Hi TMBers

Here we go with the round review of 732. This round didn't see any major shake ups in the ranks. In the Union field we saw Super_mega_powers leading the pack almost from beginning of the round. IOU was going strong this round too, followed by Brotherhood, LEGENDS, and the newest union CIRCLEOFBOSSES. In the Family fields we saw Inner_Circle hitting the coveted gold medal. Dipset_Anonymous took silver family. While Nameless rounded out the top 3 ranks.


-Level 4-
1.Righty $42,791,174,129,990
2.iD $12,001,652,555,396
3.Sergei_Mikhailov $8,003,663,856,695

Righty’s round! An uncontested win for Righty this round. Below from him. A level 4 silver for IC’s boss iD. Sergei_Mikhailov takes home the level 4 bronze.

from Righty
Kind of a complicated round. Could have been Greedy and set more tiers but I guess it doesn't matter in hindsight. Could have also been Greedy and took it for less cash but I'm always one to see more tiers in addition to taking union gold and JP.

Thanks to all that worked throughout the round and congrats to all the winners.

-Level 3-
1.Leith2 $8,212,089,070,504
2.MERKY $8,003,447,506,602
3.Berdugo $7,002,511,659,935

A hotly contested tier where first and second were only separated by 200 billion. Berdugo has become a familiar fixture in this tier ranking.

-Level 2-
1.harryverderchki $6,864,005,734,561
2.nimeekSllitS $4,204,994,734,934
3.NapalmDeath $4,065,154,484,110

IU’s harryverderchki captures the level 2 gold. In tightly contested race for 2nd and 3rd in this level. nimeekSllitS edges out NapalmDeath for the silver medal.

-Level 1-
1.Paladin $3,703,918,072,690
2.TruMafioso $3,511,972,464,930
3.Big_Trin $1,000,694,880,689

Interesting tier. Paladin and TruMafioso who both normally are supporters in the game were free players this round. Just 200 billion separated the two as IOU garnered another individual tier gold. IC tier captures the silver individual tier.

-Best Supporter Killer-
1.C_Note 52,339,898
2.SnoMan 48,616,852
3.Eck 41,752,448

This round saw the return of some familiar names in the killer ranks. C_Note put in some major work in the bot killing and garnered supporter gold. SnoMan and Eck rounded out the top 3.

-Best Free Killer-
1.McInnes 1,219,712
2.criple 1,175,949
3.tikki 1,160,100

The free killers rank is always one of the most hotly contested races. This again was the case as less than 100,000 kill points separated the top 3. Just 15,000 between 2nd and 3rd.

-Collecting Family-
1.Inner_Circle iD $10,382,470,105,015
2.DipseT_AnoNyMouS slots $4,292,761,755,875
3.NaMeLeSs Freddie_Mercury $1,060,451,373,811
4.Cool_Cats B $903,574,996,125
5.OriginalOutlaws Don_Blue $788,295,084,598

-Collecting Union-
1.Super_Mega_Powers Hollywood_Hubert $34,526,348,778,629
2.IOU Audi $19,646,270,255,550
3.Brotherhood Hypocrisy $11,061,579,060,158
4.LEGENDS Circean $5,882,053,790,477
5.CIRCLEOFBOSSES Pushtostart $4,689,919,897,397


from Gallio
not much to say about it really , was a wierd round ,again , tommy got 8th lvl 3 that was it for us
from CraZzy_RajJ

Yeah it was a nice round
We got Fam Silver
L3 7th
L2 4th
L1 3rd
Supporter killer gold
free killer 9th

Dipset_Anonymous Expect Us to dipset

from Troy_Ave
We had a fun round and got 2nd family. Great effort from all the members in our fam.

from Viking_Slap
We fielded a good crew of looters that were working together and playing hard most importantly was that we communicated and had a good strategy fortunately we followed through


The LOOSE CANNON AKA Bartholomew Simpson Foundation Award. This is awarded to a single person each round that does the most courageous or most random and goofy thing of the round and will bring 15,000 turns to the winner.

This round I chose BJ as the recipient of the award. His mid round build and leveling various players in the game caused players to scramble to protect their banks. He also curiously remained relatively inactive the rest of the round.

BJ please contact Rain for your prize.