Guess who's back!! Woooooo

Wesker: Hello my lovely TMB players, after a long break in game and interviews, your sexy interviewer is back. And of course, I cant forget to mention my gay lov-, i mean, err, my partner in crime, bliNd who always make things a bit more interesting and fun

About the victim of course, well, bliNd can you tell our readers about him?

An Ex Hooligan by the name of Wolfgang
A true killer who goes out with a bang
He comes from LA
There's a chance he is gay
And some say that he has a huge wang

But now he resides in UC
As part of a great family
He licks Nexus' balls
While cleaning the halls
And gets jerked off by the great Kisty

Wesker: Lmao. That was great.

Now so, as usual first things first, how did you find out about TMB?

The Beginning

Wolfgang: I guess I was bored one day and decided to explore the internet for a game to pass the time, and I guess through my searching I stumbled upon this game lol.

Wesker: I see. I think most of people found the game like this lol

And before we start, tell us why the name WolfGang?

Wolfgang: Why did I pick the name Wolfgang, there's no background story why I got it, several people knew me by different names, so I needed something permanent to go by and that sounded badass, so Wolfgang was born lol......been stuck with it ever since lol

Wesker: Cool and can you remember what round that was? Not especific but give me a number.

Wolfgang: It was either around round 170-80ish I believe, somewhere between there.

Wesker: Nice and what city did you start?

Wolfgang: I guess like most newbie players I started out in New York City lol

Wesker: And what was your first family?

Wolfgang: I remembering joining some ICS family when I started, and being booted from that ICS fam that same round lol I guess they didn't like my behavior or something.

Wesker: lmao. You were already a troublemaker since you started. I'm proud of you.

Wolfgang: I was born a trouble maker lol

Wesker: Can you remember who was taking jp's that time? Or the family who was dominating? I know its hard that question, not everyone remember it.

Wolfgang: All I remember during those days was the Jackpot was very high, and Omerta or Pissheads were dominating I think, never really paid attention to it, I always minded my own business and continued with my mayhem lol

Wesker: I see and after you left ICS where did you go?

Wolfgang: I explored several families across TMB Land, some of the families I joined we're all collecting families which I didn't like really, so I either left or got kicked out, eventually I just ended up with MBU.
I was there for a good while til I ditched them as-well, then eventually I joined Revolution, that's where I learned some of the basics of killing and having fun..... but I still continued exploring families for a while.

Wesker: I see, you remember me a bit in this aspect.
And did you have any kind of mentor in Revolution family or did you learn most things by yourself?

Wolfgang: I really can't remember any names, but I do remember people training me though, like the basics of killing, this was during the time where the kill counter was around, these are the times I had the most fun with the game, I remember double zeroing players in families when war came around, it was fun.

Wesker: Yes i agree. The kill count really made the difference.
And you considerate yourself a killer? Or do you like looting/colleting too?

Wolfgang: I'm a killer at heart, I enjoyed the few wars I was in and getting satisfaction of seeing others butt-hurt because of some zeroed DU's, but nowadays I enjoy looting aswell as it generates easy money for the fam/union, I tried the collecting thing for a while when we hooligans were taking the game seriously lol.... didn't last long.

Wesker: Yes we will talk about the current days but before we talk about hooligans, lets talk the time you were jumping families to hooligans there is anything you wanna talk about before we go to this subject?

Wolfgang: Not really, there was a time I quit the game for a while, when I came back.... I got tired of jumping families so I tried to find a permanent home..... I was in a few families, but in the end I joined up Hooligans, that's where the fun began for me, again lol

Wesker: yeahh good times I spent in Hooligans. Well we all did.

Wesker: So about Hooligans, share with is, how did you end up there, tell us your relationship with Emir and the rest of the crew.

Wolfgang: When I came back to the game, jumping family to family, I eventually I ended up with Hooligans, this is when Koyoter was running the family, he eventually promoted me to his consig, but it was only several rounds later I decided to rebuild and make an actual comeback for the fun of it, with the help of Koyoter aswell, thus, the reborn of Hooligans.

