Greetings Mafiosos! So this week's round consists of random snippets of rumors, sex scandals, news and whispers about the return of Man_Tits, and Skidmark, what does it all even mean? We will look at recent winners, losers, and assorted mind boggling issues like: is there no end to the utter domination by TMK? Is there honestly no one that can have the smarts to make him panic?


Turbo Round 978 that just finished was a fuster-cluck of action, right?!? Jackpot ended at $1443 and that story alone tells you that many players invested in it with hopes of toppling the man, who, in this case, was TMK,yet again. Those final 5 minutes was a flurry of action and from my observations, if the new guy, IcedT [whose MAIN ROUND name I will not yet mention] didn’t show his hand so soon, things could have become real ugly and difficult for said winner.

A couple of other people also added lots of credits with the hope of the steal,..... and in my opinion, the early build alerted the Wolves that this was not going to be an ordinary Turbo.

I will take a frank liberty voice my personal opinion [again]...TMK is a beast at round end play. He will hustle, he will intimidate, has spent many years learning how to collect fast, and has perfected it to such a degree that many think the guy cheats, because of his sheer speed.

[Just like when some really good looters are at it and mere mortal players cannot understand the speed they are up against...ergo the guy is cheating]...anyway I digress...

TMK - I saw him get beat [NOT comprehensively, it was extremely close] but with great preparation, effort intelligence, ONCE, by Babbo. And I have it on good account Babbo is a family man, he is not about the big wins, but when he wants to, he can run with the best and it will be 50/50. Why? Because he also took the effort to learn how to collect at super speeds

Round ends these past years are won and lost on how fast you can collect with a ton of turns and try to start collecting as late as possible. 5-3 minutes start and steal. That’s what I rate it will take to beat TMK. Perfect technique, and maybe backup builders sending cash, would also boost you, but you got to shift those gears very late. Like in the last 3-5 minutes of the game, it is possible to steal it.

Dr Sensual.jpg

If he gets one whiff of you before then, you’re toast. Unless you put in the time to perfect your nerves, collecting technique, and organize your crew and backup builders, you will always and forever be in the ranks of those who moan and bitch, instead of learning to play with skill.


So I caught up and had a chat with Man_Tits, who decided to pop in to celebrate his 11th anniversary on TMB. We saw the infernal Tax_Collectors icon again...and degenerate names like TAMMYGUNZ, Gasface, and Swiper pop in to visit the Tax offices they all once so many years ago shared as colleagues in crime and petty larceny.

Storm: Hi Tits, it’s really nice to see you pop in on your anniversary. Welcome back!

Man_Tits: Dude, No one gives a fuck about what makes you happy or gives you pleasure, or what you think is nice....unless it’s various specimens of Cacti shoved up your rectum. You’re still a fucking cretin and I think this interview is over.

Storm: WOW! Still super rude as ever, ....

Man_Tits: Oh please!....My best advice to you is to take hold of your penis, make it hard, stick it between your legs, insert it into your arsehole, sit on it, and bounce vigorously. In short - go fuck yourself. No one likes you. – [drops Mic]



skidmark (plural skidmarks) A long black mark left on a road surface from the sliding or skidding tires of a motor vehicle that has lost traction. Any other mark or stain caused by one surface skidding along another.

So back in them times past of TMB... existed...... since ROUND 9......a peculiar grouping of Mafiosos who were famed for their killing prowess and very smelly underwear. I am, of course, referring to the mighty SKIDMARK UNITED. In those days families were fucking jacked up, had their own media, and individual media for each player and...Their own websites.

Check out the Skiddies in retro at:

Now let’s get one thing straight, you simply didn’t fuck with these guys, and they would decide each round at random whom they were gonna fuck up for the fun of it all.

Included in this special package were legendary Famous names such as Matty, Tusone, Kalito, and Independent family associations - Circus_Nuts, Men_In_Tights, and The_Butchers_Union, were very much associated with sharp wit, fast killing and even faster ridicule of every and any family, union or player if you were of lesser intellect/smarts, you wouldn’t know what the fuck just hit you.

Amazing People like Domenico are still around and going strong with running the NaMeLeSs family and this family is and has been one of the last true independent families to survive the great TMB wars and ensuing famine. God Bless y’all @ Dom, Tease, IDC, Ickey, Phil, et-al for keeping it real.


