he used to play is still around.

Keystone15: I'm a pretty active guy, I play a lot of sports I and I suppose I wouldn't fit your typical gamer guy. I work full-time and run my own business as well. Other than that, I like to relax and enjoy a few pints just like any other player on here I'm sure.
Keystone15: I'm a pretty simple guy.

Scoop Turdgeson: Oh so you are a Brewed Drinker rather than a Distilled drinker?

Keystone15: I'm a drinker; let's just leave it at that. I actually am a part owner of both a privately held winery and a brewery. I do enjoy me some White Owl whiskey though…

Scoop Turdgeson: Cool. Favorite Brew?
Scoop Turdgeson: Elsinore? Keystone? Sorry couldn't help myself.

Keystone15: Wine = Merlot, Beer = Moosehead or Sleeman's
Keystone15: Both Canadian brews so my friends down south might not be totally familiar.

Scoop Turdgeson: I have heard of Moosehead but not Sleeman's
Keystone15: I believe Sleeman's is now owned by the Chinese though, but hey, what isn't?

Scoop Turdgeson: Isn't that the truth.
Scoop Turdgeson: Ok Boxers or Briefs?

Keystone15: I'm a huge into dressing well. I would say briefs, boxers just aren't fun unless you’re wearing sweat pants and sitting by the fireplace or on the couch.

Scoop Turdgeson: So you are a Suit and Tie Man then?

Keystone15: Does anyone actually wear like straight underwear tho?

Scoop Turdgeson: I'm more Commando myself.

Keystone15: Most definitely. Then after those come off, its to the work boots and callused hands.

Scoop Turdgeson: Ah So you must have a farm or something then?

Keystone15: I can neither confirm or deny that.

Scoop Turdgeson: Really? Okay.
Scoop Turdgeson: The women out there all are dying to know, are you available or off the market?

Keystone15: I'm not available, I don't do internet dating.

Scoop Turdgeson: When was the last time you had an amazing meal? How was your steak by the way?

Keystone15: I had a great meal tonight; I was at an event earlier this afternoon where I didn't have to cook which served 5 courses. If your referring to the JP steak, it was delicious my friend, slightly cold though.

Scoop Turdgeson: I was yes.
Scoop Turdgeson: If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

Keystone15: Speak a new language, something that is near universal as English (but not French). I think it’s somewhat ignorant that people who speak the language and are lucky enough to be raised in countries where it is the predominant language neglect to ever explore and open their horizons to learning another language. It is a personal goal of mine and something I will accomplish. We always expect people to just speak English, you travel Europe and some people you come across might speak 3 or 4 different languages. I think it’s a huge character flaw of our society.

Scoop Turdgeson: Interesting thought.
Scoop Turdgeson: Okay and then Favorite Mafia Movie or Television series?

Keystone15: I don’t watch a whole lot of movies or television… If I do sit down to watch TV it’s either sports or the news. Although, I do enjoy a good comedy every now and then. For mafia movie, I would have to say some sort of documentary on real life mafia (I can’t remember one specifically), I’m not a big fiction guy. As for television series, I’m a huge fan of suits and always have enjoyed East Bound & Down.

Keystone15: I don't watch series until they are done, I don't wait for the next season, just not my style.

Scoop Turdgeson: Okay, Now for your shout outs, take your time and try to limit it to the top 20 or so.

Keystone15: Unfortunately, I'm not a complicated guy so I will leave it pretty simple. I'd say a shout out to my current family for the support during this crazy venture. Also to the folks over at Dipset, there are some great people over there and I do consider most still family. Also, Inner_Circle our mini-war was a lot of fun to be honest and I've gained a lot of respect for some of the folks over there.
Keystone15: (I'll add some drama for you)
Keystone15: Lastly, that fucking Raven chick, is she actually mentally all there?

Scoop Turdgeson: Well there you have it. Love him or Hate him sounds like he is around to stay, Thank You Keystone for taking time to share a little about yourself with the community. Scoop saying I'm outta here. #fucktherotation

As the round Drew to a close, we all watched with baited breath, waiting to see if Key would make an appearance, After all it was April Fools day. But in the end there was no Keystone15.