Scoop Turdgeson: My hands were shaking as I made the call to the phone number written in sharpie on the used condom wrapper, was told to be at LAX arrivals at 4:00 PM and I would be picked up. I was there early, when suddenly I recognized the infamous ride of InnerCircle, The filthy Purple Van with the "FREE CANDY" Spray painted on the side. Screeching to a halt, the side door suddenly slid open, and I was covered with a stinky blanket and thrown in the back of the van, Marijuana odor and Reggae music blasting It was a 20 minute rough ride from LAX to where the van stopped.

Yanked out of the van, the blanket pulled off of me and there I was standing in front of the 'Out With A Bang Recreation Center'.

Ushered in to the facility I was sat down at the long Formica table in the activities room, then the two men where wheeled in. Their name tags Read "Hello my name is iD" and "Hello my name is Tormented" Both Written in green Crayon.

Scoop Turdgeson: "HELLO GENTLEMEN" I spoke a little loud as they are a little hard of hearing

iD: where are my crayons? don't take my crayons away

Tormented: What's that? Oh, Hey Scoop!

Scoop Turdgeson: They will be right here for you iD

iD: you don't have to yell, I'm not deaf
iD: am I?
iD: what?

Scoop Turdgeson: Hello guys, I want to thank you for taking time out of your driving around in the van to talk to me today.

Tormented: Sure thing

iD: oh, we're going back in the van bud
iD: see, this retirement home is just a front

Tormented: lol

iD: we can really talk once we're outta that place and on the streets

Scoop Turdgeson: Oh a front ... OK then lets go!
Scoop Turdgeson: I was amazed as they both jumped up out of their wheelchairs and shuffled towards the van

iD: yeah, let's go cruise for chicks and dope

Tormented: Can't go wrong with that...

iD: scoop, tip the gatekeeper to let us out

Scoop Turdgeson: We jumped into the van, well I did ...... they grunted and groaned and half climbed crawled into the van and the door slammed shut
Scoop Turdgeson: and down the road we roared off

iD: let's go down to Santa Monica pier.
iD: watch the skaters and pick up some medicine

Scoop Turdgeson: So guys can you tell me about InnerCircle? How and when did the family start?
Scoop Turdgeson: The Driver grunted something I couldn't understand..... and we turned left

iD: Tormy, that's your cue
iD: IC was around since round 9 I think

Scoop Turdgeson: Oh that's one of the Old families in the game then isn't it? Now your age is starting to make sense

iD: I ran a family in LA then, worked with Dubmaster and knew Tormy peripherally only.
iD: LA has always been a pretty tight-knit community

Tormented: I had been in a few random families prior, but a friend from the real world wanted to do one for ourselves. So, he started the South_Side_Soljhaz, or something like that in round 9, and I was his consig. During that time, we were able to recruit a bunch guys from my native state, by hitting up the fan forum for our local sports teams. At first, it was comprised mostly of University of Hawaii fans. The following round, I decided to do my own thing with the blessings of my friend, and most of them followed and thus IC was born.

Scoop Turdgeson: So it was actually born in round 10 then? How did the two of you first meet?

iD: I don't remember but I'd bet one of us hit the other

Tormented: Man, it's been so long, I can't remember. lol
Tormented: Might be so iD

Scoop Turdgeson: Ok no problem, At least that sounds better than You were attracted to the banana girl on Torm's profile.

Tormented: We've had wars with players who eventually joined us and became longtime members.

iD: i kept trying to do my own thing till the mid 20s, then spent another 15 or so rounds drifting around. we had a trusted mutual friend in dubby.

Tormented: Oh.. You remember that? bleh

Scoop Turdgeson: Dubby?

iD: dubmaster

iD: then joetwotime invited me, as a joke i think, and Tormy told him he had to be nice to me
iD: lol they never managed to get rid of me after that

Tormented: haha

Scoop Turdgeson: Was it a kidnapping then?

Tormented: Damn right!

iD: sorta

Tormented: Once he was in, he was in for life! Isn't there saying like that?

Scoop Turdgeson: I have seen that on many profiles Torm, the IC4L flying proudly

iD: the "invisible union" was at its peak then
iD: so I was honored to be in IC and running with people from the tent, mansion and forest.

Scoop Turdgeson: Now you are going to have to fill me in on that, Invisible unions, tents, Mansions and Forests?

iD: WC was huge in LA and it was pretty much WC/IC only, we were friends with most of the big unions, the game itself was huge and always something to do, interacting on the boards and chat, it was a ton of fun.

Tormented: Basically, I've been super fortunate to be surrounded by wonderful people, who became friends, and I think that reflected in family pride. What an honor!

iD: yeah, the IC4L is kind of odd but true. I'm playing, now, with many people I was also in the family with 9-10 years ago.

