Following on from the recent BLOG by ZERO, I would like to tell the story from my view of what transpired and lead up to the climactic happenings in MAIN ROUND 203 which changed the face of how TMB was played won and lost for many years to come, up to this very day. As a preamble, we should discuss the background, circumstances and conditions that leading up to this momentous happenings.

This is a story of a long brutal protracted war with many dead bodies, looted banks, pain, and misery, , where the status quo was challenged by a bunch of ‘no good game riff raff’ who decided to form their own BANKING UNION against all odds, rather than let their fates be decided by the massive top 3 organizations in the game: Pissheads [29] Lead by Cypriot, Omerta, lead by Pops, Stinger and a few more and Mobsters Club lead by CORAL.

Legend has it that Pissheads familiies [Cyp] and Omerta [Pops] had some brutal wars, prior to forming this powerful triumvirate and then decided it was best to work together.
But this was before my time and this story could be best told by some older vets.

These guys all rotated rounds and wins and were allied and all monies they made at round end was pooled and rankings were determined usually by an awesome player called PROTEGE, who was a whizz at round end play.

All 3 of these families had a massive stranglehold on the game for many, many rounds. Now in those days there were no unions, all rounds were uncapped, won credits didn’t expire, transfers could be sent anywhere, family size was 20 and you could join leave any family anytime, and there were 2 Banks that money was sent to. BANKS used to run 24/7 365 days a year nonstop. Any family who wanted to rank any members had to firstly:

- Become allied/Accepted as a banking client with one of these 3 so that your money could go toward [hopefully] 1 of your guys getting a rank at EOR
- Send all collects and loots to your controlling bank
- Wait for last day to see if you qualified and how many members you could send

Here is how the typical EOR rankings would play out: round 145 ranks.png

The rate for one rank in any of the ranking families was around $100 billion [Turns were VERY scarce and meant everything and you had to use them wisely including any won turns you accrued during your career.] Looters were highly sought after and the 3 looting families Gasface, Cass and I had usually did pretty well and always were able to earn 3 or more spots. Looting was a veritable fuckfest in those days and a free player making 100 bill put that player at legend status as you HAD TO BE FAST as hell to do it.

At first we were sending cash to PISSHEADS, lead by the infamous and one of the truly undeniably great players of the game, CYPRIOT. He was an amazing player and extremely skilled precise killer and he was bolstered by having around 22 MILLION WON CREDITS accrued throughout his career. He also had around 300 families allied to his team, so he had massive firepower behind him to call on to deal with small families and groups who dared to go against his organization.

*Storm tips hat to CYPRIOT*

He was also ruthless and brash, and looking at it in retrospect; I guess his seemingly impatient attitude was fuelled by having to deal with 1000’s of mails from RANKWHORES and trying to maintain his status. Thus [it seemed to me] that he pissed many players off and it was this that sparked the move of my looting crews I played with, to OMERTA BANK and Pops, who was a benevolent, kind, polite Godfather who always did his best to rank hard working teams and players as best he could.

However the stranglehold of accrued won credits had managed to keep these guys in power for years.

I guess this story started a good few rounds prior, when my best bud in the game at the time, GASFACE, myself, and Cass [Tiki] at the time, we had 3 looting families all called Tax Collectors were somewhat disgruntled by the fact that you had to kowtow to these people. We had been going for a good few rounds since 2008 as a team and had been banking with OMERTA. Some very notable people we had in our crew at the time:

TammyGunz, Day-o, Cass [Tiki], Gasface, LouisGreco, Giles, Pebbles, Chrispy, [he joined us after Omerta booted him from their bank for posing as a female banker and came to know about his plans to gank the EOR bank...that is another story on it’s own....], and there were a bunch of other people also whom I forget now – sorry guys [Insert here massive shout out to all TAX-COLLECTORS/JERKS and VBP looters of that time]


So anyway, around early rounds 100-200 while chatting on chatzy or skype, are Cass, Myself, TammyGunz, and Day-O. Gasface drops a bomb on us somewhere early in the 100’s rounds: ‘'I am gonna start a bank guys’'......Silence.............We knew immediately that this implicated an uprising against everyone in the game [well at least the vast majority and we knew we were fucked if we went this route]. Many brave had tried and equally as many died.

We had no choice but to agree, blood in blood out...and Gasface was very senior and respected in our crew and if he said /wanted something, we all took note as we were super tight and would die for each other in the game no matter what.

Cass was all like...[something along the lines of]....'That’s the worst idea I have ever heard. Really a bad, terrible IDEA! When do we get started? Now? I’m ready!'' [How little did she realize it would lead to 3 day no sleep banking stints for herself most times].....So anyway we had this 3 looting families and away we went, trying to drum up support. Which came from a very surprising and unusual source...a few SHORT rounds In, [ I think it was one or 2 rounds after the move..... of getting fucked up and no ranks, and looting and banking our arses off, I get a message from VIKING_SLAP, DON of MBU [they had easily around 300 players] and he says he wants in with all his guys.

That was awesome!
We still knew we were fucked, considering the sheer numbers we were up against, but no one cared. It was exciting. And frustrating, our bank getting ganked tons of times, bankers falling asleep...but with the entry of MBU into the fray changed the entire complexion of what Gasface was trying to do...and it was great. Along with MBU came experienced bankers like DIRTYNICK, and Splooge, who became an integral part of the uprising, and this helped somewhat to alleviate the banking strain people were taking.

We never even made enough game cash to get ONE TIER Rank but...we had our freedom....and were were soon joined by the master killer, VINOTINTO and his REPUBLIC families, who had wanted to break away from OMERTA, some while ago...and we later also had families like Cheese join us, shortly lead by well as RONIN, lead by the legendary Chainsaw and Ilovebites - needless to say we were still getting fucked and it was like 100 rounds in of us just dying and no ranks, but we stuck together. More on this in the next chapters....

Then something very high impact happened that changed the face of the game......I would say 3 or so MAIN rounds before 203.....

MORE NEXT WEEK....Look out for chapter 2 of this epic saga: '‘Escalation into WAR’'


First 5 correct comments who can guess/remember what the ‘something very high impact happened that changed the face of the game’ is: please post in the comments below and win 10k RESERVES TURNS.

Chapter 2 coming next week

Written by - STORM