Wesker: Tell me what kind of family were hooligans, it was collecting it was killer? i already know but please share to the readers :P

Wolfgang: Well Hooligans are collecting/or killer family. Well, it was a little of both, when I was looking for a family and jumping around, and eventually joining Hooligan when my bro Koyoter was running it, during that time they were in the family killer prizes always. But when I helped the family rebuild, I tried to keep the idea of keeping it a killer family, even if we did or did not rank in that category lol.

For awhile we were a killer family, started these mini wars or conflicts with families/Union such as WC, Ronin, OTF, what was left of HKU etc etc or just hit specific individuals just to annoy em lol...... We clashed heads with anyone really lol Didn't really gave a fuck during that time. Of-course we were a small family, and we picked fights with anyone really, not for the points, just for the satisfaction of seeing the other guy butt-hurt.

Wesker: Yeah one of the reason I really like there, just smash du's and create chaos. Please continue.

Wolfgang: Eventually we did transition to collecting, this is when I already knew Mr.Coco, and the family was getting a handful of members that only knew how to collect, or collecting was just their especiality, so for a long period we sat around just collecting and joining Unions such as Legends (didn't end so well the first time, of-course I see Emir joining them recently, happy for them) also, WC when they had a union, Jacknapes, The Outfit, and lastly the United Nations. So yeah, we did a little of both in my time there.

Wesker: Nice, and tell me how did you meet Emir?

Wolfgang: How did I meet the infamous Emir, no clue to be honest, I believe we started talking when I was helping rebuild his family, I believe this was only after when he magically "resurrected" because people actually thought he was dead lol. Oh how people hated us for that joke. But anyways, we started talking when he saw the family was some-what active, having a few naps here, starting several wars there, and bringing in active members that weren't completely useless.

Wesker: Oh about that joke, many people didnt believe I was in the middle of it. lol I kinda felt bad later, kinda deserved it

Present Day

Anyway, about nowdays, tell me how did you join UC? Why did you leave Hooligans and are you enjoying?

Wolfgang: How did I end up in UC. Well, I had a falling out with Hooligans last few rounds I was there, so I decided I needed a new scenary, since you Wesker were with UC during that time, I believed you hooked me and Coco up with an invite, and my time here has been great, they're an awesome family, great people, very loyal family, they have given me so much, indeed, they're the true underdogs of the game.

Wesker: Yeah, had to bring my hooligans with me. Glad the rest of the crew like you guys.

And do you enjoy working with IU union?

Wolfgang: Working with IU has been cool, they're a great family as well, they're well oiled machine.

Random Question Time

Wesker: Alright mate, thanks for your time with me. Now lets go to my random questions take your time.

Where are you from?

Wolfgang: Los Angeles, California.

Wesker: Whats your favorite kind of music?

Wolfgang: Hip-Hop/Rap, Reggae, Rock

Wesker: Your favorite movie?

Wolfgang: Mad Max: Fury Road.... such a badass film lol

Wesker: Yeah its pure action from the beggining til end.

Do you have a specific family/player that you hate? why?

Wolfgang: I don't hate no one/ family, but I know a few people who hate me lol ;D

Wesker: If you could be someone for 1 day in the world of TMB who would you like to be and why?

Wolfgang: If I could be anyone in the whole TMB world for a day....... Can I be myself ? because why not ? not even for a day but for life.

Wesker: Good answer. If you could add or remove a rule in the game, what it would be?

Wolfgang: R.I.P Emir....... hope everyone remembers that round lol

Wesker: lmao. Nothing to comment.

Alright bud, thanks for your time I really appreciate. Now only one thing to do.

Shout out time, go

Wolfgang: I'll like to give a shout out to my awesome family over here at UC, Hollywood, Jumbo, Giles, Blind and everyone in the family, also a shoutout to Koyoter, Emir, Coco, REDs, Countinho, OG, LaCosta, Dare_Devil, RocknRolla, Unbreakable, MrWorker, and you Wesker for this interview ...... If I missed anyone, sorry lol.

Wesker: Thanks bud.

I hope everyone enjoyed the reading. See you guys next time and in game. peace