Kingie_Porello Interview
By RavenKC



.....(Intense hip-hop music).........(Pounding on door...)

Hold on a minute.
MAN IN HALL: What the fuck?
KINGIE: Hold on a fuckin minute!
[Hip-hop music stops suddenly]
[Hip-hop beat from other room]
[Pounding on door]
MAN IN HALL: Yo, what the fuck?
Quit playing with your fucking self!
Open the door!
Fuck, man.
Who the fuck is you, nigga?
Where are you going?
-Backstage. I'm in the battle.
-You can't.
-I got a stamp on my hand.
-Go around front.
-Man, you just seen me--
-I didn't see nothing.
You just fucking seen me.
I went to the bathroom.
KINGIE: He has a problem with me.
He's straight, dawg.
-He with you?
Okay. Cool, Future. But your boy
got an attitude problem.
Come on. You're crazy,
trying to fight bouncers.
The guy's obviously got something
against me. I go to the bathroom--
Rise above that bullshit.
KINGIE: Hold on, man.
TMB FUTURE: You fucking threw up on yourself?
Come here!
TMBCHEDDAR: Hey, Rabbit.
DJ IZ: I know you're ready, Rabbit.
TMB CHEDDAR: Where you goin'?
TMB FUTURE: He hurled on his shirt.
TMB CHEDDAR: Let me see.
KINGIE: Get the fuck off me.
What are you doing, man?
Come on, it's deal time.
Our clica will be on the map
after you whup some ass tonight.
Me and Janeane broke up.
TMB FUTURE: What, again?
KINGIE: I left her the car.

Exit Scene- CUT-



RavenKC: Ladies and gentlemen of the TMB world tonight I have a very special guy we all know he is a vet player and apart of the TMB community he loves to Rap and get on ya nerves in a TMB Thread- Plz make welcome my close friend Kingie!!!

RavenKC: hey Kingie!! whats Up!!

Kingie: Sup man yeah you know what's Crackin around doing what I do best

RavenKC: I'm going to let you get away with calling me MAN!! LOL

RavenKC: hahaha

RavenKC: So you are a TMB Vet player, when did you start to play?

Kingie: Hahaha

RavenKC: ?????

Kingie: I first start playing hmm let me think like 7-8years ago

RavenKC: Ok so can you describe to me your "noob" years take us back in time

Kingie: Shit my noob years was when I was with ACS _Generation with pookie as my boss in Chicago who was led by Socrates

RavenKC: OK you are going back too far haha or I have forgotten ahha - this is were you got trained?

Kingie: Yeah sure it was I was trained to loot your goddamm HQ and send up to the family banker who then will hold and send gun cash when need be back

RavenKC: and how long did you stay with these guys? where they successful?

Kingie: I stay with them for almost 1-2years I think

Kingie: I went on a wide range of names but kept a few knowing a certain name who will know and invite me every round

RavenKC: Ok so back then were there any wars or characters you remember from ur early days?

Kingie: Mysted_angel,Socrates,pookie,Cypriot,Black_Rock,mi ss_fortune shit there is more

RavenKC: Oh now I remember the time frame)

RavenKC: those are mostly my mates.. its funny how the years just fly by

RavenKC: oh I loved Miss_Fortune;(

RavenKC: i actually remember hitting you years ago and your reaction!

Kingie: Yes it is funny but I deeply miss those days

Kingie: What else do want to know

Kingie: How my name KINGIE came about then how I adopted PORELLO as my own

RavenKC: ok so what happened after that did you join any major unions?? I notice you get around and cannot sit still! you never have

Kingie: After I had a down fall and left the game after a few months I returned but as Kingie_calone and I join a few small families and one big one as I remember as underworld led by taisuke but even then I had a huge argument their with lethal_kiss hahaha and resulted in a all out war as normal I lost cause I recruted noobs as like me

RavenKC: Ok so you mentioned Lethal_Kiss a TMB Queen did you like many others fall in love with her!??

