Greetings Mafiosos, it has been a while since we last spoke, and oh MY! What a lot has happened since! Okay so I am not gonna bore you all with things like round results and who won what as it can all be summed up like this: People built to take out TMK, it seemed like they ended up hesitating and/or fighting each other and TMK won the round again. And they all lived crappily ever after. The End.


Or is it?

Was there much more to all this veneer of things that we see in the game numbers displayed, only? What about the rumors about wheelings, dealings, and other allegedly and purportedly happenings off of the game between the status quo? What is even happening here now?....Don’t ask me, I don’t honestly give a flying shit, if people wanna do what they do off of the game, it is not in my juries-your-dick-tion.


What the fuck is A Turtle doing on our forum boards?? they kinda come across like they all outraged and shit because someone just stuck a pinky up their starfish?....... Then there was this redneck family started out and.........SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT.......You cannot role-play being a WHITE SUPREMACIST without a) Being offensive, racist and b) breaking the game rules and just generally being a bad person, or c) GO FUCK YOURSELF.

Also somewhere in this quagmire, let us not forget the following: IT IS NOT OKAY TO BECOME PERSONAL, MENTION ANYONE’S PERSONAL DETAILS, OR MAKE PERSONAL REFERENCES AND THREATS TO ANYONE ELSE IN THIS GAME. I would have thought people would know this by now? Also while we are on the subject of admin having a small rant: accusing someone of cheating – if you don’t have proof absolute, don’t say it, post it to any public place on the site or send to other players. You might end up looking stupid. Or not.

Either way: Any complaints, or suspicions of players who cheat: Send it to Admin/Staff in a private message in game, please people. And DO NOT EVER CC IN OTHER PLAYERS WHEN YOU MESSAGE US. We are there to help customer service, but we are not group psycho-therapists.


While we ARE on the subject of Admin rants and messages: I am not fielding game support on Skype anymore. Most certainly if I have free time, I will take time out to chat but I often don’t have time to chat about issues that can be resolved with 2 messages, in the game. If I do not respond, it doesn’t mean I don’t care, it just means for you send an in game message, pretty please?

Obviously there are exceptions to the rule, always....If there is a serious emergency, you cannot connect, etc, please feel free to ping me on Skype immediately. I am sure you all get the idea here when it will be ok and get immediate response...Ok! Moving on.....


So we saw Freak back in the game. What does it even mean? What about ShayneG with his latest shenanigans to early raise the JP and up the ante, this round, clearly doubling down from last round even? And...I mean, people, what does it even mean? A recent quote I got from Shayne, as follows....’Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!’

Could it be that against all odds, the man is having fun? Calling out TMK and shit like that? ...From what i can read into the forums....TMK himself doesn’t seem phased and seems to look on bemusedly at all this.


I don’t think that header needs much explanation, save to say, every time I open up the forums I have to wipe salt off my monitor. I still wanna know what the heck is a Turtle? Why do they cry so much? What happened to Clutch? Did he exit the building? How long before he gets back? Did Brotherhood just die this last few months?


Inner Circle penetrated that shit and Joe Loop won it.....and it was awesome by all accounts! Congrats Joe! So yah...what had happened was.....2.5 hours before turbo end, my power goes out at home. I somehow cannot fail to wonder if Turtles can look into the future or are from the future and decided to fuck me over somehow with some advanced alien or future tech,...…anyway I thankfully Opie kindly kept an eye on things


ANY PACKS BOUGHT AND ADDED AFTER THE 30 MINUTE MARK BEFORE THE END OF MAIN ROUND, WILL NOT BE ELIGIBLE FOR RESERVES. Round ends are frantic and ADMIN will not RISK get caught up in sending credits bonus to players that can make them win or lose depending on how fast we can send you extra turns. We cannot play your game for you and assist you to speculate on the optimal number you need. However if you do buy a pack at round end, and don’t add it to the round, if there is the same special the following round, then we will send you the reserves for the pack you bought, into the new round.


- Joe Loop for winning last turbo
- ShayneG for his sheer recklessness
-TMK for efficiency
- Beva for being the douchebag dick that only he can be
- Miko for MOST VIOLENT, currently [What’s your total looted this round Miko?]
- SS FAMILY – for always being in there, even though they don’t have a big spender
-Top Gun, for narrowly trailing Miko’s arse in MOST VIOLENT


Seriously though folks, it’s been a massive month of tempers, fun and some serious game play happening here. So, whilst I am poking fun in some places, let’s not forget that we all make this community what it is and we all keep it alive.

I know lot’s of players, whom, like myself, love this game to bits. Keep on trucking people, we need each other and we need to be tolerant of each other, and mostly, remember to BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER and have fun!

FINALLY: In the inimitable words of Mr. Spock: Live long and prosper, everyone!
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