Greetings Mafiosos!....Starting off, lets review some of what happened last round! In 1043 we saw the long awaited change to killer rankings. The new rules got rid of the Kill Point generation system and reintroduced the kill-for-kill counter and boy did people put this to the test! From the start of the round we saw ZEROS across the board. Even the looters weren’t safe, losing their minor 3-7k builds, as the free killers were taking every opportunity to kill, just like the bigger players were also doing.


So the big story was from TRAPHOUSE. Don_Corleone immediately started the round off by making a claim to the jackpot with some early-building to 8 million Operatives and collecting $100 trillion, which he rolled down into the family bank. It also seemed he was helping out the newly formed PLAYGROUND FAMILY out as he hopped over to collect for them, and then returned back home to Traphouse.

How would this stand with their current arch-rivals, OMERTA, considering the war that happened in the previous round? Not too good…..resulting in death trading back and forth.….. between Traphouse and the Omerta families throughout the round

Close to round end….Saintbread finally built to 7+mill defence and wiped out Don_Corleone and further eliminated 800k defences each from Kimbo and TPK. Don_Corleone then built back up to 800k but arch-rival, Click_Clack built up to 1mill to take him back down again.

However - Don took home the Level 4 gold and with it, the Jackpot.

At this point…. [this reporter notes]…. there was no run attempt made at beating Don_Corleone’s networth…. so is it that possibly some type of rotation is happening? Can it be? …... Is it all just fake smoke and mirrors? Have we entered a new era of Kumbaya?

On the looting front, things were proceeding furiously from the FOUNDHELL, AT_THE_MOVIES and UC_AVENGERS and FU. FAMILY. Also, of course, one can never exclude INNER_CIRCLE from the looters corner, one has to just look at the family ranks to see the story: Looting is Lucrative business. And given that Bishop’s guys never boasted a big spender, ending up being the winner of the family Bronze medals was no mean feat. The very same mention must go to Inner Circle, who very seldom recently have sported a big builder, but manage to push their way into the family medal spots most rounds. They did seem to carry more level 4 players though, which could possibly give them that extra edge one needs at round end to jump! So they took the Silver medals

So to summarize: For the Family medals top spots [Family is everything Guys!!]...Foundhell ended up in 3rd place, and Babbo’s crew at Inner_Circle taking second place and the family Silver. Traphouse took the family Gold and the Jackpot, which, all in all, is a pretty damn good haul of prizes for their team.

Current Main Round 1045 Update:

Right now we’ve reached the middle of the round 1045. Now we all know that turbo rounds take almost all of the focus off of main for the next 2 days, so during this break period, let’s take a minute to stop and recap exactly where the game stands half way through 1045…..

This round, we see TMK show us his classic even-number 10 million op build. Many had been speculating how long he would continue to let others take the spotlight.

Well, we wait no more to see him claim dominance at the top again! All the while looking to inch another round closer to his planned 100 level 4 gold jackpots medal!

Meanwhile elsewhere around the Mafia Boss universe, the revamped old style kill count system continues to provide fuel to the fire, giving us all quite the show. It seems like there are two wars happening. The first is more of an unspoken war. The multitude of families such as Foundhell, APO_Highrise, and Inner_City_Firm fighting for every bot reset - this is keeping the looting war frantic, just as if it were filled with bloodshed.

We also observe members of Inner Circle getting involved, with Miko taking hold currently as the most violent mafioso followed closely by Blindrage.

The two current powerhouse families continuing the war - Omerta families, vs Traphouse & Playground. The chaos now entering its third round it would seem the bloodshed has no clear end in sight filling the killer ranks with millions. While we're not sure who’s winning, as each side is claiming victory. I’m sure with all the action we’re seeing now, the next 5 days should prove to be something exciting!

superman_PNG17.pngQuickfire Interview - SUPERMAN: [Foundhell]

It's long overdue that we shine a light on a family that wasn't expected to make it long ago. Through the trials of going from being number 1, to fighting as a family, together for a spot at the top. FOUNDHELL has been the prime example of what happens when you work together, make a plan, then execute it seamlessly.

Interviewer: We have with us the consig of Foundhell, Mr.Superman! So Superman, thanks for being here! To get right to it, I have to ask, how does it feel becoming one of the CURRENT TOP looting families in the game?

Superman:Well, the feeling is really amazing, you have to be very proud of all members of this fantastic group. We are spread all around the world (America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand...) and that helps us a lot, but without that level of effort and dedication, nothing of that would be possible.

