Hey TMBers. Vog here with my first main round recap.

With the standard rules set in the main round and the news abuzz about the 11th anniversary round coming up, we saw some hits being traded between some families and between some unions and even inside their own union that will surely cause some waves in future rounds.

In the first few days of the round, slots of DipseT_AnoNyMouS hit Itastelikecandy, the Inner Circle bank which ignited a war between the two families for the round. While DipseT got the inital drop by zeroing the majority of Inner Circle members, Inner Circle responded by building back up and kept most of Dipset zeroed for the round. Dipset also opted to go to a zero banking method for the rest of the round.

We also saw the continued war of unions between brotherhood/legends and IOU. Throughout the round players saw Viking_slap of brotherhood building to take out Moe_Lester in IOU. Hypocrisy also did some major damage with his hits on IOU. I think it will be awhile before we see a break in these hostilities.

One curious hit that stood out in my mind this round was when Ready (Righty), the leader in supporter killer ranks at that time was zero'd by Ravenkc and Amatiel. Rather strange for players in the same union to attack each other. What prompted this I don't know. But one thing is for sure, we can expect a response from Righty soon.

The end of the round saw dominating performances turned in by Super_Mega_Powers in the union ranks and Inner Circle running away with the family gold after coming in second the last main round. Rounding out the union ranks were IOU,BROTHERHOOD,LEGENDS, and LONDON_ELITE. The rest of the family ranks were filled in by DipseT_AnoNyMouS, Real_Trailer_Park, Nameless, and Slackers. This rounds jackpot winner was Monkeykilla. His win was an unchallenged one as the majority of his collection happened in the final few minutes of the round. Soulja received the silver and AssKicker received the bronze. Below is a quote from the jackpot winner.

from MonkeyKilla

Thanks to Nino, Lopov and Hollywood for giving me a shot at the round!! On a side note Giles can eat a dick for his comments on the GRD!!
The supporters killer's race was won by Theft_Adidas. He pulled ahead of Ready with a few days left in the round. Coming in third was iDontLikeThemes. In the free killers race Leah took home the gold. Rockem got the silver and iDarkstar got the killer bronze.

Congratulations to all the winners this round.

-Level 4-
1.MonkeyKilla $34,663,309,310,324
2.Soulja $12,010,390,250,584
3.AssKickeR $11,121,688,034,178
4.iS_iD_iN $8,686,329,897,912
5.Hypocrisy $4,201,516,590,001

-Level 3-
1.Gale977 $8,003,452,182,242
2.TAMMYGUNZ $7,005,697,217,136
3.triggerman23 $6,002,939,006,756
4.No_iDea $4,796,117,496,392
5.Domenico $614,857,686,601

-Level 2-
1.Jumbo $6,502,159,661,902
2.6RightWinger9 $5,004,678,350,305
3.Ur-stup-iD $4,096,398,389,908
4.Big_Trin $3,007,906,776,189
5.tommypichero $1,625,085,197,842

-Level 1-
1.Greenes $5,008,835,407,386
2.mIDlife_crisis $3,004,576,319,618
3.T_M_K $2,113,215,520,900
4.RaiDeN $388,227,606,704
5.iDarkstar $147,072,326,058

-Best Supporter Killers-
1.Theft_Adidas 30,518,265
2.Ready 28,538,170
3.iDontLikeThemes 21,110,262
4.TheUndead 11,065,914
5.Wolfgang 9,087,889

-Best Free Killers-
1.Leah 1,137,609
2.Rockem 1,043,878
3.iDarkstar 846,026
4.Slingblade 447,436
5.Shade 247,892

-Collecting Family-
1.Inner_Circle iDtastesLikeCandy_ $10,781,664,175,681
2.DipseT_AnoNyMouS slots $3,015,227,741,411
3.ReAL_TrAiLeR_PaRk DaReal_Keystone15 $2,752,052,834,801
4.NaMeLeSs Domenico $1,454,475,109,691
5.SlackerS Administration $351,733,495,022

-Collecting Union-
1.Super_Mega_Powers Hollywood_Hubert $27,839,104,801,305
2.IOU iLOveBiTeS $11,437,753,526,267
3.Brotherhood Hypocrisy $6,100,984,712,559
4.LEGENDS Circean $3,520,979,901,161
5.LONDON_ELITE Gallio $1,003,994,523,365

from CraZzy_RajJ

After the last round's gold medal, Most of our players went on vacation.. Although we thought that left one's can keep it up, But as IC declared war on us, as they zeroed slots last round.. We were lacking some banking Issues, as we got used to du banker

About killing, Yeah slots built high and zeroed IC's Banker and we zeroed most of the IC members, rest left were low building so they got left, but then IC zeroed slots.. built way high At first we thought to zero their banker again, but then we thought why to lol Brook, C , Warpath, phat-Tony kept most of IC zeroed, And they kept us zeroed no doubt..
It was fun though..

