This turbo featured a capped round at 180K turns brought in and a limit of 3 transfers per hour and a 50% transfer limit per transfer.

How would these twists on the turbo round effect how this round was to
be played?

Previous turbo rounds that featured limitations on how many transfers and a limit of net worth transfers created some interesting challenges that some families were able to overcome better than others.

Through the end of the first day the majority of players built for the collections at the end of the round. Picture_Me_Rollin got out to a head start in the killers race with over 3 million kill points. Level 3 players Puta and TIOS rounded out the top 3 with 1.2 million and 955K kill points. imsuperstoned led the free killers race with 427K kill points. No large builds were made during the first day as the majority of the level 4 players had ended up between 4-4.8 million ops.

With a few hours left till end of round we saw the action heat up in the killers race. Picture_Me_Rollin was still leading the race but LiVe, and Li_Hing_Mui looked to closed the gap.

In the free killers race, HyperTmBmaNia used the tactic of continuously protecting and killing to amass a large lead and also hold 1.736 trillion as a free player.

As the last hour approached we saw the families beginning to form and players getting maxed. DANCE_HALL,Fungal_Growth, and the Geo_Trackers looked strong to take the top 3 family medals. Who would get the win in each tier would be decided how the family was going to roll the money at the end.

Interestingly no large build or no purchased credits were brought into the round as we did not see a jump in the starting jackpot. The final results ended with YourBFF winning level 4 gold with 50 trillion. Noob from the Anomalies edged out StormslifeMatters by 700 billion.

The supporter killers race ended up with Picture_Me_Rollin leading wire to wire with 8.3 million kill points. LiVe was unable to overtake the leader and ended with 7.23 million and Li_Hing_Mui ended with 4.375 million kill points.

In free killers, .HyperTmBmaNia ended with 1.11 million kill points. imsuperstoned ended up with 427K and xm narrowly beat out xXx for bronze by 7K kill points.

I liked how the limited transfers had an effect on game play. I know of at least one family that had some challenges with the bankroll at the end. I asked individual players for quotes about how the rules affected them this round.

Congratulations to the winners in the round!

Now lets make Round 730 one to remember!


Several names caught my eye this round.

However, since Donald Trump will soon have it out for all of you. I chose
mexicanlivesmatter. His drunk pm's to me in-game sealed the deal.

Enjoy the 15K prize and the short stay in the US. =P

Please contact Rain for your prize.

-Level 4-

1.YourBFF $50,588,662,154,761
2.Noob $18,845,221,092,854
3.StormsLifeMatters $18,143,560,022,585
4.G579 $16,973,583,832,356
5.JacAss $14,016,164,370,672

-Level 3-

1.ShoNuff $11,375,083,553,846
2.snopes $4,021,787,971,129
3.NathanScottPhillip $2,940,038,829,454
4.CoCmeatSandwich $1,270,655,180,514
5.HookNose $1,180,678,734,812

-Level 2-

1.Odds $4,030,525,866,666
2.BT $3,767,864,817,246
3.Nonoypalaboy $958,091,039,626
4.I_am_the_turbo $556,099,469,355
5.Saiyan $446,462,631,735

-Level 1-

1.710 $6,189,709,279,620
2.Eirini $2,821,747,086,920
3.Klaus_Mikaelson $1,454,869,230,784
4.wenden22 $666,081,646,096
5.Maverick $347,948,983,050

-Best Supporter Killers-
rank mafioso DUs Killed
1.Picture_Me_Rollin 8,387,054
2.LiVe 7,230,957
3.Li_Hing_Mui 4,375,847
4.Puta 1,429,307
5.TIOS 973,711

-Best Free Killers-

1.HyperTmBmaNia 1,147,652
2.imsuperstoned 427,924
3.xm 267,574
4.xXx 260,729 155,024

-Collecting Family-

1.DANCE_HALL DC $41,050,582,421,565
2.Fungal_Growth FatAmy $20,804,094,926,244
3.Geo_Trackers Your BFF $16,865,643,259,893
4.Outlaws Scope $7,853,444,136,985
5.Anomalies I_am_the_turbo $5,027,195,848,735

from CraZzy_RajJ

MOst of us were busy this turbo,
and our turbo manager DeadPool is ill..

So wasnt sure that we gonna do make it work,
but last hr somehow we got 8 of our team members ON,
Everyone got maxed and collected..
And we let 2 outsiders IN to full the fam lol

Now, the rules, lol when we thought to transfer,we weren't able to send it,
OMG! rules r totally changed damn,we then added turns to transfer and somehow managed to get

4th Fam rank
7th L4
2nd L2
3rd L1

It was a fucked up round for us, which went gud later

Well these new rules teach us that we should be prepared with strategies

from Linahal

Thanks to Viking_slap we won again.

from Viking_Slap

We played great as a Team and wish everyone a good round

from BliZzArD_420 and paladin

WC skipped it sorry Coz we are noobs but still sexy

from iD-2.0

Other than the fact that I screwed the pooch by accepting the transfers before we got the family banked everything was fine.

Thanks to the whole family for their effort and the tier.

-Storms Life Matters !!!!!!

from iDtastesLikeCandy_

yas, turbo was fun. stupid rules though.

thank you iD, TUJ, SNOMAN, tactics, darkstar, torm, yot, trumafioso,
and dub!

it was a great family effort and all that good stuff


from fasano

Don't ask me. I didn't log in to turbo and was only around a couple
hours of this round. I defer to Domenico on all answers. I'm more useless than a 22 year old hooker to Jared fogle.

from daniele

I werent om for turbo eor guys as usually got some golds sorry I
couldn't help more

from Administration

Last turbo round we had good participation. 7 people i think.
this turbo no one sent names, or responded to any messages on family
board and personal message.

im pretty sure most of the people in my family are multies or noobs.
its rough going over here. the noobs dont do much, and the multies
know what they are doing but choose to ignore messages for whole rounds and just collect whatever turns I am able to supply the family with.

so with 24 hours left in the turbo i killed, got about 427k in two
hours. came back online with 2 hours to go and 50k turns to kill. mitsui had double my kills, so i decided to smoke some weed.
from Circean

it was a challenge. nothing we cant handle though.
from Ghost

We played. We did great.
Circean is the man. Nuff said

from ShayneG_RankWhore

we just formed a family last minute and did what we could we always
work as a team and do what we can

from Ready

I didn't play. I, unfortunately, had to fly to Vegas and Miami all weekend.
Unfortunate eh?


from JewPacaveli_Da_Don

I didn't play too hard. what's the point? it was sameshit Mitsui takes
another free killer gold, the killing in this game has become stale and the competition has fell off to the point that the game is suffering as whole.

Some big changes are necessary in this game in order to bring back players and bring in new players. and to make it more competitive.