Dear Teembeers, here we go with the review of round 736. This round offered some changes. First one Legends does not exist anymore. Second one Combined InnerCircle and BlackSails nailed the union ranks and individual ranks too.

OK so Legends joined Brotherhood. Quite a strange marriage. From other hands InnerCircle with Blacksails is much less strange situation. We seen number of IOU members with profile messages showing the merge between Brotherhood and Legends didn't go unnoticed. Most of these messages were simply stating “after all legends do die”. Blacksails leaving super_mega_powers few rounds ago was kind of surprise too. Seeing them with innercircle not so big surprise. A few members of IU had profile messages for blacksails too. This new friendships will be interesting to watch if they survive the proof of time. In my opinion Innercircle mentality of Indy family may not work in favor of ICBS union.

Im not sure what happened to Legends, strange to see them beeing now Brotherhood, especially knowing Brotherhood was founded on families leaving Legends....

We seen another slow round beside the mentioned changes in colors.

However the ranks were as follows:

-Level 4-
1. 23 $51,179,130,372,518
2. SnoMan $12,138,210,267,042
3. Mitsui $10,033,044,226,739

level 4 and JP was won by 23 from IU. Followed by Innercircles SnoMan and Mitsui. No real battle happened there. It was clear few minutes prior to EOR that there wont be a JP battle. As usually I got ignored or almost ignored..

from 23

Hmm not much to say 23 eh? Congratulations on your win well done!

-Level 3-
1. fixer $8,409,033,439,524
2. sic $8,403,855,666,646
3. RocknRolla $7,500,600,121,555

This round level 3 gold was paid just 5 billion more than silver. It was a real photo finish! The gold went to Blacksails Fixer.

from RocknRolla
Thanks for congratulations First, I want to thank my Union. This is a result of good joint work. Congratulations to the
other winners, especially for 23. That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. LOL something for the end…..


-Level 2-
1. Carbide $4,217,703,248,894
2. Phantom $3,202,186,783,224
3. Big_Trin $3,055,502,701,200

Level 2 medals weren't the cheapest ones. In regular round usually this is where it cost less to rank. This round all 3 medal places were above 3 trillion with gold going to UC_avengers Carbide.

from Tom_Phan
For the outcome of the round, me zaboli patka, I would like to thank Jaclyn and the rest of
Drama family also big thanks to Jackie and 13 Capos for their support.
Special shout-out for AdrianClub and all my balkan boys!
from Big_Trin
Hey there, We had a good round, to bad Lucky and Pink just finished outside the poduim. But still fam gold
and 2 tier medals. Awesome job everyone!

-Level 1-
1. Wolfgang $3,502,255,134,148
2. SoSupreme $800,447,725,796
3. Smiles_R_Free $503,078,634,434

Level 1 seen gold medal paid 3.5 trillion, But bronze was paid only half trillion, and silver 800 billion. After a while level 1 was quite cheap to rank in top positions and gold went to UC_Avengers Wolfgang.

from Wolfgang
There is something you don't know about me; no one does. It happened after a 3-day bender of meth and Chef Boyardee. As I stumbled into the thick forest behind my house, I tripped on a rock and was sent into 50-foot free fall. I must have been out for several hours. When I woke up, something felt different. And between you and me, something amazing happened... and now I can talk to animals! It's really cool, but totally secret. And you know what? Life's never been the same.

Also, I want to thank my family over here at UC and my Union, and especially Hollywood for the
Lvl 1 medal, they're the best


from SoSupreme
I did not expected i will get a medal so soon. thanks to big_trin, raj and whole fam for this medal. Its good to be back here with few old UN members.

In supporter killer ranks we seen Trumafioso securing the gold position. Silver was also won by InnerCircle member BigAnt23. Supporter killer ranks didn't look like combated field. Probably all the changes happened in union and family affiliations did make this field a little easier than usually. In free players killer ranks battle was between IOU Kimi and IU Sellz. Numbers of kills for both gold and silver position were above 2 million kills. Pretty impressive.