And Yes it was a tough round for us, widout r looters and 24*7 du banker..

BUt we still managed to get 2nd fam (Silver Medal)
L4 6th
L3 7th
L2 4th
Best supporters 7th

And Vog abt ur question, Yes we gonna stay we're here to stay =)
We r looters, we dont need built dus=)
From Righty

Last round was great, congrats to Monkey on the win and all the looters who worked their ass off the entire round to put us in a great position at the end. I had the lead the entire round in killer and was just hoping I could hang on for gold but I guess it didn’t work out the way I wanted to and overnight into the last day of bots I noticed I had to kill about 8m to catch up to Tears (theft Adidas). My first reaction is ok, tears can have gold because he is a friendly guy and I’ll let that happen, but he usually lets me know along with the rest of that clan who they are during a round so we don’t step on each other toes, IE mutual respect. I’m not exactly sure what happened but I saw Raven (corvette) and Amatiel (undead or something) trying to kill the bots the last replenishment when they were still alive with du’s before they close down at the day mark. At the time I was just trying to pass to get to silver with what little turns I had left but then I saw they were hitting the bots so I couldn’t catch Tears, so I added my reserves that I was saving for my collect and started to chase for the lead. Had Tears told me who he was I wouldn’t have tried but that was in the back of my mind at this point. I noticed I was staying ahead of the both of them and gaining fairly quick on the KP’s. I saw both of those girls in cities that I was in so tried to stay ahead regardless, I didn’t figure they would hit me out of IOU Union but I guess they had other plans. I understand why, but they can both get fucked. My 8M Kp run in one TOH was self-impressive with motherfuckers that don’t attack back.(sarcasm)
from iTasteLikeCandy

Last round was so much fun! Anonymous started hitting us early, thinking that was gonna derail us. I think it was like the second day of the round, slots killed me at about 1 mil dus and a couple of ops. But he soon regretted it lol. Like a dumbass, he gave iD revenge and was killed after a few hours. I rebuilt to 3mil dus, and waited for slots to hit me, like he promised. He didn't, instead he just sent a bunch of hateful messages. He later apologized for it ,and I've since
forgiven him.

Then we killed them and kept them zeroed for quite a while. They got some good hits in too, but really didn't affect our game play. After day 6, they seemed to have given up on the round while we continued to loot.

End result? 30 TRIL in fam bank (which was more than some unions out there!) So yas, it was a great round! But I think the best part of the round was how many looters Enhanced-iD pissed off by maxing bots before reset. Lmao.

Anyways, I want to thank my family for being so awesome! And a special thank you to iD (ily so much), TUJ (ilyu2), Dark_Prophet (butterflies r ugly), SnoMan, Dub, YoT, my pet, Torm!, Reds (as much as I hate you), DArkstar, quag, Joe_loop, Joe2times, sanders (white chocolate is chocolate), and the most important mafioso ever Actionjackson . If I missed anyone, it's because ihy, jk don't start crying! IC4L! Xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
from RoRo

Sorry I was busy doing top secret espionage stuff in legends last round... im like james bond meets jason bourne meets sherlock holmes meets ninja. Learnt all their super duper top secrets and stuff to exploit them going forward. But now im back, so ask me again nxt round, might be able to be somewhat useful

It was a good round, I had fun.
from Chrispy

Brotherhood had a fun round; we managed to get the most for our money in terms of weighing up the tiers and family ranks and the EOR went smoothly.

Thanks to everyone in BH for the help and the laughs, yet another good round for the Brotherhood.

Mafioso's still be catching feelings... but we got this.

AKA Bartholomew Simpson Foundation Award. This is awarded to a single person each round that does the most courageous or most random and goofy thing of the round and will bring 15,000 turns to the winner.

I'll award a split prize this round to Raven and Amatiel for zeroing Righty. You may not like them but, I can certainly appreciate the way they stir the pot.

Well done. Please contact RAIN for your reward.

You think you have someone to propose for the Bartholomew Simpson Foundation Award aka Loose Cannon award?

Contact me in game!