Kingie: haha well no I never did actually

Kingie: we had very much bad issues then

Kingie: by the time we was settled she left for a while

RavenKC: oh i see, well she is a crazy Aussie like me and you know what mad Aussie women are like, since you are also Australian!!

Kingie: yes I am aussie too and I never thought I was speaking to fellow aussie

Kingie: it took years for me to know who and how many fellow aussies were around


RavenKC: Kingie I know you have a fantastic memory and you do pay attention to detail, can you recall for me a particular war you were involved in that stands out in your mind?

Kingie: well I can recall one war this was after I took control over the porello crime families and disbaned all current families and stuck to my own policy to prosper my own family reputation . Now I made deals NYCU and HKU

RavenKC: OMG YES!!! now we are talking

Kingie: I made a chapter of HKU_Porello_Goons right

Kingie: and I was affiliated with prophecy from NYCU

RavenKC: Sorry about your families but I was in NYCU and we took it to HKU!! rawwwwwwwwwwwr!!

RavenKC: and that was before our year war with then noobs IU!

RavenKC: OMG was that when you and I had our fight! I remember it- you were very mean to me- first time in TMB (even though had many now)

Kingie: mean while my HKU_PORELLO_GOONS was under Besttriggerman which I didn't really like so I started to trade information better yet NYCU got the upperhand as Besttriggerman betrayed me lol

Kingie: yes it was the time lol

RavenKC: Yes NYCU won the war but I do remember Besttriggerman he would log in drunk and spend and it took like 10 of us to take him down back then multiple free players could work together to take out a spender and I was a free player

Kingie: I felt like I was working for the KGB and then CCCP come around isn't that a story for you - MR_FELDMAN when I requested help from HIM

Kingie: yes you was free player and I remember that well

A Rap with Kingie Just Ain’t no Typical ‘Thingy’! –Kingie discusses his ‘Rap Threads’ Which has become Apart of the TMB Community

RavenKC: Ok so I need to ask about your thread posts, you are a very creative and talented writer and you like to use this in a 'Rap' format can you tell me all about this, oh and mind you, this has been apart of the TMB community for a long time, Mr_Worker and his religious posts and then we have Kingie and his raps- we wouldn't be the same without you guys!

Kingie: well to be honest I use to reply to my enemies with rap replies and so

Kingie: I decided to go to the GRD most who use to call it before the layout change

Kingie: introduced by miss_fortune to as I didn't know what that was really

Kingie: i want everyone to see my replies my talentd

RavenKC: hmm so it is a tactic in dealing with haters, very nice

Kingie: so I made it game open and on the threads it went good so I want others to participate

Kingie: I made a contest who can do the best

Kingie: and yes it was a tactic to humiliate your hahaha

RavenKC: yes I know BLind he is also very good and limericks too


Kingie: I remember everytime he had a replie

Kingie: let me name a few who participated

Kingie: actually scrap the last part please

RavenKC: hahaha oh dear I am going to start a WAR!

Kingie: lol

Kingie: as far I kow blind and Nosz and many more who out there participated in my thread with out anyone else my threads wouldn't be as big

Kingie: shit I also see the layout is now games and contests now haha

Kingie: even the staff is involved

*** Call from Kingie ***
*** Call ended ***

RavenKC: I don't have head phones

*** Missed call from Kingie. ***

Kingie: Seriously

RavenKC: grr ill get u

*** Missed call from Kingie. ***
*** Call ended ***

RavenKC: LMFAO!!!! Kingie !!!

RavenKC: So what kind of themes do you guys rap about, Mafia I take it?

Kingie: well I like to try and keep at the theme of the wars and fights on TMB but sometimes I like to spice it up on my own or who evers life meaning they speak about themselves

RavenKC: I think its a great way for self expression and its always fun to read- as long as it does not go too far of course, do you remember the burn rap contests?