-Best Supporter Killers-
1. TruMafioso 40,166,434
2. BigAnT23 36,737,131
3. BlackSwan 29,848,537

from BigAnT23
Great round all around. Thanks to the Inner Circle happy to be a part of a great family. Also thank you to Itastelikecandy, ID, Trumafioso, TUJ, And Torm. Hope to spend many more rounds in
this tight knit family!!!

-Best Free Killers-
1. Kimi 2,219,086
2. sellz 2,009,626
3. Jonzo 1,461,313

from Kimi
Thanks! It was bloody competition in free killer ranks last round. I wanted to go for top 3 killer rank whole round, but when i saw by 2 day mark sellz, Wolfgang, Corcaigh at 1.200k+ kill points and still with defs, I was little undecided. But at the end, we decided to go for it! You cant get 2.200k kill points at your own, that’s team work. Big thanks to IOU union and all friends who helped me, you know who you are!
from Jonzo
Hi Blogger
End of round went as planned, all cash union then tier a few with the cash left, so only 8
trill on hand. First EOR in main I've done so thank fuck it worked out.

I was interested in your killer medal Jonzo...

In family ranks DipSet_AnoNyMouS and Nameless fought for gold. DipSet_AnoNyMouS granted it with 5.4 trillion. COB was third. SouthSide_Elite one of legends families which did not joined Brotherhood was 4th and LE_GIRLS closed the ranks, in 5th position and paid their family rank only half trillion.

-Collecting Family-
1. DipSet_AnoNyMouS CraZzy_RajJ $5,451,008,497,713
2. NaMeLeSs Domenico $4,513,136,516,582
3. COB Pushtostart $4,268,946,209,784
4. SouthSide_Elite Madd_Maxx $4,029,305,477,603
5. LE_GIRLS Bianca $533,725,096,311

from CraZzy_RajJ
It was again an awesome round and our second gold medal. We collected few medals this round

Fam Gold
L3 4th
L2 Bronze
L1 Silver
supporter killer 4th

So at last it was a good round and as alwayz, Thanks Big_Trin for managing EOR in such a gud way and Thanks to fam for putting so much efforts to rank fam and few tiers
Keep it Up guys
Expect Us


Seven five added this too for DipSet_AnoNyMouS:

from SeVeN_FiVe
Another good round and great effort from everyone in the family = )

from Domenico
Did you know that turtles eat bananas? Check youtube, its pretty hilarious.

Oh I didn't know that Domenico, will check it out!

from Pushtostart
First thanks to the few loyal members we have. Last round we decided to remain a single family.
We mainly wanted to focus on training and developing members We pulled the bronze out of the round which was good being we only had ten members. It was a good round there will be more to come.
Cause we stay on that COB Shit. Tired of the same Old Shit this is the forefront of change message me in game

from Pushtostart
When you talk about COB make sure you sprinkle some respeck on it!

Oh ok Pushtostart I added some respect to my bread and butter breakfast

from Maxx
as all know we went solo .. and made 4 in family. for a first round out of union . i say that
is a great start .. thank u to those who helped ..

from Cynthia
Well, the game function pretty good I can't complain. i even wish I can own can own the game and have it in my country and customise the cities and currencies. One thing im still not satisfied about it is the fact that when the game ends end it a particular position but your results outcome is totally a different story....How possible is that? Or am I missing something?

You’re probably missing last seconds adjustings Cynthia. EOR finishings are usually adjusted in last moments of the round.

As always, I get most replies from family bosses. Thank you for that!

Union ranks seen uncontested win to ICBS. Brotherhood were doing an amazing job with looting and were able to rank as second union. IOU finishing third. Super_Mega_Powers were just 4th, even with the JP win. Seeing the outcome of the ranks they could easily take union gold too. Foundhell, yes u read it right Foundhell was 5th union. Is this a return of once mighty Foundhell to the TMB lands?