We weren't so good a few rounds ago, but we have few experienced looters who teach others and round to round we are becoming better and better. One more thing that is maybe most important is our team spirit and positive vibe. Every time when you come online you can read conversations for hours and laugh your ass off.

Interviewer:Do you think most of the family would say you guys favor more, looting or collecting?

Superman:Looting is badass, if you have a good sub then it's way easier of course, but my guys and gals can beat the amount you collect by looting over a few days.

Interviewer:Not all are made for it, some don’t make it past the first day of training, guess you guys got the training manual on point! So the next question I have for you would be. What do you think of the current state of the game?

Superman:Yeh of course some like looting a lot more than others and some don't like it at all, so they prefer hiring and collecting, but the majority of our team likes looting and we are happy with that. Game is very interesting as long as free players with their effort can get a good result at EOR. I wish there were a few like us, then the game could be even more interesting, but we are very satisfied with it for now As long as there is 10 serious family's in the game everything is great. I remember a time when there was not possible even to reach top 20 family ranks.

Interviewer:You guys are definitely representing a tight group, seems there’s a few new faces. Where do you see FH in the future?

Superman:It's very hard to predict. People have their families and jobs. It's hard to keep constant for years but we hope we can last I’m always optimistic, I see us winning JP and fam gold

Interviewer:Two-part question to end it. First, do you think you can maintain the level your looting at indefinitely? Finally, What advice would you have for the new families? How do you suggest they go about playing if they’re going to make an impact & challenge the big guns for the rankings?

Superman:With some more subs we can do much more, you’ll see. Looting is the best option to start, get some turns and their confidence will then rise. They don’t need to have 15+ members to get good results, a few of them with high effort is going to be enough for starters. Lately, if they are able to buy a fam sub it will keep them in top 10.

New Killer Turbo Rules Chit-Chat

Turbo rounds are usually the highlight of most players' rounds. Although it’s not as though they are easier to play, or that they flow differently….. Maybe its the fact that the rules are never the exact same? Just like an individual's mindset about something, Turbos can be constantly changing. Not to mention the key fact of being able to go lone wolf and not obeying ALLIANCES or NAPS because no one knows who you are?

I mean, let's be honest, we know when you add that part in, with the 10:1 ratio on credits, boosting your ability without having to spend at a high level, even those who won't say it out loud will privately admit to doing this nefarious practice.

You can make families with friends from different families, you’d normally be shunned for in the MAIN round. You get a chance to earn medals you're missing, and can do so without having to seek permission from your main round Boss. You can even use your credits to go on a rampage and just kill whoever you want without any repercussions….

Now we all know that's a HUGE part right? Well, as we've been told recently, about the proposed change in killer rankings, the chance to earn those glorious family killer medals that no longer exist in the main round would finally be made available at random to earn once again in turbos!

Now what would happen if we took all of those key factors that make turbo so exciting and combined them? How much fun would that be? I don't know about you, but the writer of this part, thinks it could be a blast!

Think of it… An all out bloodbath…. No one would be safe because the whole turbo would be based on an all out warfare style scale. Collectors would be deemed irrelevant for this rare 2 day period because all the ranks would be based off of kills. From the family ranks, where those medals would be earned again, the tiers, even the jackpot win all based on your total kills.

What kind of rules would be in place in that style turbo? Would it bring back the team style tag team killing like the old chatzy war rooms? Would it be better suited as a 10:1 ratio or just a simple turbo base turn generation? The thoughts about what would go into that just makes the adrenaline flow! Will we ever get to see such a thing?

Admin Updates -

Hi Guys, Storm here, with some updates on our progress:

We are pushing to have the Killer Rank Turbo Rounds ready by NEXT TURBO ROUND. The coder is working frantically to finish it all, and when all is said and done, we will be able to: ‘provide some pretty interesting rules setups in the near future”

Bugs we fixed:
- Fixed Forum Bug where it took ages for many seconds for player posts to submit - fixed
- Bug that does not allow off switch of email notifications - fixed
- Android App: Not allowing auto password save - fixed
- Total fam Kps not matching display on FAMILY page view - fixed

Bugs Still needing fix:
- Scrambled mailbox text stretching mailbox window
- Disband family Boss glitch
- Name Protection not working
- Players in protection bugs need fixing

We will keep you posted on a weekly basis with updates, news and interviews. So keep an eye out for updates here regularly, and please feel free to give us feedback in the comments below, we do appreciate your input. It keeps us in touch with how we can do cool things to make the game better and more active for everyone.

Thank you everyone for your support to our community and game, and thank you to all volunteer staff who give your time to help us keep the site alive.

Thank you

- The Mafia Boss