Kingie: no I don't actually lol

RavenKC: I think Miss_Fortune had something to do with it - um two players would be picked then go on the threads and have like a Rap off - although it was fun mostly a few times it got very heated, I know myself Id end up zeroing or fighting someone;/

Kingie: oh yes yes I remember actually lol

Kingie: I think this is why I was introduced to the GRD she use to say it was to me

RavenKC: hahahh

Kingie: getting all Chingy Talking about Looting

RavenKC: ok back to TMB so do you prefer to collect, loot or kill? what is your game play?

Kingie: I am not a killer I am not a collector I am the looter but mainly I rather be a administrator to the family I am in I have a good strong leadership skill

Kingie: I love to write and enforce rules

RavenKC: ok so who are your favourite players of all time in TMB over the past what is it almost 10 years playing lol


Kingie Plays Ravens TMB Hide the Sausage Game

RavenKC: haha awesome, ok Kingie I am going to play Hide the TMB Sausage with you its just a game I made up I will ask a question and you have 2 seconds to reply!! are you ready

Kingie: READY

RavenKC: Favourite Staff Member in TMB?

Kingie: Storm

RavenKC: Favourite Aspect: Looting, Collecting, Killing?

Kingie: looting

RavenKC: If you could be any player for a day who would you want to be?

Kingie: hmm I think I would want to be MR_FELDMAN

RavenKC: Most notable Enemy?

Kingie: Daniele

RavenKC: The Best Union of all TIME?

Kingie: on my best union is NYCU

RavenKC: Favourite TMB Queen?

Kingie: well to be honest my fabvourite TMB is No other then the one and only RAVENNNNNKC!!!

RavenKC: hahahahah!!! yey!! not many pick me! LOL

RavenKC: ok sweety, I just want to thank you on behalf of The Mafia Boss for your contribution and loyalty to the Game, and what you bring to the Community with your Raps and continuous effort of fun! I am going to allow you to have your shout outs to past and present friends enemies legends and hoes!! take your time I know your list will be long!! and much and love and kisses from me as well xxxxx

Kingie: well my shout out you know what its about its the ones who was down and out to help / my legacy is my royalty of friends like London elite all way to NYC And U which is nothing but money making serial killin , scoller the mightiest of them all ronin never falls CCCP is one its way down especially when legends is around but the ones who over took the ranks is brother hood who knew who should but caught attention no other then UNITED NATIONS ! trust loyal respect you know who you are TLR biggest code of time is no other then OMERTA!


[BLIND] I'ma murder this man!
He's the type to lose
a fight with a dyke
They don't laugh 'cause you wack
It's 'cause you white with a mic
You're a laughingstock
When will this laughter stop?
When you and Everlast
bitch-ass get popped
You a wigga
that invented rhyme for money
Watch Lil' Tic spit kick
the Energizer Bunny
Rip the Rabbit head off
Toss it to Hugh Hefner
'Cause I don't play, boy
Tell me who's fresher
LT, that's right
Cock the heat and shoot ya
I'll punish Rabbit
or obsolete Future
My paws love to maul an MC
'Cause he's faker than a psychic
with caller ID
So that bullshit,
save it for storage
'Cause this is hip-hop
You don't belong, you're a tourist
Put your hockey sticks
and baseball bat away
This here's Detroit
TMB FUTURE: Whoa, whoa, okay,
You did a good job, Lil' Bitch.
I mean, Lil' Tic. My bad.
All right, next up
is my boy Bunny Rabbit.
Hey, talk that shit if you want,
but I vouch for this motherfucker.
He's a motherfuckin' genius.
Hit that shit. Forty-five seconds.
DJ, kick it.
[Background music begins]
Hey, yo.
Where'd y'all find this nigga at?
TMB CHEDDAR: Come on, Rabbit!
Come on, Rabbit! Come on!
AUDIENCE: [Chanting] Choke! Choke!
[Audience roars]
Hold up.
Don't worry about it, dawg.
I'll call you tomorrow.
I got to go back inside.
Stay strong, my brother.
You'll rip 'em next time.
-Yeah. Next time.
Peace out, Rabbit!

[Sombre keyboard music]
[Hip-hop beat accompanies instrumental music]