Learn how to collect fast here: Go to Turbo rounds when they are there and practice, you lazy ass-wipe. Use 1 turn every time and see what works for you, how fast can you refresh and send up....and do tons of dry runs [just like when you dive in last after many have run a train on your MOM]


-Use Google Chrome,
its so fast, its already left the building. I can get 6 hits per second. What’s your fastest spam attack?
-Looters: Use tabbed browsing and refresh that page! Hard, and often!
-The Bots come to you. You can sit in one city and refresh the attack page and they will all roll right past you for easy pickink. But remember, the faster guys are traveling around.


You use racism in your trash talk. Don’t do it. Half a brain can provide better entertainment value per capita. No clue what that means but your Mom’s still on my payroll.

You complain more than you play. People can be beaten with smarts, resources and patience. No amount of moaning will do it and no amount of bitching to admin can change the status quo. You got to put in the time. There is no quick fix to being good at what you do mostly, it takes time, research, be an attractive boss and family to attract top players...and if that journey is not fun to you, or a challenge, then I would say yuou’re missing the point of how to get ahead.

You don’t read the game rules to understand what is and is not.

You don’t go for the small victories first. Winning a tier rank here and there with a small family is a good way to get you started on the path to success. The next step is to get top 3 in family ranks. That show’s your team has the team smarts to work as one. Then, just look damn good and consistent and the big hitters will come to you.

UC is a great example of what I am talking about.

They don’t exactly have a ton of spenders, but man....can these guys play hard! And they are feared by each and all alike, when they are on their game, you die.


- Someone famous recently got removed for excessive staff ridicule and racist behaviour to the great joy and sadness of various factions of thought.
- Another got removed because they have a theory that staff is loaded with turns by admin. I will set that straight after this section.
- Lets get this next one straight. IloveBites is not Tiki. Tiki didn’t get banned. Calm yourself.

GAME Staffing and Info

These are volunteers from our game players who have player a few years....shown to be strong in the community, have some brains to be able divide thoughts between customer service, and their gameplay. These guys DO get to play the game but they don’t have any special powers as players or support staff that gives them any edge over anyone else.

And yes, we do give them a sub and some turns each round for their work as a reward. The turns is just about enough to reach level 3 in main and turbo to give you a rough idea what they get but basically as I told banned person, this is our business, it’s not in our interest to alienate spenders by giving away free stuff that can devalue your spend and its also not our policy to let people work for nothing.

Helpers and Mods don’t have permissions to see your details, user names, passwords, or any other personal details. All they can do is remove multies, ban players who infringe rules on the FORUMS and IN GAME, and answer questions about how to do stuff in the game.

These staff is carefully picked and vetted, make sure they are not loose cannons, and has to be someone trustworthy and has shown great consistent character throughout their tenure playing the game. We have learned the hard way [Cough*Splooge* cough] that we have to be extra picky here. So we don’t usually hire someone that asks, we do look for those who show activity on the forums, boards and help other players, and have a lot of game experience.

COMMUNITY Staffing and Info

These are people who work on Facebook, Twitter and Blogs. We are currently and always hiring here and always need people. These social sites have no direct bearing on the gameplay, BUT provide the game with a strong online presence. This helps keep us in business, in a roundabout way.

Send a message to Storm if you are interested in helping us here. Volunteers who work in this pool, we do end up selecting gamestaff from here more quickly than from random game players.


Some REALLY honorable mentions:

Klown = Won turbo round 976. That was fkn epic, great job bruh, you one of the hard workers and that was a well deserved win.
TMK won Main 975 and Turbo 978
Skeemin has been climbing up the ranks, watch out guys!
Watch out for the guy who came 3rd in turbo 978, he is not scared of shit. He built early, and stood his ground. A bit more strategy and we will soon see fireworks


- Man_Tits, Gasface, congrats on your joint 11th anniversary here at TMB
- Tusone, thanks for popping in and gracing us with your presence, we have noted some illustrious names make comment on your post and we love the Skids
- To staff: thank people for keeping it real


Tribute to our fallen soldiers: R.I.P:
- Kitty/Kalito, you were a beautiful soul and we miss you tremendously.
- Vicarious your energy and joy is missed by all that got to know you
- Hassie, one of my mentors, rest in peace brother
- Tank-CWB, we love and miss you brother.

Please feel free to pay tribute to other fallen heroes that i have not mentioned...of TMB in the comments below. Never forget your roots and your friends and family.

#So, that’s it for this time round folks, see you soon with a spanking new player interview. Until then – Live long and prosper!

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