Tormented: Oh yes, chat and the boards were a total blast!

iD: when we did the reunion round, old members came back from all over, it was great

Tormented: I was amazed at the turnout for the reunion! It was nice to see everyone.

iD: Tormented, Sanders, Lady_inRed, JoeTwoTime, THE_MOB, YoT, Maximus_Constanino, DarK_PropheT, if you'd looked at the family in round 100 you'd have seen many of the same names

Scoop Turdgeson: Yes the reunion round that I have heard about. That brings me to the next thing I have heard Torm, "Just when you thought you were out, They pull you back in". Seems that InnerCircle was absent for quite a while and then made a sudden and large resurgence recently. Can you tell me how this all happened?

iD: Fakebook
iD: true story

Tormented: I've been out for a long, long time, but from what I've heard, we still had a few members still playing. iD rejoined the game several rounds before I did, and he convinced me to sign in. I did it just to show face, but when I got back and looked around, iD had done a remarkable job of rallying most of us together, and it felt like home again being surrounded by old friends.

Scoop Turdgeson: So the reunion happened through the use of Social Media then?

iD: well two things to be fair
iD: social media, and Gary
iD: lmao

Tormented: lol

Scoop Turdgeson: Oh Gary, Yes, well, umm, It is nice to see that so many old players have returned to their roots. Can you tell me about the Van? How did you end up with this as your mode of travel? And why are there cameras in here?

iD: I dragged dub back in for the reunion too

Tormented: We bought it used, and cheap...

iD: and stole it from him sorta
iD: he left it double parked
iD: and it got towed

Scoop Turdgeson: were the keys in it ?

iD: keys? we don't need no stinkin' keys

Scoop Turdgeson: Oh yes I see the column is punched isn't it?
Scoop Turdgeson: But what about the cameras?

iD: yeah. we told him it was towed, and he didn't want to go to the impound lot, for that very reason. so...
iD: it's ours now
iD: I mean, he wasn't using it, it had been up on cinderblocks for years till he came to the reunion
iD: so it's a good thing
iD: yes the cameras work...

Scoop Turdgeson: It might could use a tune up though... Oh so we are being recorded then, interesting. There are may stories about the infamous van we are riding in now. Care to share what happens in here?

iD: there's an algorithm that monitors the feeds and only records when there are disrobed females present.
iD: what happens in the van (i.e. skype) is what used to happen with the whole game: we talk and hang out and have fun. I think we've got a great group of fun people.

Tormented: Agreed. And I firmly believe it's what's kept us going for so long.


Scoop Turdgeson: 'Phew' we are safe then, I don't see any naked females in here right now. So is it safe to say that InnerCircle is here to stay?

Tormented: Yep!
Tormented: Loved trivia

Scoop Turdgeson: So you have trivia nights in the van?

iD: no, was thinking of old game chat
iD: we have poker nights tho

Tormented: Yep the IRC Channels

iD: I think with the game on an ascendant swing and the crew we have, yes IC is here. we've always been here to some extent, but when there's not enough interest you shouldn't see a half hearted IC effort.
iD: I took several years off from playing

Scoop Turdgeson: Oh yes the IRC channels many old players have been asking for those to return.
Scoop Turdgeson: That is good I like seeing the InnerCircle Icon flashing again when I log into the game, Reminds me of the old days when there were thousands of players each round. Any plans for InnerCircle in the future you can share with the tmb community?

iD: don't worry, we're not going anywhere
iD: lol

Tormented: Nicely spoken..

Scoop Turdgeson: So we have pulled up in front of Stone Age Pharmacy, is this one of your businesses?

iD: man, this is Cali, this is THE business

Scoop Turdgeson: Oh I see and from the looks of it Business is very good. You have done well in the rankings each round since your return haven't you?

iD: we've adapted well i think. considering how many of us are on for very limited amounts of time, I've never been disappointed with our team's results

Scoop Turdgeson: How different is the game today, than it was back in the Golden era of tmb, and is it better or do you wish there were changes back to the 'good ol' days'?

iD: oh there's a lot i liked when things were different, but part of what's changed isn't just the game rules but the player's attitude. when the game was young, there wasn't as much indiscriminate killing. yes gate or ballz or others would kill whole cities or the whole game, but at lower levels there was still some semblance of role playing.
iD: naive, i admit. but with that gone, the changes we see now became necessary
iD: it's no fun with the entire game zero'd by day two
iD: i like the current limits on prizes per fam/union, i think it's great that with competition there are still so many changes in the leaderboard from round to round

Scoop Turdgeson: Makes it much less fun to log in when you can always count on being zeroed for sure. Yes the constant influx of available cash does make it much more fun and helps players to build up the net worth's and defiantly helps the rankings.
Scoop Turdgeson: Now in checking in with others about InnerCircle there are a couple names that kept popping up

iD: well when the final rankings would be like pissheads1-5 and omerta 6-10, it was like, ok, lol, did anybody else play?

