With the 11th Anniversary Round for TMB in the books. Its time to recap the round! Highlights of the round included a special turbo style round that lasted 10 days! Credits were also assigned a 10:1 ratio however, a cap of 360K turns were in place for each player. How would the families respond to the increase in amount of turns and the
strategy involved in the round?

From the start of the round the majority of the players built as if it was a turbo round. Players built hitmen and hustlers while some players such as Mr.Banker, slots, and Clutch went with all thugs and bodyguards to act as banks for their respected families and unions.

While the importance of killing bots and looting was still a priority, subbed players were better off hiring for some large collections later in the round. Case in point was the family race between Dipset_Anonymous and Inner Circle. For 5 days Dipset held the lead with aggressive looting and bot killing. Once Inner Circle started their collections they quickly established a lead that they would not give up.

The end of the round saw IOU with multiple players hitting their 360K turn cap and collecting enough to over take Super_Mega_Powers for the union gold. Coal from IOU also captured the jackpot and level 4 gold. The rest of the union ranks were (3rd-5th) LEGENDS, Cleveland_Commission, and Brotherhood. The level remaining level 4 medals were TMK and Huntress.

In the family ranks, I mentioned that Inner Circle and Dipset took home the top 2 spots. In third was the Nameless family, with the Warriors and Circus Nuts in fourth and fifth spots. It was great to see one of the old time independent families, Circus Nuts, come back for a for a reunion round. Here's hoping they make their comeback permanent.

The supporters killers race saw produced some inflated numbers this round with 2 players topping over 100 million kills. Josh ended up with 137 million kill points and RIBEYE ended up with 117 million. American Idiot came in third with 85 million. In free killers it was a tight race between DEAN (17.5 million) and Ulster (17.1 million). Prejudiced got the bronze with 14.3 million kill points.

Congratulations to all the winners in this special round! I do hope that this format will be run again in the future.


AKA Bartholomew Simpson Foundation Award. This is awarded to a single
person each round that does the most courageous or most random and
goofy thing of the round and will bring 15,000 turns to the winner.

This round I'll award it to Soulja for BH's completely unsolicited and hilarious message to me. I might be hitting up VIKING for some financial assistance...Keep your phone lines open...

from Soulja

We have updated our main menu to feature now voice recognition system,
you can simply choose to
say or dial the department you are looking for.

1- For Complaints Department, and Union Diplomacy, say Hypocrisy or dial 911

2- For Brotherhood's Ethics Correspondent; say TAMMYGUNZ or dial 1979

3- For Financial assistance; such as subs, and Paypal JP funds, say
VIKING or dial 1975

4- For Game Inquiries; such as Banking, say Chrispy or dial 1944

5- For Game Inquiries; such as Looting, say Sergei or dial 1995

6- For Game Inquiries; such as Killing targets, and BOTS, say Josh or dial 1999

7- *UPDATE* We currently have no collecting representative as we all
agreed to collect with 0%
happiness, and makes us look good.

8- For Free players success Adviser, Donations, and Humanitarian and
Disaster Relief
Assistance, say George or dial 1913

9- For Round quotes; If we do not provide one, that could only mean
''We Do Whatever We
Wanted Whenever We Wanted'' unless specified otherwise.

currently we offer only 3 flights per week; every Tuesday one direct
flight to Syria, and every
Thursdays to Paris, and Brussels. Over the coming weeks we will have
special packages for
summer trips to Nigeria, and Thailand with our experienced Pilot and
Co-Pilot Grobar, and



*MIDDLE EAST (Representative: Soulja) Cairo, Egypt
Phone#: +2 224-258-1948

*ASIA (Representative: ThE-nd) Lahore, Pakistan
Phone#: +92 950-987-1999



I asked several players what they thought of the 10 day "turbo" round
and their comments are below.

from Papa

I weren't personally much of fan of the round and turns in game...Round was quite easy for us. We got some sporadic hits on us on beginning turning us in annihilating a lot of ops of opposite side.. I have to really congratulate all IOU members for amazing job in killing but also looting, since we had few important missing and some of us were active just in last few days.

Beside few lower tiers and killer ranks we had union gold, JP win,
another medal in level 4, medal in level 3 and level 1...

looking how the round was with number of players unprepared for so
many turns on hands i'd say was a great outcome.

Congratulation to all winners, and big Thank you to all IOU members no
matter where they sit now.

from Clutch
"I built big during the first couple hours of the round with all of
my expiring won turns. Didn't use a sub, and still had the third most DU's by end of round. Pulled off a 5th in support killers & took 1st in unions with IOU. Drama-packed round full of bullshit, as usual.”
from CraZzy_RajJ
Yeah this round was really fun wid everything at extreme extent 10x bots replenishment,turbo rate turns,50% max all was gud, the only thing i dont like was 50% deposit, it sucks lol although its gud to get some hurdles :P

Round was fun, but i guess most of players would had lost their interest in looting in abt 5-6 days..