-Collecting Union-
1. ICBS iD $38,484,270,861,541
2. Brotherhood ThirtyNick $27,629,833,893,258
3. IOU iLOveBiTeS $20,039,426,126,666
4. Super_Mega_Powers LOPOV $4,838,150,573,273
5. FoundHell Bishop $396,884,113,198

from iD
Union? wtf? oh, yeah, right, that. great round. Gold union, Silver and Bronze Lvl4, Gold and Silver Lvl3, Gold and Silver killer, hard to say anything other than we killed it. two kickass families teamed up and dominated the round, was a lot of fun. Thanks to all who helped, and thanks to THEALLM1GHTY for a great job managing EOR while i was at work. a special thanks to the most important player in the game, action_jackson. send him all your fan mail, he loves having his inbox explode.
ICBS added this too to:

add in lvl 1 bronze too!
...also add silver free killer (sellz) to Id’s writeup

from BlackSwan
It was really a good round for us. Bites was training a new “money man” on how to distribute cash at EOR. He did a fantastic job of “spreading it” and she popped his cherry. LOL In the end we came away with 2 level 4 ranks, a silver in level 2 and a 4th in Level 1. We also earned bronze medals in both supporter and free killers, as well as bronze family.

Thanks to all those who helped get us there!
Oh really? Red handbag and red shoes?

For the random player short 3 questions Interview I choose KiLLer_BeauTy this round

the questions were:
1. How was your round?
2. What would you chnage if you could?
3. Your EOR outcome in past round?

Reply was this:

from KiLLer_BeauTy

I love looting find it challenging. Although, I do like the old days where we had no bots and it was player vers player and killing someone gunless was icing on a cake. Last round was amazingly Great I must say we became Unionized with IC and we dominated the game. BS and IC work well together.

Ok we arrived to our BROWN SEA CUCUMBER award section...
Section a) Didnt reply me
Section b) Hit me in game - very, very, very bad people,
Section Ted Evelin Mosby) Ones who send me recruiting messages, invites, non-business related messages

& NO, no free turns for that as usual...

BROWN SEA CUCUMBER award for round 736

Section A)

Section B)
No one strangely, I build few k du's noone will hit me (AND I never revenge...)from ChicanoWolf
ChicanoWolf raided your headquarter while no one was there and ganked $21,434,375 from you.

from ChicanoWolf
ChicanoWolf raided your headquarter while no one was there and ganked $22,562,500 from you.

from ChicanoWolf
ChicanoWolf invaded your headquarter. 3793 of your boys were killed. 569 of ChicanoWolf's died as well. ChicanoWolf stole $23,750,000 and stole 0 glocks, 0 shotguns, 0 uzis, 3,793 ak47 from the bodies.

from ChicanoWolf
ChicanoWolf invaded your headquarter. 6210 of your boys were killed. 1500 of ChicanoWolf's died as well. ChicanoWolf stole $25,000,000 and stole 0 glocks, 0 shotguns, 0 uzis, 6,207 ak47 from the bodies.

Section Ted Evelin Mosby)

from hades
How's it going

sent to hades
Busy really

from hades
Better than being bored I suppose.

Definitelly hades, you’re right about this!

NOW, we arrived to the award section! The one with real turns . The reward is called LOOSE CANNON. BUT, I personally call it Bartholomew Simpson Foundation Award.

This is awarded to a single person each round that does the most courageous or most random and goofy thing of the round and will bring 15,000 turns to the winner.

This round I was No one really catch my interest, regular looting regular killings, regular builds boring round for the BSF reward. AT end I believe CraZzy_RajJ beeing a leader of the is doing a great job to lead and rank in gold place the family of that size this round’s Bartholomew Simpson Foundation Awardis going to


Well done. Please contact RAIN for your reward.

You think you have someone to propose for the Bartholomew Simpson Foundation Award aka Loose Cannon award?

Contact me in game!