Scoop Turdgeson: can you tell me about the relationship between Maninred and Lady_inRed? It seems she is holding a grudge against him.
Scoop Turdgeson:

Ranked 535 in Level 1, and 644 national.

Currently in Los Angeles

This mafioso got 10,000 operatives
and 0 defensives

This mafioso has 8 kill points

Level 1

networth $2,503,513,726

last attacked by Lady_inRed
1 hour, 57 minutes, and 31 seconds ago.

iD: hah, that's a good one
iD: she hates him with a burning passion
iD: has a standing contract on him
iD: and loves killing him herself
iD: which is odd, since he's clearly an attempt at flattery by imitation
iD: but i wouldn't want to be him.
iD: he's a dead man

Scoop Turdgeson: Apparently every round so it seems.

iD: oddly, her husband doesn't seem to mind

Scoop Turdgeson: Well I hear he has someone in his basement?

iD: shhh

Scoop Turdgeson: Oh scratches that out
Scoop Turdgeson: iD, I passed this up a bit ago but you mentioned you play poker in the family?

iD: we do. one of our members set up a table on pokerstars and I'd say we have 3-5 people or more at least 4 nights a week lately

Scoop Turdgeson: Well that is a fun way to pass the time. But of course there is no real money involved ever , especially for the players in the US.

iD: of course not, perish the thought
iD: yeah: NAPs are boring.

Scoop Turdgeson: pokes Tormented

iD: whining about a handful of dus is boring
iD: NAPs for not starting a war make sense

Scoop Turdgeson: And what, would you think would be a better way to handle the idea of NAP's

iD: NAP protecting somebody with 150 dus and $45B net is retarded
iD: just saying
iD: lol a FAP
iD: you know, if you FAP, everything seems better
iD: lol
iD: Friendly Attack Policy

Scoop Turdgeson: I hear there is an awful lot of Fapping going on in the van.....

iD: oh no
iD: we don't let people go solo in the van
iD: fuck up your own carpet, thanks, we mess it up in the van enough as it is

Scoop Turdgeson: Oh a different type of FAP

iD: no, I just think NAPs make the game so boring because every time somebody hits somebody they fill up your inbox griping about the 378 dus they lost.

Scoop Turdgeson: Well to be honest I did expect to see a lot of tube socks and lotion in here.

iD: so i think if you are so underbuilt for your net that you're a tempting target, you should either be comfortable with getting hit, or be maxed
iD: if you are looting and don't want to get hit, you should be maxed.
iD: if you are holding and not built, you should be protecting.
iD: if it's a guy with 35k dus and $50B cash, duh
iD: don't clutter my inbox and ask for flowers at the funeral.
iD: if somebody really hit somebody, let's talk.

iD: see, most of these guys probably have closets full of tube socks that could get up and walk away on their own
iD: and we just can't have that shit in the van.
iD: tormy, did you get lost getting a beer?

Tormented: Sorry, the power went out

Scoop Turdgeson: Gentlemen I appreciate you taking your time out of your busy days to answer my questions anything else you want to share about IC before we go on to some more errrr personal questions?

Scoop Turdgeson: Boxers or Briefs?

Tormented: Briefs

iD: microfiber briefs

Scoop Turdgeson: Old school Undies for both of you then, Seems appropriate.
Scoop Turdgeson: Favorite Beverage?

iD: single malt scotch, highlands or speyside

Tormented: Beer!

Scoop Turdgeson: Any particular brand Tormented?

Tormented: Wet! haha

Scoop Turdgeson: LOL I heard that you liked your beer, Favorite Mafia Movie?

Tormented: Untouchables/Casino

iD: Casino

Scoop Turdgeson: OK both apparently are De Niro fans. How about a favorite food?

iD: A good pork chop

Tormented: Beer.

Scoop Turdgeson: OK thanks guys, now how about your shout outs to the people who have had your back over the years.

iD: Shout out to: Clint, Joe, Brett. Alex, Julie, Sean, Les, Clayton, Chrissy, Ronnie, Brent, Chris, Scotty, Ronelle, and all the other OG IC members that are still friends 10 years later. Never been associated with a finer group of people. Also Jaclyn, Frank, Shane, Dani and Jackie for giving me a home after Gary dragged me back into TeeEmmBee, and Dan, Dub, Reyna, Seth and all the other amazing new IC members. we need a bigger van...

Tormented: Nick, Dan, Brent, Alex, Julie, Brett, Reyna, Ed, Keoni, Scotty, Sean, Joe, Seth, Ronnie, Les, Chrissy, Chris L, Alberto, Troy, Bill, and all of the IC family members, past and present... It's been an honor, and a pleasure to have played with such amazing and awesome people, that I can truly call family!

Scoop Turdgeson: Thanks Guys! for the ride and for the time to reminisce. There you have it TMBer's two of the most respected OG players in the game. Tormented and iD. Scoop signing out and remember to stay safe out there.