I wasnt their at EOR, Big_Trin managed it again

and we got
L4 6th
L3 7th
L2 4th
Best supporter killer 4th (being at L3)
2nd Family
from donkier

All in all it's a fun round we got to play with a lot of turns. Made
banking a little tricky with 50% but still gave us the enjoyment. It's been a good round for us and would like to take this opportunity to congratulate all the winners! Cheers!

from Unbreakable_Soviet

Does you're name stand for Vault of Glass? I enjoyed it to an extent, we took 4th union. But it was just too crazy, everyone was looting
everyone. MrBanker with his 61 million DU's and IC was Unstoppable. They had the real advantage because of the ratio. I'm glad it's over because it was to much at times. Maxing wasn't really useful, and losing a couple of Trillion was inevitable due to players with such high DU levels.

from Pushtostart

It was a great round I was AL Oxa. We started a new union as Gall
something was getting to comfortable just taking the 5th place union spot and ranking himself. Good round a little chaotic but good over..

from McQueen

I love the capped round! It gave us equal chance. Though the more you
have people that can cap the 360k, the more chances of winning

from STEEL

I thought it was a very exciting round. Getting turbo type turns for
10 days! Made people change their strategies somewhat. Would love to have more rounds like that one!

from Ravenkc

Hi mate, Well I think it was a fun round! Happy TMB Anniversary!! WOW!! how did you know I loved Red Roses) xxx *Blows Kiss*

I hope everyone in TMB had a great round also and I am sure everyone
had a ball with the ratio and turbo turns yes didn't we all feel very tough and mega rich rolling in the trillions!!!


Love Always

-Level 4-

1.coal $2,252,281,500,784,626
2.TMK $1,010,483,284,596,151
3.Huntress $728,029,700,512,013
4.HuNg_LiKe_A_cAt $670,019,739,552,030
5.Hypocrisy $280,060,855,146,404
6.Fighting_IRISH $250,011,856,885,087
7.B $38,293,963,940,057
8.Al-oxa $28,257,987,188,705
9.Circean $9,183,828,346,779
10.PrettyButterfly $5,631,325,609,770

-Level 3-

1.ToY $1,538,096,109,445,578
2.Nitrate $400,009,216,268,251
3.DUCKY $356,012,120,818,628
4.Kimi $260,014,392,690,862
5.Ivan $223,186,576,599,852
6.Kitty_So_Tight $218,624,745,492,056
7.Luckyboy $155,806,720,370,000
8.SirDanceAlot $100,564,660,210,825
9.xXx $27,581,117,481,527
10.Lego_Head $12,717,786,158,814

-Level 2-

1.CandyShop $500,032,424,347,727
2.P-Devily $200,033,739,855,722
3.happy $114,947,170,653,798
4.Slyder $104,723,177,219,979
5.tommypichero $18,748,789,129,971
6.Dhalsim $17,964,683,667,781
7.stigma $9,547,183,162,567
8.Trumpet_A_Thief $7,600,056,116,395
9.Tripp $6,206,148,122,479
10.Zhang_Liao $1,284,183,627,054

-Level 1-

1.Smiles_R_Free $215,009,369,887,796
2.hazmoore $200,009,385,427,540
3.Nameless4eva 192919$63,891,955,543,826
4.Novel_Write r$54,026,448,616,995
5.Toma $51,100,511,398,272
6.isthisiain $40,120,205,100,156
7.LuckyNate $40,004,283,048,999
8.TodoMuerto $11,671,104,672,458
9.Berdugo $9,226,265,227,077
10.Slash $771,651,221,076

-Best Supporter Killer-

1.Josh 137,290,743
2.RIBEYE 117,810,871
3.AM3RiCAN_IDioT 85,955,898
4.Big_Trin 60,181,517
5.Clutch 34,677,433
6.TAMMYGUNZ 28,997,593
7.TheUndead 28,438,474
8.BoOom 16,496,849
9.Nino 14,241,352
10.clownswalking 7,485,169

-Best Free Killer-

1.DEAN 17,545,535
2.Ulster 17,100,058
3.Prejudiced 14,285,620
4.Phantom 7,751,302
5.Shade 6,903,994
6.Rey 6,468,427
7.analverary 5,208,620
8.FIFI 3,873,276
9.69myballs 3,406,022
10.Dr.Pepper 2,947,156

-Collecting Family-

1.Inner_Circle iD $700,000,000,000,000
2.DipseT_AnoNyMouS CraZzy_RajJ $186,524,514,666,407
3.NaMeLeSs Domenico $71,366,825,726,251
4.Warriors B $7,364,430,484,844
5.Circus_Nuts Cullen $391,227,961,148

-Collecting Union-

1.IOU Grasshopper $2,969,203,451,480,140
2.Super_Mega_Powers Hollywood_Hubert $1,905,711,171,462,462
3.LEGENDS Circean $227,384,028,694,453
4.Cleveland_Commission MarilynMonroe $79,591,579,285,627
5.Brotherhood Hypocrisy $78,251,501,721,509